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The Nine Cauldrons (Web Novel) - Chapter 597: A Promise

Chapter 597: A Promise

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As the sun sets in the west and as the noise of the waterfall sounded incessantly, Teng Qingshan thought to himself, “What happens after I take the final step? What lies ahead?” At this cultivation level, Teng Qingshan knew that when he reached the Omnipotent Realm, he would be able to resist the pressure given by the Land of the Nine Prefectures and break away from the World of the Nine Prefectures with his own power.

This was known as breaking through the void!

What happens after a cultivator breaks through the void and leave this world? What lies ahead?

All kinds of questions emerged in Teng Qingshan’s mind. He initially thought that he would know the answer once he reached the Omnipotent Realm. However, based on the tablet left by the Poetic Sword God Li Taibai, even experts who had reached the Omnipotent Realm do not know what lies ahead of the void.

“Haha… Haha…” Suddenly, a burst of laughter sounded.

Teng Qingshan stared at Pei San in astonishment. He could not help but ask, “Sovereign Pei, why are you laughing?”

“I am happy!”

Pei San looked at Teng Qingshan and replied, “I laughed because I am happy. Is it wrong to laugh when you are happy?”

“What’s there to be happy about?” Teng Qingshan said with a frown.

Pei San smiled and said as he stared at the tablet in his hands, “Teng Qingshan, this tablet belonged to the Poetic Sword God Li Taibai. He said that no one knows what lies ahead. Haha, I used to think about this all the time. What happens after a cultivator breaks through the void?”

“I always thought that I would know when I reached the Omnipotent Realm.”

“But it seems like even Li Taibai had no idea.” Pei San grinned. “And so, I am happy. Isn’t it better if no one knows?”

Teng Qingshan was shocked.

Pei San watched as the sun descended the horizon and said with a smile, “Human beings can live a happy and marvelous life because they don’t know what happens tomorrow. Because I do not know what happens after I break through the void, I look forward to the future.”

Hearing this, Teng Qingshan nodded. A bright smile appeared on his face.

He also looked forward to what awaits him after he breaks through the void. Could it be a chaotic world? A peculiar new world? A new life? No one knows! The Omnipotent Experts who knew the answer had left the Land of the Nine Prefectures.

“Whoosh~~~” The noises of the water falling and hitting the pool sounded.

The Undying Phoenix and the Godly Thunderbolt Hawk flew over as well. After noticing that Teng Qingshan and Pei San had been searching for the stone tablet during these past two days, the two flying demonic beasts decided not to follow the two cultivators around. However, when they realized that Teng Qingshan and Pei San had stopped at one spot, they knew that the tablet has been found.

“It’s such a pity.” Pei San shook his head and said, “When Li Taibai wrote on this tablet, he did not include the complete knowledge he had gained in his path of cultivation.”

Teng Qingshan also stared at the tablet.

The aura of these beautifully written words on the tablet conveyed a strong understanding of the sword. However, if one looked closely, one would realize that this understanding of the sword was too profound. Even for an Omnipotent Expert who understood the Dao of Calligraphy, it was impossible to include his understanding of Dao into every written word. The words would only emanate the aura of the Dao, not the actual knowledge. It would be extremely difficult for an expert to explain his life’s learning within a few sentences. Moreover, such an act would drain the energy of the spirit and body.

Omnipotent experts were not masochists. They wouldn’t torture themselves whenever they have nothing to do. They wouldn’t waste the energy of the spirit and body to include the complete interpretation of their Dao in every word they write.

“Senior Li Taibai…” Teng Qingshan said with a smile, “These words were written in a casual mood. Yet, these words still conveyed the “understanding” of the sword. This shows how deep he understood the Dao of Sword.”

“So what if these words tell us how deep he understands the Dao of Sword? It’s useless if it can’t teach us the knowledge.” Pei San responded as he shook his head. He then smiled and said, “Consider this trip a waste of my time and energy. Hm, but since the tablet was written by Li Taibai, I will give it to my daughter. She will be happy.”

Hearing this, Teng Qingshan grinned.

He noticed a similarity between him and Pei San. Both of them pampered their daughters. Because of this similarity, Teng Qingshan felt that he liked Pei San a bit more now.

“It’s a pity we can’t see Senior Li Taibai’s interpretation of the Dao of Sword. If I can get the chance, it might stir up something in me.” Pei San shook his head and sighed. Actually, for someone of his cultivation level, which was very close to the Omnipotent Realm, the chance to witness the Dao of the Omnipotent Expert would be very beneficial.

The written techniques and codices merely described the moves. These were not what Pei San would need. Pei San would need to truly experience and see the meaning.

“Eh?” Seeing Pei San’s looks of disappointment, Teng Qingshan suddenly recalled the Jade Annulus he had seen when he stopped by the Bright Moon Island during his voyage. Teng Qingshan thought to himself, “When Senior Li Taibai reaches the Omnipotent Realm, he was so excited that he wrote on the Jade Annulus. The Celestial Jade Annulus might contain the complete understanding of Li Taibai’s Dao.”

As Teng Qingshan thought of this, he felt himself burning with passion.

Back then, Teng Qingshan had not reached the Emptiness Realm and did not dare to do a deeper study of the Dao of Sword. He was worried that a deeper study might negatively affect his own Dao. However, now that he has attained the culmination of the Insightful Emptiness Realm, his own Dao has reached completion. Now, if he watched the Dao of another Omnipotent Expert, it would only leave an impression. It wouldn’t destabilize his own Dao.

“I will go to the Bright Moon Island after I reinforced what I have gained from this enlightenment.” Teng Qingshan thought to himself.

And then, Teng Qingshan rode the Undying Phoenix and Pei San rode the Godly Thunderbolt Hawk and left the Desolate Land together.

The Undying Phoenix and the Godly Thunderbolt Hawk both traveled at extremely fast speed. Actually, in terms of speed, the Undying Phoenix was just slightly faster than the Godly Thunderbolt Hawk.

While they were on their way back, Pei San spoke, “Qingshan, you should know the army of the Heavenly God Palace is going to attack Mani Temple soon.”

Teng Qingshan stood on the back of the Undying Phoenix. He looked at Pei San and replied with the use of the Sound Transmission Technique, “Hm, I know. The noises of your numerous elite soldiers can be heard in every area of the world. I am afraid everyone in the Land of the Nine Prefectures knows about it.”

“I am going to destroy the Mani Temple.” A spark of fierceness flickered in Pei San’s eyes as he spoke. “However, the Mani Temple has such a strong and deep foundation. They have many Emptiness Realm Experts. It will be very difficult to take them all down in one fight. Sovereign Teng, may I please borrow the Undying Phoenix?”

The Undying Phoenix was known to be skilled in flying and moving underground.”

The Undying Phoenix could help during a pursuit or an escape, bringing great advantages.

“Teng Qingshan, if you are willing to help… If the Undying Phoenix is willing to help, I am confident that the Mani Temple will be destroyed.” Pei San looked at Teng Qingshan as he asked, “Qingshan, are you willing to help?”

Teng Qingshan grinned.

Back then, because of Gui Yuan Sect, Teng Qingshan ended his bond with Pei San. During that time, he asked Pei San to let Gui Yuan Sect occupy the land of Jiangning County. However, Pei San refused, saying that allowing Gui Yuan Sect to occupy Nanman County or Chu County was enough to repay Teng Qingshan’s favor.

“Does Pei San not feel embarrassed when he asked to borrow the Undying Phoenix?”Teng Qingshan thought to himself, “Mani Temple is known to be the sect with the strongest support and numerous powerful experts while the Heavenly God Palace is a very fierce sect as well. If these two sects battled, why should I intercede? If Little Blue injured herself because of this…”

Teng Qingshan’s mind was full of thoughts.

Still, Teng Qingshan responded with a bright smile, “Sovereign Pei, the consequence of being involved in this matter is too great. The Heavenly God Palace and the Mani Temple are both extremely powerful sects. I don’t think I should get myself involved in this battle.”

“You are not willing?” Pei San questioned with a frown.

Teng Qingshan shook his head and smiled as he answered, “Sovereign Pei, I cannot help you. Moreover, when Little Blue’s mother allowed Little Blue to come to the Land of the Nine Prefectures with me, she made me promise to keep Little Blue safe. If you asked the Mother of Phoenix, I believe she will say no as well.”

Pei San stared at Teng Qingshan.

Teng Qingshan looked back at Pei San with a very friendly smile.

Just by looking at Teng Qingshan’s eyes, Pei San knew that he could not threaten Teng Qingshan now. Teng Qingshan had attained the Insightful Emptiness Realm. With the help of the Undying Phoenix, he could easily threaten any supreme sects.

“Right.” Pei San smiled and said, “Since the Mother of Phoenix had entrusted you with such task, you made the right choice.”

Teng Qingshan only responded with a smile.

“However, if you are not letting the Undying Phoenix help the Heavenly God Palace, then please don’t let Mani Temple make use of the Undying Phoenix.” Pei San said with a smile, “I do not want to see the monks of Mani Temple riding the Undying Phoenix as they battle against the army of the Heavenly God Palace.”

Little Blue’s mother had taught Little Blue some powerful techniques that only the Phoenixes could learn. If Little Blue fought with all her energy, her speed would reach an even higher level, allowing her to truly become the fastest in the Land of the Nine Prefectures.

“Don’t let Mani Temple make use of the Undying Phoenix?” Teng Qingshan raised his brows as he asked.

Pei San frowned and continued attempting to convince Teng Qingshan. “Teng Qingshan, I remember that the Mani Temple is the sect that was most against the dissemination of the cultivation of the Internal Martial Art in the Land of the Nine Prefectures. Rongzhou and Liangzhou, the two counties governed by the Mani Temple, are the two regions with the least cultivators of the Internal Martial Art. The Mani Temple never gave you any respect.”

Teng Qingshan froze. He felt like laughing, but at the same time, he felt sad. To convince him not to let the Undying Phoenix help the Mani Temple, Pei San even mentioned this…

However, Pei San said the truth.

The Mani Temple had an absolute rule of Rongzhou and Liangzhou. The people of these two counties were xenophobic! The Mani Temple enshrined the teachings of Buddhism in the constitution of the two counties. And so, almost every individual in those two counties believed in Buddhism. Therefore, if someone pursued the cultivation of the Daoist sects or the cultivation of the Internal Martial art, that person would be considered a traitor! In fact, the Mani temple continuously promoted this stereotype—anyone who practiced the Daoist cultivation or the cultivation of the Internal Martial Art was a heretic!

The people of Rongzhou and Liangzhou despised heretics. As a matter of fact, heretics were often bullied and oppressed.

Therefore, Teng Qingshan was never able to disseminate the cultivation of the Internal Martial Art in the land of Rongzhou and Liangzhou. There are people who learned the cultivation, but extremely few. Teng Qingshan was not happy that the Mani Temple called the cultivators of the Internal Martial Art heretics, but there was nothing he could do. The Mani Temple was too powerful. For many years, no sect dared to provoke the Mani Temple.

However, so many years have passed. Mani Temple would soon experience its first-ever catastrophe since the time Martial Ancestor Shiga established the Mani Temple.

“Sovereign Pei, of course. I said that I will not get involved, which means that I will not let the Undying Phoenix help the Mani Temple.” Teng Qingshan replied with a smile.

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