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The Nine Cauldrons (Web Novel)


Emperor Zi Yu used 5 strikes of his axe to split mountains and unify everyone underneath the heavens. He partitioned the land into 9 areas, thus establishing the Nine Cauldrons which eventually became known as the 9 prefectures.

When Emperor Zi Yu died, disputes unceasingly arose

One thousand years later, a once in a generation genius, Heavenly Emperor of Qin Mountains was born. Able to split a one hundred meter river, equipped with his peerless martial prowess, he finally united the land under the heavens. However, when Heavenly Emperor of Qin Mountains died, chaos once again shrouded the land. Another one thousand years passed and no one was able to consolidate the nation.

From contemporary society, great Chinese Martial Artist Teng Qingshan, unexpectedly arrived into this world.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 621: The Reincarnation of the Nine Cauldrons. (Ending)2019-09-03
Chapter 620: The White Horse Lake (Ending Part Two)2019-09-03
Chapter 619: A Chat All Night With Wine (Ending Part 1)2019-09-03
Chapter 618: A Marvelous Sight2019-09-03
Chapter 617: The Transformation and Realization2019-09-03
Chapter 616: The Secular World2019-09-03
Chapter 615: Observer2019-09-03
Chapter 614: One Year Later2019-09-03
Chapter 613: Recognizing Your Inner Voice2019-09-03
Chapter 612: Obstructed by Heaven2019-09-03
Chapter 611: The Breakthrough During the Fight2019-09-03
Chapter 610: Qin Shiqi2019-08-28
Chapter 609: December Again2019-08-28
Chapter 608: Timeless Cave2019-08-28
Chapter 607: The Disappearance of the Jade Annulus2019-08-28
Chapter 606: A Trip to the Bright Moon Island2019-08-28
Chapter 605: The First Duel Between the Strongest2019-08-28
Chapter 604: The Current Four Most Powerful Cultivators2019-08-28
Chapter 603: The Three Letters2019-08-28
Chapter 602: Pei San’s Transformation2019-08-28
Chapter 601: Life or Death2019-08-28
Chapter 600: The Greatest Clash2019-08-28
Chapter 599: Kicked out2019-08-28
Chapter 598: Battle2019-08-28
Chapter 597: A Promise2019-08-28
Chapter 596: What is this?2019-08-28
Chapter 595: You Won’t Kill Me2019-08-28
Chapter 594: Omnipotent Armor2019-08-28
Chapter 593: A Bloodbath in the Temple2019-08-28
Chapter 592: Pei San’s Palm2019-08-28
Chapter 591: Pei San’s Arrival2019-08-28
Chapter 590: The letter from Gu Yong2019-08-28
Chapter 589: He Gave Me The Answer2019-08-28
Chapter 588: Killing Spree2019-08-28
Chapter 587: The Mastermind2019-08-28
Chapter 586: The Revelation2019-08-28
Chapter 585: Monstrous Scoldings2019-08-28
Chapter 584: Making the Situation Worse2019-08-28
Chapter 583: Flames of Anger2019-08-28
Chapter 582: A Rage like Burning Flames2019-08-28
Chapter 581: The Elder of Gui Yuan Sect2019-08-28
Chapter 580: Refining the Godly Armour2019-08-28
Chapter 579: The Insightful Emptiness Realm2019-08-28
Chapter 578: Overwhelming Power2019-08-28
Chapter 577: Guyong!!!2019-08-28
Chapter 576: The Strongest Force2019-08-28
Chapter 575: The Secret of the Temple2019-08-28
Chapter 574: An Unexpected Scene2019-08-28
Chapter 573: Attack! Kill!2019-08-28
Chapter 572: A Threat2019-08-28
Chapter 571: The Discovery of a Plot2019-08-28
Chapter 570: Paying One’s Respect2019-08-28
Chapter 569: Decision2019-08-28
Chapter 568: Meeting2019-08-28
Chapter 567: The Goal of the Heavenly God Palace2019-08-28
Chapter 566: Tracks2019-08-28
Chapter 565: Conspiracy2019-08-28
Chapter 564: Compensation2019-08-28
Chapter 563: Honorable One2019-08-28
Chapter 562: The Honorable One of Emperor Yu’s Hall2019-08-28
Chapter 561: Insightful Emptiness Realm?2019-08-28
Chapter 560: Attack!2019-08-28
Chapter 559: Pressuring Emperor Yu’s Hall2019-08-28
Chapter 558: Fight!2019-08-28
Chapter 557: On the Verge of a Breakout2019-08-28
Chapter 556: Truth?2019-08-28
Chapter 555: Slaughter2019-08-28
Chapter 554: Secret Letter2019-08-28
Chapter 553: Yan Danchen2019-08-28
Chapter 552: A Message2019-08-28
Chapter 551: Despotism2019-08-28
Chapter 550: Yuzhou2019-08-28
Chapter 549: The Situation Worsens2019-08-28
Chapter 548: The End of Qingshan’s Closed-door Cultivation2019-08-28
Chapter 547: Sixteen Years Later2019-08-28
Chapter 546: Wood, One of the Five Elements2019-08-28
Chapter 545: Name Scroll2019-08-28
Chapter 544: Finally Arrived!2019-08-28
Chapter 543: The 16th of May2019-08-28
Chapter 542: Qingshan Enterprise2019-08-28
Chapter 541: The Legend of the Nine Prefectures2019-08-28
Chapter 540: Teng Qingshan’s Ambitions2019-08-28
Chapter 539: The Chosen Path2019-08-28
Chapter 538: Conflict2019-08-28
Chapter 537: Suggestion2019-08-28
Chapter 536: The Death of the Blind Swordmaster2019-08-28
Chapter 535: Teng Qingshan and Tie Wu2019-08-28
Chapter 534: Trapped2019-08-28
Chapter 533: Consolidating At Every Step2019-08-28
Chapter 532: Half of the Territory2019-08-28
Chapter 531: Attack! Attack!2019-08-28
Chapter 530: The Hiding Place2019-08-28
Chapter 529: Setting Fire to Qing Hu Island2019-08-28
Chapter 528: Water2019-08-28
Chapter 527: Astonished and Angry2019-08-28
Chapter 526: Flesh and Bone2019-08-28
Chapter 525: Meeting the Parents2019-08-28
Chapter 524: Honored Sir2019-08-28
Chapter 523: Raising A Storm2019-08-28
Chapter 522: Qingshan’s Name2019-08-28