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The Nine Cauldrons (Web Novel) - Chapter 571: The Discovery of a Plot

Chapter 571: The Discovery of a Plot

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Translator: Iamgt Editor: Lucas

During the evening of March 28th:

In the Xing Yi Sect, located in the Great Yan Mountain.

A green bird the size of a fist came from the southwest direction and rapidly darted into the Xing Yi Sect like a trenchant arrow. It flew into a house that it had inhabited for a long time. As soon as it arrived in the house, a disciple of the Xing Yi Sect immediately ran to the bird and took out the tiny, secret letter from the tiny bamboo tube tied to the bird’s leg.

There were three golden sword marks on the bamboo tube.

“Three sword marks?” When the disciple saw this, he was surprised. The symbol of three golden sword marks signified that the secret letter was of the highest ranking. The normal secret letters were usually read by the direct subordinates of Elder Zong Lu. However, the highest ranking secret letter was to be presented to Elder Zong Lu immediately.

“We must notify the elder quickly.”

The young disciple immediately rushed to find Zong Lu.

After a while, in the East Flower Garden:

Teng Qingshan was analyzing his fist arts in a spacious area. Because he had been worried about his daughter, he wasn’t able to gain enough focus to cultivate in seclusion for a month.

“Sovereign! Sovereign!” Elder Zong Lu’s voice sounded outside.


Teng Qingshan resolved and exhaled slowly.

Teng Qingshan smiled as he turned and asked, “Uncle Zong, what’s the urgent matter?” Zong Lu appeared very anxious and worried. As he presented the secret letter to Teng Qingshan, he exclaimed, “Sovereign, a bad thing has happened! This is a secret letter from Yong’an County. The letter said that Linlin has left Yong’an County.”

“What?” Teng Qingshan was shocked

“Why did Linlin leave Yong’an County?” Immediately, Teng Qingshan took the secret letter from Elder Zong Lu and began reading.

Elder Zong Lu did not answer Teng Qingshan’s question.

As Teng Qingshan read the secret letter, his face darkened.

“She left Yong’an County with Fan Anran and Fan Anran’s dad, whose name is Fan Wutong? They are going to pay their respects to Fan Anran’s dead mother?” Teng Qingshan was very angry. Honglin was doing something normal. However, bear in mind that Teng Qingshan had commanded his son and daughter to stay in the Great Yan Mountain and Yong’an County.

They were not allowed to leave Yangzhou. If they wanted to go somewhere else, they had to ask Teng Qingshan for his permission first.

For a very long time, his daughter and son followed the rules.

However, now, his daughter had actually left Yangzhou with Fan Anran without even notifying him.

Teng Qingshan understood that his daughter was acting in a fit of pique. However, her actions also told Teng Qingshan that Honglin really trusted this young man named Fan Anran.

Teng Qingshan shook his head and said, “My daughter is so stupid now.”

“Sovereign, I am just worried that the mysterious force that has been acting against the Xing Yi Sect might target her when she is outside Yangzhou,” Elder Zong Lu said worriedly. “It’s her life. We can’t risk this. If that mysterious force really catches her, then it will be very troublesome.”

“Don’t worry.”

A cold glint flashed in Teng Qingshan’s eyes. “It would actually be beneficial if that force revealed itself! I asked Little Blue to follow Linlin and protect her. If Linlin is really in danger, we might be able to use this chance to dig out the force plotting that has been these schemes! Hmph! How dare they plot against me again and again.”

“If they try to touch my daughter…

“I will remove even their roots!” Teng Qingshan hated most the people that threatened the lives of his family.

“Just wait and see.

“If it is really to pay respects to Fan Anran’s mother, then I will forget about it. If it is really a plot against me, I will use this chance to find the identity of the person planning all these schemes.” A cold glint flashed in Teng Qingshan’s eyes. He exerted force with his right hand and the secret letter in his hand turned into dust.

During the evening on the 30th of March:

“Giddyup! Giddyup!”

Three horses were sprinting on the official road in the region of Yanzhou. Wherever they passed, dust flew up.

“Linlin, it’s very late. I don’t see any stores nearby. I think we should just stay somewhere near.” Carrying a longspear, Fan Anran controlled the horse to move right beside Honglin’s horse.


Honglin looked up at the sky. The sun had set, causing the sky to dim. Obviously, it was turning dark soon. “Anran, how’s this? Let’s just spend the night in the clear area by the road.

“Alright.” Fan Anran smiled as he nodded. He then turned towards Fan Wutong, who was behind riding the horse, and shouted, “Father, let’s just rest here.”


The filthy old man responded. Soon, the neigh of the horses sounded. They then halted in a nearby clearing and tied the horses by a huge tree.

“Sigh.” The old man named Fan Wutong shook his arms and wobbled as he said, “I am really old. I didn’t expect my bones and body to ache after traveling for three days. I remember back in the days when I was a horse bandit, I rode on a horse daily. Now that I have become old, my body has weakened so much.” As Fan Wutong spoke, he sat on the ground flourished with weeds.

“Father! Linlin! Eat some food.”

Fan Anran opened a bag and placed it on the ground. There was quite some good food inside.

“Linlin, just put up with this for the night,” Fan Anran said with a smile.

“It’s alright. Maybe we can hunt some wild birds in the area later.” Honglin looked around, appearing very mischievous.

Fan Anran looked around and replied, “This is the desolate area in the outskirts. It is a little difficult to find wild birds here.” With this, Fan Anran munched on the bread twice and took out a bottle of water for Honglin. As he handed the bottle to Honglin, he smiled and said, “Linlin, come. Drink some water. You have been traveling for such a long time without drinking any water. You must be very thirsty.”

Honglin faked a few coughs as she said, “Yes, I am very thirsty.” Seeing this, Fan Anran couldn’t help but burst out in laughter.

“Keep chatting. I am going to the side.”

The old man Fan Wutong blinked and walked to the side.

Honglin and Fan Anran both looked at each other and laughed. Honglin immediately grabbed the water bottle and took huge gulps of water.

“Gulp~~” As Fan Anran looked at Honglin’s fair neck, he zoned out. He could clearly hear the sound Honglin made as she swallowed the water.

“Sigh…” Fan Anran sighed.

“Anran, why did you sigh? You are acting like an old man,” Honglin said as she placed the water bottle down. She rubbed the corner of her mouth and giggled for a little bit.

“For no reason. I just feel slightly sad.” Fan Anran took the bottle. He looked down at the bottle and then directed his gaze at Honglin. The expression in his eyes seemed very peculiar. The emotions of sadness, love, pity, and hatred could be seen in his eyes.

Honglin froze. “Why are you looking at me with such an expression? You are scaring me.”


Honglin’s facial expression suddenly changed. He frowned.

“Anran,” Honglin hastily said to Fan Anran, “Don’t drink this water. There’s something wrong with the water in this bottle. It’s poison!” With this, Honglin’s face paled.

“It is poisonous.”

Fan Anran said calmly. He looked down at the water bottle in his grip before he shook his head and smiled. He then threw the water bottle and watched it fall on the ground. Burble~~ The water in the bottle flowed out.

“This poison is called Bone Softening Powder. You won’t die, but your limbs will feel very weak. You won’t be able to generate inner strength. You won’t be able to fight against a kid.” Fan Anran stood up, and the old man, Fan Wutong, who was far away, also stood up. The old man, who originally appeared weak and wasted, suddenly appeared more energetic and very different.

He seemed much stronger.

“Bone Softening Powder?”

Honglin stared at Fan Anran, the young man who wasn’t handsome but appeared rather delicate, with dread. At this moment, even a fool would understand what was going on…

“Anran.. Anran… Why? Why…” Even at this moment, Honglin still couldn’t believe it.

“This foolish girl.” Fan Wutong, who was at the side, looked down at Honglin and mocked, “Teng Honglin, you should blame your father for this.”

“Blame my father?”

Honglin shook her head. She still stared at Fan Anran and said, “Anran, tell me… Tell me why you did this… Why did you do this? Was everything you told me in the past fake?” At this moment, although Honglin felt weak and helpless, she still acted like an enraged lion. She glared furiously at the only man and the first man she had loved.

“Teng Honglin.”

Fan Anran looked at her. He shook his head and smiled. “I don’t really hate you, but I don’t really like you either. I really can’t love the daughter of the foe who destroyed my home and killed my family.”

Teng Honglin felt like her heart sank.

The daughter of the foe?

Can’t love? Even though Teng Honglin knew that Fan Anran was the one who poisoned the water, she still couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe he had been acting for one year.

“Still, I have to admit. Teng Qingshan is who he is… He is truly a legendary and great figure in the Land of the Nine Prefectures. I thought my disguise skills were very good. Even my adoptive father thought my acting skills were perfect. However, Teng Qingshan immediately spotted the mistakes.” Fan Anran smiled calmly and said, “Unfortunately, the daughter of such a brilliant person might not be as smart.”

“Adoptive Father, notify them please,” Fan Anran said.

The old man Fan Wutong nodded. He quickly took out a whistling arrow.


He lit the arrow.


The whistling arrow burst through the air and rocketed to the sky, emitting an ear-piercing sound.

“Anran… Anran… How could you…” Honglin was still in a state of disbelief. “You are a disciple of the Gui Yuan Sect. How could you…” Teng Honglin couldn’t believe that everything about this young man, who had lived in the Gui Yuan Sect since young, was fake.

“It has been fifteen years.”

“My adoptive father and I have been hiding our identities and disguising ourselves for fifteen years. No, actually, to be more specific, my adoptive father has been in disguise for fifteen years. As for me, I have been in disguise for ten years. I knew about the truth ten years ago. When I found out about it, I knew what I was supposed to do.” Fan Anran’s eyes appeared fierce. When he joined the Gui Yuan Sect, he wasn’t disguising himself at all.

Because at that time, he wasn’t aware of his background and his past history.

He only learned about it later on.

“My adoptive father and I have spent fifteen years preparing for this day. Since we caught you, it’s enough.” A terrifying glint could be seen in Fan Anran’s eyes.

“No.. No…”

Honglin still couldn’t believe it. The man who showed her so much love earlier… the man she was ready to marry, actually became someone totally different and this happened instantly. This was a nightmare! A nightmare she just refused to believe in!

“Eh? They are here.”

Fan Anran and Fan Wutong both looked into the distance on the official road. They could already hear the faint sounds of the hoofbeats clicking on the ground faraway.

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