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The Path Toward Heaven (Web Novel)


PTH, 大道朝天




Mao Ni, 猫腻


Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Mystery Sci-fi Xuanhuan

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I am the sword.
Killing a man amidst a thousand miles, no one dares take ten steps.
Killing a man amidst a thousand miles, no one can take ten steps.
Killing a man amidst a thousand miles, ten steps? Not possible!
I am the sword, the sword is me,
On the path towards heaven, each shall wield their own.

531 • 2019-09-08 11:39:52


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 840: The Life Itself2020-03-30
Chapter 839: A City2020-03-27
Chapter 838: Don’t Block the Road2020-03-25
Chapter 837: Don’t Want to Violate the Law2020-03-25
Chapter 836: The Child of Hua Family2020-03-25
Chapter 835: Jing Jiu’s Choice2020-03-22
Chapter 834: A Faint “Hmm” before Departure2020-03-22
Chapter 833: The Respective Ideas2020-03-21
Chapter 832: Our Principles2020-03-19
Chapter 831: The Longest Statement2020-03-18
Chapter 830: It’s Not the Same2020-03-17
Chapter 829: The Thoughtless Sword Light2020-03-16
Chapter 828: Seeing Green Mountain Again2020-03-15
Chapter 827: Traveling through the Sky like a Shooting Star2020-03-14
Chapter 826: The Sudden Clearing of the Thick Fog2020-03-13
Chapter 825: The Picturesque Girl2020-03-12
Chapter 824: That One2020-03-12
Chapter 823: It’s Neither Eating Nor Fishing and Boiling Tea2020-03-10
Chapter 822: He’s Indeed from Green Mountain2020-03-10
Chapter 821: The Sword Fight2020-03-08
Chapter 820: The Strike2020-03-08
Chapter 819: Number One2020-03-06
Chapter 818: The Trip2020-03-05
Chapter 817: The Talk2020-03-04
Chapter 816: The Ran Family2020-03-03
Chapter 815: The Show2020-02-29
Chapter 814: Professor Gou2020-02-28
Chapter 813: The Burning Butterflies2020-02-28
Chapter 812: I’ll Tell You about this Sword2020-02-28
Chapter 811: The Sword that Brought Thousands of Lights with It2020-02-27
Chapter 810: The Person Who Turned on Lights2020-02-26
Chapter 809: The Last Test2020-02-25
Chapter 808: I’m Waiting for Your Arrival2020-02-25
Chapter 807: The Buddha Who Faced the Sun and the Youth who Didn’t See the Sea of Stars2020-02-25
Chapter 806: God that Slices the Battleship Open2020-02-22
Chapter 805: I’m Cao Yuan and I’m Fine2020-02-22
Chapter 804: The Broadsword Man on Mining Spaceship2020-02-20
Chapter 803: Inside and Outside the Well2020-02-19
Chapter 802: I’m Called General Li by the People2020-02-18
Chapter 801: A Battleship from the West2020-02-18
Chapter 800: I’m Not Lonely But a Bit Troubled2020-02-16
Chapter 799: Leaving Again2020-02-14
Chapter 798: The Cocoon Breakers2020-02-14
Chapter 797: Too Beautiful to Look at It2020-02-13
Chapter 796: Let You Fly for a While2020-02-11
Chapter 795: Asking the Battleship to Come Down2020-02-11
Chapter 794: Being Treated like a God2020-02-09
Chapter 793: As if Nothing Had Happened2020-02-08
Chapter 792: The Man Traveling against the Light2020-02-08
Chapter 791: Piercing Everything2020-02-06
Chapter 790: The Lines in the Dark Night2020-02-06
Chapter 789: The Successor of Female Priest2020-02-04
Chapter 788: The Plum is Ripe2020-02-04
Chapter 787: Reciting Books at Night While being Drunk2020-02-02
Chapter 786: Having a Drink2020-02-02
Chapter 785: The Place Watched by the Whole Planet2020-02-01
Chapter 784: The October Water Festival Begins2020-01-30
Chapter 783: The True New Life2020-01-29
Chapter 782: The Sister of God2020-01-28
Chapter 781: The Female Priest2020-01-28
Chapter 780: The Gigantic Tower in the Distance2020-01-28
Chapter 779: Participating in the Selection2020-01-25
Chapter 778: No Need for God2020-01-24
Chapter 777: You’ll be Fine in Wind and Rain2020-01-23
Chapter 776: Blessed on the Head by a Fairy Man2020-01-22
Chapter 775: Looking at Clouds during the Day and Stars at Night2020-01-22
Chapter 774: The Flying Butterflies amid the Sea of Stars2020-01-20
Chapter 773: The Ginkgo Trees2020-01-20
Chapter 772: Breaking out of Cocoon2020-01-19
Chapter 771: Looking at the Sky in a Well2020-01-19
Chapter 770: The First Formal Confrontation2020-01-17
Chapter 769: I Am God2020-01-16
Chapter 768: Ding, Ding, Ding2020-01-14
Chapter 767: Being Gazed At2020-01-13
Chapter 766: The Huge Whale Jumping out of the Sea2020-01-13
Chapter 765: The Primary Selection of Female Priest2020-01-13
Chapter 764: A Stoic Person Has no Need for Facial Expression2020-01-10
Chapter 763: Life is Sometimes like the Bitter Wine2020-01-09
Chapter 762: Celebrating with a Bottle of Rice Wine2020-01-08
Chapter 761: Regarding the Process……2020-01-07
Chapter 760: Creating a Yuanqi Girl2020-01-07
Chapter 759: The New Ghosts and an Old Friend2020-01-06
Chapter 758: Where are You Going2020-01-05
Chapter 757: Two Separate Sides2020-01-05
Chapter 756: Jing Jiu, a Potential Physicist2020-01-02
Chapter 755: How to Devour a Library2020-01-01
Chapter 754: Stealing Money in the Desolate Neighborhood2020-01-01
Chapter 753: Feeling Sentimental in the Story World2019-12-30
Chapter 752: Lost amid the Ocean of Knowledge2019-12-29
Chapter 751: Nine Days Again2019-12-28
Chapter 750: The Ghostly Tenant2019-12-27
Chapter 749: The First Contact2019-12-26
Chapter 748: Not Returning2019-12-25
Chapter 747: The Prisoner in the Lab2019-12-24
Chapter 746: The Low-Level Civilization2019-12-23
Chapter 745: It’s a Worthwhile Journey2019-12-21
Chapter 744: This is the Star2019-12-20
Chapter 743: After the Ascension2019-12-19
Chapter 742: Leaving Everything Behind2019-12-18
Chapter 741: Living Tens of Thousands of Years2019-12-17
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