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The Path Toward Heaven (Web Novel)


PTH, 大道朝天




Mao Ni, 猫腻


Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Mystery Xuanhuan

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I am the sword.
Killing a man amidst a thousand miles, no one dares take ten steps.
Killing a man amidst a thousand miles, no one can take ten steps.
Killing a man amidst a thousand miles, ten steps? Not possible!
I am the sword, the sword is me,
On the path towards heaven, each shall wield their own.

103 • 2019-09-08 11:39:52


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 735: Two Questions2019-12-11
Chapter 734: The Effects (2)2019-12-10
Chapter 733: The Effects (1)2019-12-10
Chapter 732: The All in One Sword (2)2019-12-08
Chapter 731: The All in One Sword (1)2019-12-07
Chapter 730: The Former Peng Lang Comes Back2019-12-06
Chapter 729: Whose World is It after Being Awake?2019-12-05
Chapter 728: A Different Meaning for the Ringing Silvery Bell2019-12-04
Chapter 727: The Hardest Thing for Humans is being Unperceptive2019-12-03
Chapter 726: It’s Really Dark2019-12-03
Chapter 725: It’s Really High2019-12-01
Chapter 724: The Time is Up2019-11-30
Chapter 723: Calling2019-11-29
Chapter 722: A Genius will Sometimes Make Stupid Mistakes2019-11-28
Chapter 721: A Madman will Sometimes be Scared2019-11-27
Chapter 720: A Middle-Aged Man Coming from the West2019-11-26
Chapter 719: I Know All the Principles2019-11-26
Chapter 718: Replenishing the Sea2019-11-24
Chapter 717: Repairing the Sky2019-11-23
Chapter 716: Temporary Ocean Sprays2019-11-22
Chapter 715: The Oblivion2019-11-22
Chapter 714: Asking about the Dao2019-11-21
Chapter 713: Stopping Has Nothing to Do with Reciting the Scripts but Tiredness2019-11-20
Chapter 712: The Fallen Leaves Have Nothing to Do with Autumn Wind but Time2019-11-19
Chapter 711: Mutual Calculation2019-11-18
Chapter 710: The Longevity Mountain2019-11-17
Chapter 709: An Ominous Bell2019-11-16
Chapter 708: Cut off with a Swing of the Sword2019-11-15
Chapter 707: Let Me Save You and this World2019-11-14
Chapter 706: Looking at the Wells2019-11-13
Chapter 705: A Fist Piercing Heaven and Earth2019-11-12
Chapter 704: The Oblivion2019-11-11
Chapter 703: The Salty Raindrops Taste like Tears2019-11-10
Chapter 702: Putting down More Go Pieces2019-11-09
Chapter 701: Who Won?2019-11-08
Chapter 700: The Overnight Red Tear on the Lotus2019-11-07
Chapter 699: The Immortal Left on the Back of the Fire Carp2019-11-06
Chapter 698: The Deep Cloud2019-11-05
Chapter 697: Binding the Cloud2019-11-04
Chapter 696: The Flying Snow2019-11-03
Chapter 695: Slaying the Fairy Lady2019-11-02
Chapter 694: The Silver Stream2019-11-02
Chapter 693: The Snow Girl2019-10-31
Chapter 692: In the Sky and on the Ground2019-10-30
Chapter 691: Looking Down2019-10-29
Chapter 690: She is the Fairy Madam2019-10-28
Chapter 689: A Falling Light Dust in the Twilight2019-10-27
Chapter 688: After the Sunset2019-10-26
Chapter 687: Before the End of the Story2019-10-25
Chapter 686: The End of the Sword Formation of Green Mountain2019-10-24
Chapter 685: Different Paths2019-10-23
Chapter 684: Pouncing on the Fan2019-10-22
Chapter 683: A Howl in Heaven and Earth2019-10-21
Chapter 682: What She Wants2019-10-21
Chapter 681: What She Wants2019-10-20
Chapter 680: Thunder Still Rumbles as Ears are Covered2019-10-18
Chapter 679: Night Still Falls while Covering Eyes2019-10-17
Chapter 678: Getting Fat2019-10-16
Chapter 677: Over and Outside the Ocean2019-10-15
Chapter 676: Unable to Beat the Opponent2019-10-14
Chapter 675: The Sound of a Bell over the Bloody Sea2019-10-13
Chapter 674: Raising the Iron Broadsword and Becoming a Saint after Opening the Eyes2019-10-13
Chapter 673: The Presence of a Saint2019-10-13
Chapter 672: He Plays a Card When the World is on the Brink of Destruction2019-10-13
Chapter 671: The Torrent on the Other Side2019-10-13
Chapter 670: Raising the Iron Broadsword and Becoming a Saint after Opening the Eyes2019-10-08
Chapter 669: The Sea Falls into the Underworld2019-10-07
Chapter 668: Contending for Green Mountain2019-10-06
Chapter 667: Choosing One of Fifty Paths toward Heaven2019-10-05
Chapter 666: Let Me Do It2019-10-04
Chapter 665: The Inauguration Ceremony2019-10-03
Chapter 664: I’ve Seen Green Mountain2019-10-02
Chapter 663: Visiting the Known Places2019-10-01
Chapter 662: Coming Back2019-09-30
Chapter 661: Before the Destruction of the World2019-09-29
Chapter 660: Entering the Soul2019-09-28
Chapter 659: The Fruit after One Hundred Years2019-09-27
Chapter 658: Wishing to be a Loner2019-09-26
Chapter 657: All are Doomed2019-09-25
Chapter 656: My Dear, Don’t Wade in that River2019-09-24
Chapter 655: All Matter Should Be Settled2019-09-24
Chapter 654: All Matter Should Be Settled2019-09-23
Chapter 653: No Match for Him on Green Mountain2019-09-21
Chapter 652: The Stage Show amid Wild Flowers2019-09-20
Chapter 651: A Fight Waiting On Green Mountain2019-09-19
Chapter 650: It’s Fake Skill; All Talk but and no Action2019-09-18
Chapter 649: The Irregular Pattern of Sand on the Plate2019-09-17
Chapter 648: Why2019-09-16
Chapter 647: Hard to Shun Responsibilities2019-09-15
Chapter 646: The Preliminary Demonstration2019-09-15
Chapter 645: Back in the Human World and Sharpening the Broadsword2019-09-14
Chapter 644: Eating Hotpot and Playing Mahjong2019-09-12
Chapter 643: Being Together2019-09-11
Chapter 642: The Reason for not Going to Royal Palace2019-09-10
Chapter 641: We’re Both in the Heavenly Arrival State2019-09-10
Chapter 640: Who is Really Outstanding2019-09-08
Chapter 639: It’s Not the End of the Day2019-09-08
Chapter 638: The Setting Sun is Beautiful2019-09-08
Chapter 637: The Green Mountain Meets Again2019-09-08
Chapter 636: The Reappearance of the Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies2019-09-08


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