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The Path Toward Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 704: The Oblivion

Chapter 704: The Oblivion

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How important was Jing Jiu’s decision?

On a large scale, it dictated the future of the entire Chaotian.

For himself, it determined the outcome of his Cultivation after a thousand years.

Of course, the latter was more significant as far as Jing Jiu was concerned.

It took a night for him to make the decision; so it didn’t seem to be a serious decision, and it could even be said to be a careless one.

“In fact, I’m not really concerned that much about what you people intend to achieve; but do you know why I came forward and opposed my Big Brother when he intended to carry out his plan?”

Jing Jiu grabbed another piece of spring sunlight and looked at it in front of his eyes, like he did to the hotpot back then.

“People don’t march together if their paths are different; we could choose to walk on our own separate paths. However, this matter is rather singular, and it’s because your path has affected my path.

According to the saying “The water in the wells doesn’t interfere with the water in the rivers”; all I wanted to do was dig a well quietly, but the waves you people have caused in the river are too high, which have roiled my well.”

He hadn’t told his Big Brother about this. And he had merely mentioned it as a foreword on Tianguang Peak the day before. This was a formal explanation then.

After having eaten the hotpot, he led Yuan Qijing and Liu Ci confronting his Big Brother.

Though it had something to do with the tragedy at the Fruit Formation Temple, the true source for the confrontation was that they had different paths.

“If it were years ago, I could understand your choice since you still had to live and cultivate in the human world; but you’re near the end of the path toward heaven now and you can simply choose to leave the world. Why do you still care about this place?”

The Immortal Bai gazed at the spot between his fingers and the piece of spring sunlight that was changing shapes in the wind.

“Like you said earlier, it’s wrong to simply leave this world.”

Jing Jiu went on, “And in fact, one can’t settle all the karma by leaving.”

Bai Ren succeeded in ascension over a thousand years ago and witnessed the darkness and danger of that world. She felt an intense uneasiness and didn’t go very far; instead, she opted to guard outside Chaotian.

He broke through the sky and came to the outside world that year; but he had to use the All in One Sword to be reincarnated after being sneak-attacked by her.

The sneak-attack was actually not the main problem for his return to the human world. It was the unfinished karma that was the topmost reason for his return.

It was because of the problematic Formation of Dispersed Smoke and Cloud and of his own fault.

The Immortal Jing Yang was the sharpest and most nonchalant Dao Heart in the world in his former life.

He was like a fairy sword that had been washed by water for ten-thousand years; and yet, he still couldn’t cut off the karma.

As a result, he went to that small village after his reincarnation and found Liu Shisui; later, he went back to Green Mountain and led Zhao Layue climbing up Shenmo Peak.

After he heard the zither music at the Plum Garden in Zhaoge City, he went to the West Ocean and met Lian Sanyue again.

However, the karma didn’t finish because of these events; instead, they grew deeper and deeper until they reached his core, making them impossible for him to separate from.

The karma had to be ended.

The Immortal Bai understood what he meant, asking, “Can thinking of this karma help you alleviate the fear of death temporarily?”

“I’m not sure about that,” said Jing Jiu. “But I didn’t think about it when I made the decision.”

The Immortal Bai asked again, “What about now? Have you perceived the darkness?”

The darkness was the shadow of death.

After some thought, Jing Jiu replied, “Maybe a little.”

The reason he perceived the shadow of death at the moment was because he was unsure if he could defeat his opponent.

“Then, let’s determine whose path is the correct one,” said the Immortal Bai calmly.

The judgment of the paths was quite simple and straightforward.

Whoever was the last one remaining followed the correct path.

This was the only meaning of the path toward heaven.

For instance, how should the humans proceed in the future? And how should this world exist? These questions wouldn’t be answered until the ultimate outcomes were seen a great many years later. By that time the ideas of the Immortal Taiping and the Immortal Bai would be judged fairly.

The monks of the Fruit Formation Temple had all left. Their chanting could be heard in the field outside the courtyard walls and among the cliffs, adding some solemn atmosphere after it came to the pagoda forest with the wind.

“The fairy energy in the main fairy book was too plenty with much too high a state; as such, I had to sleep many years amid the recitations of scripts to temper it.”

Jing Jiu didn’t intend to remind her; what he did was simply state the fact.

The Immortal Bai had a main fairy book and an accessory fairy book in her hands. If she was to use the accessory one like she had done earlier, she would be no match for Jing Jiu.

Of course, she must have many other formidable magic treasures and methods; likewise, Jing Jiu still had the Seal of the Underworld Emperor and other methods.

Yet, those treasures and methods were not as formidable as the fairy book and the All in One Sword.

As such, they were unfit to be used in today’s fight.

“This is the Fairy Book of our Bai family. Though I can’t temper it, I know more than one way to use it.”

Having said that, the Immortal Bai suddenly released a great many light rays from her hand.

The light rays stemmed from the blazing fairy book.

This accessory fairy book helped her travel freely between the human world and the Underworld by means of the Escape Method of Heaven and Earth and dodge Jing Jiu’s pursuit.

Unexpectedly, she set the fairy book on fire before the fight started.

The fact that she could set the fairy book ablaze was shocking enough.

It proved her claim that the Bai family had many previous experiences and knew how to use the fairy book in a fight.

The fairy book had been burned to oblivion in a very short time. The extremely hot light rays leaked out between her fingers and then returned after they encountered the spring wind.

One could hardly imagine such a wonderful and amazing scene…but it was actually happening in reality.

The bright light rays vanished completely after passing through her white dress and entering her body.

Her body didn’t appear to be different from before, but her eyes grew much brighter if one looked at them more closely. Her skin had a thin golden glow, glistening under the sunlight like gold or jade. Her whole person seemed to have turned into a piece of magic treasure.

Jing Jiu was fully aware that it was not that the fairy energy had modified her body in a short time but that the fairy energy became enormously tiny particles, attaching to every pore of her skin and every spot in her inner organs.

In a sense, the Immortal Bai had currently built a golden body, like what Cao Yuan had done, which was almost as strong as his sword body.

The current Immortal Bai had a body that was almost indestructible, which couldn’t be harmed slightly by the magic treasures and the swordsmen in the Heavenly Arrival State.

She had no need to worry that her body might be pierced through by the sword light like she had experienced by the East Ocean, where she had nearly died.

Her defense became exceedingly strong, but what kind of attack would she employ in order to kill Jing

Jiu, whose defense was even stronger than hers?

Did she really know how to use the main fairy book?

The sun rose to the middle of the sky; it was the hottest time of the day, with blindingly bright sunshine.

All of a sudden, countless rays of sunlight headed toward the pagoda forest after they were summoned by a seemingly formless force.

This scene had appeared on Longevity Mountain; and yet, the rays of light were thicker this time, looking like a static lightning, which effortlessly broke down the Great Formation of the mountain gate.

The condensed rays of sunlight illuminated the dark and gloomy pagoda forest as well as the face of the Immortal Bai.

Her face looked extremely clear when being shone on by the bright sunlight. She didn’t look as desolate as before, now that a few wrinkles appeared on the corners of her eyes and the black strands of hair on her temples were visibly turning white.

Was this the cost she had to pay for using the main fairy book?

The Immortal Bai glided to the sky filled with the sunlight and looked down at Jing Jiu, her eyes devoid of any emotion.

Countless rays of sunlight shone on the pagoda forest soundlessly without disbanding, as if they were a fence encasing Jing Jiu in the center.

Many small holes appeared on the surface of the green stone slabs, which were caused by the force of the sunlight.

The light fence kept contracting as it bore down on Jing Jiu with a great deal of pressure.

A large amount of green smoke came up in the pagoda forest; the wild grass in the cracks between the stone slabs had turned to powder flying in the wind.

Sizzle!!! Sizzle!!!

Some rays of sunlight had eventually reached Jing Jiu’s cloth, setting it on fire.

Soon after, a ray of sunlight reached his wrist, cutting a tiny slit on it.

No blood seeped out from the cut. The wound looked like crystal or glass.

Jing Jiu didn’t try to escape.

It was because the sword light, regardless how fast it could travel, would be no faster than the speed of the sunlight.

Escaping was useless in the formation that was composed by the sunlight.

He had begun to calculate before the Immortal Bai employed the fairy book.

In other words, he had begun to calculate the moment he saw the sunlight after he was sneak-attacked on Longevity Mountain.

The conclusion he obtained from his calculation was that he would be able to fight against the Immortal Bai if she had merely employed the accessory fairy book.

If she had summoned too much sunlight, he would be unable to escape and have no way to defeat her.

Even if he had plenty of sword source, it was impossible for his sword source to outlast the endless sunlight.

It was evident that the white fireball hovering quietly in the dark and cold world wouldn’t extinguish after tens of thousands of years.

The only way to fix this problem was to cut off the passage through which the fairy book summoned the sunlight.

After he sneak-attacked the Immortal Bai by the Heavenly Well at the East Ocean, Jing Jiu had come up with this conclusion. As such, the sword light drew a few words in the sky.

Since the sword light traveled extremely fast, the words disappeared in the sky just as quickly as they had appeared. Only a few people in Chaotian, like the one on Green Mountain, could see them.

The sunlight filling the air had suddenly vanished.

A black mountain suddenly appeared in the sky, blocking the sunlight.

The sunlight that shone on his body made his black hair look silvery.

The light rays in the pagoda forest of the Fruit Formation Temple were still spreading out, but they were not supplemented with more light.

The Immoral Bai furrowed her eyebrows slightly, the wrinkles on the corners of her eyes growing deeper.

She was a bit startled; but she grabbed a handful of sunlight in the pagoda forest without hesitation and swept at Jing Jiu.

The light cone made of hundreds of rays landed squarely on Jing Jiu.


Innumerable breaking sounds rang out one after the other, as the large trees at the Fruit Formation Temple and the courtyard walls collapsed. A human-shaped gap appeared on a bell in a grand hall.

The ocean waves kept slapping against the rocks by the seashore; the action had been going on for a great many years. It was unclear how long it would take for the waves to break the rocks into pieces.


The rocks broke apart abruptly before they fell into the ocean waves, resembling the raindrops on the surface of the sea.

Jing Jiu flew out from the sea, his body covered in blood.

The blood stains hadn’t been diluted by the seawater; instead, they were painted over by a layer of golden color.

It turned out that the Immortal Bai had knocked him to an island one hundred miles away with one strike.

He waved his hand a few times toward the mainland.

A few enormously desolate sword lights left his fingers and came back to the Fruit Formation Temple in the blink of an eye after covering one hundred miles over the surface of the ocean.

Pah!!! Pah!!! Pah!!!

The dress the Immortal Bai wore had many invisible dents.

Some blood seeped out.

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