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The Portal of Wonderland (Web Novel)




Wang Yu, 忘语


Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xianxia

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A wonder falling down from heaven! A boy possessed by strange blood! Gods tremble! Demons flee! A boy from the land of Dong Zhou. A pink skull as his sworn friend until death. A story of a determined warrior struggling for power. A legend that shakes the galaxy and disturbs the worlds of god, demon and man.

450 • 2019-05-16 21:41:50


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 380: Displays Only A Small Part Of One's Talent2019-05-16
Chapter 379: Fire Miasma and Tiger Beast2019-05-16
Chapter 378: Meets An Old Friend On The Way2019-05-16
Chapter 377: Hundred Thousand Volcanoes2019-05-16
Chapter 376: Testing2019-05-16
Chapter 375: Leaves2019-05-16
Chapter 374: Strange Change in Left Hand2019-05-16
Chapter 373: Bloodline’s Counter-Attack2019-05-16
Chapter 372: Raging Flames2019-05-16
Chapter 371: Zhao is Shocked2019-05-16
Chapter 370: Makes A Comeback2019-05-16
Chapter 369: Lags Behind2019-05-16
Chapter 368: A Secret Storehouse of the Demon Race2019-05-16
Chapter 367: Mysterious Dark Flower2019-05-16
Chapter 366: Arrived in the City Beforehand2019-05-16
Chapter 365: Warming Up2019-05-16
Chapter 364: Counteractions Begin2019-05-16
Chapter 363: Striving Against Competition2019-05-16
Chapter 362: A Friendly Chat Over A Cup Of Wine2019-05-16
Chapter 361: Spirit Stabilizing Tower and Appearance Freezing Fruit2019-05-16
Chapter 360: Unfair2019-05-16
Chapter 359: Touring and Roping-in2019-05-16
Chapter 358: Welcoming Immortals Pavilion2019-05-16
Chapter 357: Competition2019-05-16
Chapter 356: Waits2019-05-16
Chapter 355: Deadline Approaches2019-05-16
Chapter 354: Pleasant Surprise2019-05-16
Chapter 353: Pursues to Kill2019-05-16
Chapter 352: Fights for the Stone2019-05-16
Chapter 351: Rumors Spring Up From Everywhere2019-05-16
Chapter 350: Blamed2019-05-16
Chapter 349: Night Tour Around the Rising Sun City2019-05-16
Chapter 348: Causes Havoc in Hidden Wind Valley2019-05-16
Chapter 347: The Trail Goes Cold2019-05-16
Chapter 346: Failed2019-05-16
Chapter 345: Ready-Made Insider2019-05-16
Chapter 344: Seeing an Old Friend in the Valley2019-05-16
Chapter 343: Lures Into the Trap2019-05-16
Chapter 342: Hidden Wind Valley2019-05-16
Chapter 341: Corpse Transformation2019-05-16
Chapter 340: Returns to Cloud Wing City2019-05-16
Chapter 339: A Plan2019-05-16
Chapter 338: Mutually Expressing True Feelings2019-05-16
Chapter 337: Mishap and Rescue2019-05-16
Chapter 336: Life and Death Crisis2019-05-16
Chapter 335: Reneges on Word2019-05-16
Chapter 334: Turns Hostile2019-05-16
Chapter 333: Invitation to a Feast2019-05-16
Chapter 332: First Appearance of Clues2019-05-16
Chapter 331: Cloud Wing City2019-05-16
Chapter 330: Flaming Ice Crystal2019-05-16
Chapter 329: Defuses the Crisis2019-05-16
Chapter 328: Reunited Abroad2019-05-16
Chapter 327: Floating Clouds Vehicle2019-05-16
Chapter 326: Tracking and Conspiracy2019-05-16
Chapter 325: Facing Someone’s Confession2019-05-16
Chapter 324: Enlists2019-05-16
Chapter 323: City Lord’s Entrustment2019-05-16
Chapter 322: Major Enhancement in Strength2019-05-16
Chapter 321: Exchange Agreement2019-05-16
Chapter 320: Resumes Old Profession2019-05-16
Chapter 319: Arranges the Array and Breaks Through2019-05-16
Chapter 318: An Entirely Different World2019-05-16
Chapter 317: Fire-Filled Array2019-05-16
Chapter 316: Heavenly Wu Gems Pavilion2019-05-16
Chapter 315: Plan Changes2019-05-16
Chapter 314: A Bet of Three Strikes2019-05-16
Chapter 313: Surrounds the City to Find the Killer2019-05-16
Chapter 312: Uncovers the History of the Western Continent2019-05-16
Chapter 311: The Big Vicious Barbarian City2019-05-16
Chapter 310: Red-ringed Demon Python2019-05-16
Chapter 309: Swamp of Snakes2019-05-16
Chapter 308: Demon Race’s Directory2019-05-16
Chapter 307: Seizes Peach King2019-05-16
Chapter 306: Fire-attribute Peach King2019-05-16
Chapter 305: A Chance Encounter in the Waterfall2019-05-16
Chapter 304: Giant Tree Tribe2019-05-16
Chapter 303: Meddling in Other People's Business2019-05-16
Chapter 302: Tree Demon in the Woods2019-05-16
Chapter 301: Possessed by a Demon2019-05-16
Chapter 300: Bloodbath2019-05-16
Chapter 299: The White Ape Re-Appears2019-05-16
Chapter 298: Massive Black Thing2019-05-16
Chapter 297: Corpse Explosion Technique2019-05-16
Chapter 296: Brings Calamity to Oneself2019-05-16
Chapter 295: Taking a Detour, and Sailing2019-05-16
Chapter 294: A Crisis Hidden Beneath the Surface2019-05-16
Chapter 293: Tricks the Enemy2019-05-16
Chapter 292: Fierce Battle at Sea2019-05-16
Chapter 291: Pushing People Too Far!2019-05-16
Chapter 290: Final Moments2019-05-16
Chapter 289: Boards the Ship2019-05-16
Chapter 288: Catastrophe2019-05-16
Chapter 287: Suspicion Arises2019-05-16
Chapter 286: Strange Absorption Ability2019-05-16
Chapter 285: Strange Rules2019-05-16
Chapter 284: Begins Ahead of Time2019-05-16
Chapter 283: An Accident2019-05-16
Chapter 282: Poaches2019-05-16
Chapter 281: Outwits2019-05-16