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The President is Being Shameless Again (Web Novel) - Chapter 154: Lin Chu Heart Turned Cold, But A Heat Wave Rushed To The Top Of Her Head

Chapter 154: Lin Chu Heart Turned Cold, But A Heat Wave Rushed To The Top Of Her Head

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Hmph!” Lin Chu lowered her head and bit him lightly on the jaw, leaving a light teeth mark on him. It would not scare him and would be gone by morning.

“As long as you are in the same place as her, breathing the same air, it makes me feel that she has vilified you,” Lin Chu narrowed her eyes as she said.

Yan Beicheng, “…”

He must have been giving in to her too often as she was now using the word ‘vilified’ on him.

Yan Beicheng could not help but laugh. He opened up his arms and legs, “Come up quick to sterilize me clean.”

Lin Chu, “…”

The two of them melded as one, and before long, it was hard to tell who was on top at any given time.

After their night of unbridled passion, his bad mood caused by Lu Weining got better. Yan Beicheng felt satisfied as he hugged Lin Chu. They could not go another round in such a short time, but he was still unwilling to let go of her.

His face nuzzled against her neck like a greedy cat.

Lin Chu gave in to him, but she felt uncomfortable as she was sticky with sweat, so she pushed him away a little, “Stop it, I’m all sweaty. It’s so uncomfortable being this sticky.”

Yan Beicheng suddenly stopped moving. It took him a while to lift his face away from her neck. He looked at her accusingly, “You were so passionate about allowing me in little by little. Now that you’re done with me, you choose to turn your back on me?”

Lin Chu, “…”

Yan Beicheng hugged her tight and caressed her all over. It made the two of them even stickier such that it became hard to tell whose sweat belonged to whom now.

Lin Chu felt he was being immature and used her toes to gently kick his calves, “I’m going to take a shower.”

Yan Beicheng was about to volunteer to join her when Lin Chu glared at him, “You’re not allowed to follow!”

If he did, she would not be able to take her shower!

This was especially so since she had taken the initiative tonight. This man was addicted to it and looked like he wanted more. If he followed her in, she would come out unconscious!

She might have taken the offensive tonight, but Yan Beicheng was feeling a little apprehensive about his actions because he had later taken back his position as the leader in bed. He would not let her off no matter how much she begged, and she was now exhausted because of him.

This was why he simply rubbed his nose and stayed put. All he could do was watch Lin Chu’s back disappear with a burning gaze.

As he heard the shower running in the bathroom, Yan Beicheng narrowed his eyes as he relived the sweet, passionate memory of just a moment ago. However, his reverie was interrupted by the ringing of his phone.

Yan Beicheng frowned. He was a little annoyed as he checked his phone. He saw a string of numbers that had previously belonged to Lu Weining’s appear on the screen.

He was previously so angered about her call that he had sped home to see Lin Chu. He had completely forgotten to blacklist this number.

He initially did not want to pick up but when he thought about what had happened with Lu Weining, Yan Beicheng’s mouth twitched nervously. His slender fingers lazily pressed on the receive button, but he did not say anything.

He could hear Lu Weining’s accusing cries from the other end of the line, “Why did you treat me that way? You knew I was in danger but you refused to do anything. Even if you dislike me or hate me, you can’t leave me there to die!”

Yan Beicheng gently opened his eyes to glance at the bathroom. He could still hear the water running.

He replied casually, “Yes, I can.”

“Yan Beicheng!” Lu Weining suddenly screamed crazily. Her hysterical voice screeched through the phone, causing Yan Beicheng’s ears to quiver with pain. He moved the phone a little further from his ear.

“Did you know what those three gangsters almost did to me? If it wasn’t for a kind passer-by, I… I…. Even if you don’t like me, even if you find me annoying, how annoying can I be for you to allow me to be humiliated this way? Yan Beicheng, don’t you have a conscience?!” Lu Weining sounded like she was about to break down and cry.

Yan Beicheng sneered, “My conscience was never meant for you. Besides, you know very well how those three gangsters ended up there.”

Lu Weining was stunned. For a brief moment, there was nothing but silence from her end.

After a while, he could hear Lu Weining’s stuttering voice tremble as she asked, “What… What do you mean by that?!”

Yan Beicheng lightly sneered, “Feel free to check your email shortly. You can keep that as a memento, or you can choose to delete it. If you still insist on continuing all this disgusting conduct on me and Lin Chu, I will send them out. By then, you won’t want to show your face in public ever again.”

“What’s that?” Lu Weining’s voice was strained.

Yan Beicheng did not reply her. He simply hung up and blacklisted her number. Then, he got out of bed and walked out of the bedroom toward his study next door.

He turned on the computer and opened his mailbox before clicking on an email with no subject matter. There was a voice file in it.

Yan Beicheng clicked on it and Lu Weining’s voice could be heard, “This is the 3000 Yuan that was promised to you. Take the money and leave.”

“Miss, you really are generous. Even though your hero did not come to save the beauty, you’re still willing to pay us our money. Since you’re so generous with your money, we won’t be that petty. If you ever require our acting again, feel free to approach us. You’re a loyal customer, so we’ll provide our service at half price. We guarantee our acting will be top-notch and we won’t take advantage of you. You can ask around, the three of us are well-known professionals in this circle,” one of the gangsters could be heard saying.

“You’ve found the right people. If you hired some other person, they might have taken advantage of you when your hero didn’t appear. The three of us are very ethical when comes to this, we don’t do immoral things like that. If you request for us to tease you or forcefully hug you, we’ll pretend to come at you. Even if your man does not show up, we won’t destroy the contract between us by doing something so foul to you. The next time you want to bait that man, feel free to contact us. We’re credible, and we won’t reveal anything.”

Lu Weining had been annoyed by his random need to talk so much, but she did not dare to be so obvious about it.

The lights out on the street may have been bright, but it was pitch-black in the alley they were in.

It was not a very long alley, but Lu Weining was wary of her surroundings. She was not a young, naïve girl. She was someone who managed Xing Chuang and had a hand in lewd dealings within the entertainment industry. She would not express her true thoughts so easily, nor would she risk angering the other party.

If she did, she would be on the losing end.

They may sound reasonable, but if she dared to show her annoyance or rudeness, who knew what the three gangsters would do?

This was why Lu Weining held back and replied nicely to them, “No problem. It has been a good experience working with you. If there is another opportunity, I’ll engage you again.”

Before they left, one of the gangsters gave her a wink.

Lu Weining’s last words were naturally recorded into the voice file.

Yan Beicheng confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the recording and took out a piece of paper from the drawer. It contained a new email address that Zuo Qiu had applied for him. It was not from within the country.

Yan Beicheng turned on a VPN application on his computer, allowing the software to automatically move his IP address to a random country overseas. Then, he uploaded the voice file and emailed it to Lu Weining.

Lu Weining was stunned after Yan Beicheng hung up. She immediately stood up and walked into her study to turn on her computer.

Not long after, she got a new email notification.

For some reason, Lu Weining’s hands trembled terribly as she felt her heart go cold. She kept trying to convince herself that Yan Beicheng could not have found out, but she knew she was lying to herself. Otherwise, why would Yan Beicheng have said those words?

She clicked on the email and saw the voice file. After she downloaded it, she hurriedly opened it, only to quickly turn it off after listening to the first two sentences.

There was no need to continue. She knew what the recording contained.

Lu Weining’s face went pale. She remembered that only she and the three gangsters were in that alley – there was no one else. How did Yan Beicheng get his hands on the recording?

Lu Weining’s mind was in a mess, her first reaction was to immediately call him.

However, there was no response from the other side, not even a notification.

Even though her mind was in a mess, Lu Weining was well aware that Yan Beicheng had blocked her number.

She put down her phone as she calmed down a little. She listened to the recording again a few times and finally found out what was wrong with it.

When she was in the alley, Lu Weining was worried that the three gangsters would not keep their word and she would end up on the chopping block, so she did not pay much attention to the gangster’s words.

Now that she thought back about it, that gangster had said so much because he wanted to give a tell-all about what she had arranged.

Even if he did not reveal who the person she was targeting was, it would be enough for her to suffer losses if this went public. Her reputation now did not involve only herself, but also Xing Chuang and the Lu family. If something had happened to her, Xing Chuang and the Lu family would suffer heavily as well.

Lu Weining’s fingers went numb. Her palms were sweating but they were also ice-cold.

She deleted the voice file as her hands trembled. However, she knew Yan Beicheng still had a copy with him.

Not only did Yan Beicheng now have something against her, but he was also aware of the trap she had tried to set tonight.

“I have to think of something, I have to think of something…” Lu Weining mumbled over and over again.

Yan Beicheng turned off his computer and took out the DNA report from his briefcase.

When he got back to the bedroom, Lin Chu had already finished her bath and was lying lazily in bed. The comfortable look she wore was exactly like a sexy little cat.

She flicked up her long, soft, luscious hair as it spread onto the pillow like a silk fan. Under the warm lights, she looked even more beautiful than the female celebrities on magazine covers.

“Where did you go?” Lin Chu’s eyes were half-closed as she asked lazily.

Her gentle soft voice had a hint of sleepy casualness in them. It was not often one could hear her speak in a slightly hoarse voice.

He remembered all the moaning she did just now and realized that it must have made her hoarse. It was not a voice she was deliberately using.

Yan Beicheng was temporarily mesmerized by her voice, as it was a tone that he did not hear often. The heat that had subsided was slowly ignited by her voice as the raging fire within his chest roared to life once again. He threw the DNA report to the ground and immediately jumped into the bed.

Lin Chu’s eyes widened at the man’s antics. Why could they not just have a good talk? Why must he be so horny?!

“I’ve just only taken my shower!” Lin Chu glared at him. If they went at it again, she was going to sweat all over again.

Yan Beicheng would not give up. He kept nuzzling against her and biting her on the lips, “Let’s go again, just one more time. I’ve been busy this week and by the time I get home, you’re already asleep. We haven’t had the time to properly…”

This time, it was his hoarse voice blowing in her ear that made her weak all over. His nuzzling also got her in the mood once more.

Her face turned bright red; it was so beautiful that Yan Beicheng could not stop kissing her. The more he kissed, the redder her face became, while the more he kissed, the hotter she felt.

Lin Chu silently consented to it. She did not want to consent out loud, as it would seem like she was allowing him to take advantage. Thus, she lowered her head and gave his sturdy shoulders a bite.

This time, her teeth marks were much deeper than the ones she had left of his jaw. It was painful and ticklish, causing Yan Beicheng to quiver. There was something beautiful about it, like ice and fire teasing him at the same time.

This must be what it meant to experience happiness with pain.

Yan Beicheng broke into a smile as he went straight for her and came inside her.

After that, Lin Chu was completely immobile. Her voice was now completely hoarse from all the moaning. She did not want to talk and was not sure if her voice would even be back to normal in the morning.

This was all Yan Beicheng’s fault. He had tortured her until midnight.

Lin Chu gave him a kick under the covers, but it was not a heavy one as her legs were still aching. She ended up pulling a muscle instead.

Lin Chu took a sharp breath from the pain. She was so annoyed by the incident that she gave Yan Beicheng a vicious bite on the shoulders.

“I’m too tired to take a shower now!” Lin Chu said.

She had wanted to complain but instead gave herself a shock with her own voice. She knew her voice was nearly gone as her throat ached, but she had no idea it was this bad.

Yan Beicheng was also taken aback as he looked at Lin Chu’s upset expression. He felt his heart ache for her and relented as she kicked and bit him.

He quickly held her in his arms and consoled her as he kissed her on the lips. “Don’t move, I’ll take care of everything.”

Yan Beicheng was also exhausted, but his condition was much better than Lin Chu’s. The important thing was that he had released all his pent-up energy. It was like he had just finished a gym session; while he may have been physically tired, he was mentally energized.

He got out of bed and went into the bathroom. Then, he soaked a towel in the water. He made sure the temperature of the water was slightly hot as he was worried it would turn cold by the time he carried it out of the bathroom.

He carefully wiped Lin Chu all over very and did not miss a single spot, especially around her lower body, which he took extra care with. Lin Chu was so embarrassed that she tried kicking him away to no avail. In the end, she used her arms to cover his eyes instead.

Yan Beicheng was worried she would become uncomfortable from being wet, so he took another dry towel to wipe off any excess water.

Watching him acting this considerate made Lin Chu’s anger dissipate. However, her throat still felt raw, so she pouted about it.

Yan Beicheng’s heart ached for her, so he became especially gentle. He hugged her and kissed her on her pouting lips until she relented as he coaxed her, “I’ll get you a glass of water.”

Lin Chu nodded docilely. She was not that angry anymore.

Her obedient behavior gave Yan Beicheng a warm feeling and he could not stop himself from wrapping her in his arms and giving her a short rub. Then, he gave her another kiss on her burning cheek before heading downstairs.

The living room was dark, so Yan Beicheng turned on the lights to get a glass of water from the water filter. After giving it a thought, he went to Aunt Zhuang’s room and knocked on the door.

Aunt Zhuang was in her pajamas with a shawl around her and an eye mask on her head.

She was yawning when she opened her door for Yan Beicheng. Thankfully, she had her shawl around her. Even though she was older, she still needed to take care, right?

“Aunt Zhuang, where is the first-aid kit? Are there lozenges?” Yan Beicheng asked with a casual expression.

“Yes, there is,” Aunt Zhaung walked in front of him with her shawl still wrapped around her. She suddenly paused and turned back to look at Yan Beicheng. There was a sudden look of understanding on her face.

Yan Beicheng, “…”

Aunt Zhuang, what did you understand?

Aunt Zhuang had a look of ‘I understand, you young people can be so naughty’ on her face. She smiled briefly at Yan Beicheng before continuing forward.

Yan Beicheng, “…”

Σ(°△°|||)︴Aunt Zhuang looked like she knew something!

Aunt Zhuang took out a white, plastic box from the cupboard and dug around inside it until she took out a round, metal box the size of her palm and handed it to Yan Beicheng. “There’s still some inside.”

Yan Beicheng did not say any more. He quickly took the lozenges and began to leave.

When he was about to leave, he suddenly felt the need to clear his name.

So, he turned to Aunt Zhuang and said, “Aunt Zhuang, do turn in early. It’s not too healthy for someone your age to stay up late.”

Aunt Zhuang, “…”

She was already fast asleep. He was the one who woke her up in the first place!

Yan Beicheng looked quite satisfied at being able to stun Aunt Zhuang. He unconsciously tried to tidy his collar before realizing he was in his pajamas and not in his shirt and tie as usual.

However, he still pretended to tidy his pajamas’ collar and went upstairs.

He did not dare let Lin Chu know about what Aunt Zhuang had managed to guess. Otherwise, Lin Chu would forbid him from sleeping on the bed.

He went back to the bedroom and put on a nonchalant expression, as though nothing special had happened at all.

Lin Chu looked exhausted, but she was forcing herself to stay up and wait for him to return. He knew that he had really tired her out tonight.

They had done it plenty of times before, but he has had a busy week and had withheld from sex for quite a while. Now that he was suddenly unleashed, he was like a famished tiger that was finally let out from its cage; like a stampede of a hundred stallions charging through the valley. Lin Chu was almost fell unconscious from the ordeal.

It was not hard to imagine that he had used much more energy than before.

Yan Beicheng placed the glass on the bedside table and said, “Get up and drink some water.”

As he said this, he helped Lin Chu up. Lin Chu was a limp little thing, and weak all over. She could only rely on Yan Beicheng as a crutch.

Even then, she could not fully sit up, and all she could do was lie on him weakly.

Yan Beicheng tried to hold in his laughter at the way she looked. Instead, he took the glass and fed her silently. Only after this did Lin Chu feel slightly better.

“Have some lozenges if you still feel uncomfortable,” said Yan Beicheng.

Lin Chu looked at him slowly as her jet-black eyes moved around. They looked pretty and bright as they focused on him.

She opened her mouth without saying anything.

Yan Beicheng could not help but laugh as he hugged her. Then, he picked up the metal box with his other hand as he held her in his arms and opened it. Inside were many separately packaged lozenges.

His slender fingers tore one open before picking up the round lozenge and placing it in Lin Chu’s mouth.

Before Lin Chu could even close her mouth, he suddenly reached over to kiss her. His tongue reached into her mouth as the two of them rolled the lozenge between them. He almost had it in his mouth but quickly rolled it back to Lin Chu before releasing himself from her grip.

Lin Chu’s face was bright red, but she did not have the energy to even glare at him.

“Go to sleep,” Yan Beicheng pecked her on the lips again as he pulled up the covers to hug her to sleep.

“Wait,” Lin Chu stopped him. Her voice was still a little hoarse even after drinking the water and taking the lozenge, but it felt much better after sucking on the icy tablet.

She saw Yan Beicheng lower his head. She tried her best to use her chin to point towards the brown paper bag he had thrown on the round table nearby, “What’s that? I saw you bring it in.”

Yan Beicheng did not look like he was going to continue doing work, so he might have wanted to show her something in the bag.

That was why Lin Chu tried her best to stay awake. She was waiting for him to come back so she could ask him.

“Oh, I’d have forgotten about this if you didn’t mention it,” replied Yan Beicheng. He got off the bed and brought the bag over.

“I’m still worried about Dai Huimin. It’s better to have confirmation just to be sure, especially since she and Xu Jiaojiao are continuously harassing you. So, I arranged for a DNA test for both of you. You won’t blame me for being so busybody, right?” Yan Beicheng gave her a cautious look.

He had given in to Lin Chu quite a lot, which made her temperamental. He was really worried that she would get angry.

Lin Chu shook her head calmly, looking totally calm in the process.

“No. I didn’t plan on taking the test because I never wanted to acknowledge her. I don’t want anything to do with the two of them. It makes no difference to me either way. Besides, if I did approach her for the DNA test, she might overthink it and misunderstand that I’d like to acknowledge her. That would just create more trouble for me. I’m quite willing to have the test done without their knowledge since it would also help dispel any suspicions surrounding our relationship. At least I would get a rough idea and figure out how best to approach things in the future.”

She had been considering the best way to go about the DNA test without letting Dai Huimin find out about it. However, Yan Beicheng had recently been busy, so she did not mention the thought to him.

She had not expected him to have secretly done it himself.

Lin Chu looked up at him, “You didn’t let them know, did you?”

Yan Beicheng felt relieved that she was not mad. He smiled and kissed her on the forehead. “Of course not. I got Huang Changxian to work on it. I didn’t care about the details surrounding how he did it as long as Da Huimin and her daughter are kept in the dark.”

Lin Chu nodded. She was now too tired to even move her fingers, so she got Yan Beicheng to take out the report for her to read.

Lin Chu was not surprised by the results.

“Now that we’ve confirmed the two of you as mother-daughter, what do you plan to do?” Yan Beicheng asked her.

His next move would be based on how she was going to confront Dai Huimin.

“Nothing has changed. The only difference now is that we’ve confirmed the relationship between us.” Lin Chu said as she yawned. She was really exhausted.

She had forced herself to wait for Yan Beicheng to return. Now that her question had been answered, she started to slowly drift off to sleep.

Yan Beicheng placed her head down gently onto the pillow. His arm slid across from underneath her neck as he held her tight in his arms. Then, he gave her another kiss on the lips as he quietly said, “Whatever you say. Go to sleep.”

Lin Chu woke up the next morning feeling like her eyelids were glued together. She was not willing to open her eyes fully as she was still exhausted from the previous night.

She felt like the night’s sleep was not enough but was surprised with a sudden kiss on her lips accompanied by Yan Beicheng’s laughter.

“Why don’t I help you apply for a leave day from Wei Zilin?”

“I don’t want to,” Lin Chu mumbled. Her voice was so quiet, it sounded like she was sleeptalking.

Even though she had drunk water and ate lozenges last night, her throat was still hoarse.

Lin Chu opened her eyes when she heard her own voice, “Why does my voice still sound this way?”

Yan Beicheng looked away guiltily and avoided Lin Chu’s gaze. When he finally looked back at her, she was glaring at him with her eyes wide open. They were round and filled with anger. She looked like a bunny, a very vicious bunny.

Yan Beicheng could not help but laugh at her glare. He hugged her tight. “Why do you always love to glare at me?”

“You went too far. My voice is still hoarse. If someone comes and ask me, ‘Lin Chu, what happened to your voice?’ How am I going to answer them?” Lin Chu puffed up her cheeks. She was sure that Zheng Yuntong would ask her something similar.

“Why don’t you have a few more lozenges?” Yan Beicheng asked, but when he saw that Lin Chu was about to glare at him again, he quickly caressed her soft, supple face.

“Or, you could tell them that Lu Weining tried to seduce me and you found out about it. Even though I did not give in to her, you were still furious about it and yelled at me the whole night.”

Lin Chu, “…”

Was this man kidding?!

His reasoning just got worse and worse.

However, she was pretty much wide awake after his pitiful attempts at helping her. Thus, she stopped struggling and got out of bed.

However, her bones were aching all over, and so were her muscles. She did her best not to shout out loud when she got up even though it hurt so much that her face went pale.

Yan Beicheng looked at her and felt guilty. He was worried she would have her payback that night, so he quickly trailed after her in an attempt to get into her good books.

While she brushed her teeth, he stood behind her to massage her waist. The pressure was not too strong nor light, it was just right. Whatever temper she had left was slowly massaged away by him.

When she bent down to wash her face, Yan Beicheng continued standing behind her. As his hands continued to massage her waist, she something felt different about the way he was touching her.

His movements had gotten a little more intense and felt more sensual than usual.

Lin Chu washed off the face cleanser and twisted her waist a little. “What are you doing?”

For some reason, Yan Beicheng smiled. He wanted to say, ‘doing it’.

Lin Chu figured out what he wanted by the sound of his laughter. She quickly finished cleaning her face and stood up straight as her face went red.

“Get off and stop playing around,” said Lin Chu.

“You’re not feeling the ache anymore?” Yan Beicheng looked her up and down.

“I can walk on my own,” Lin Chu wiped her hands and pushed him outside.

Yan Beicheng suddenly stopped and grabbed her hands. He turned back to give her a passionate kiss before saying, “Say it again and you’d be insulting me!”

Lin Chu, “…”

He was finally satisfied enough to head downstairs after the kiss.

When Lin Chu walked into the living room, she saw Yan Beicheng already seated at the dining table. It was a hot day, and they’ve stopped having congee in the morning and changed the menu to a Western breakfast.

This morning, Aunt Zhuang made cold noodles. The cool soup looked just like amber as it was half translucent and smooth. It tasted salty, sweet and very fresh, which made it very soothing for her throat.

She then saw Aunt Zhuang bring over a small glass bottle. She looked carefully and saw that there was a coffee-colored black paste inside.

“Aunt Zhuang, what’s in there?” Lin Chu asked curiously. It looked like it was for her.

“I made this fritillary and loquat paste fresh this morning. It’s the most natural when its hand made. This is better than having lozenges. Bring this to work and make a drink out of it when you have time,” said Aunt Zhuang.

Lin Chu, “…”

She looked at Yan Beicheng faintly.

Yan Beicheng, “…”

Lin Chu placed the fritillary and loquat paste into her purse and gave Aunt Zhuang an embarrassed look.

It was only after she followed Yan Beicheng out the door that Lin Chu suddenly remembered, “Why are you leaving so late today? Don’t you have a lot to handle this week?”

“I’ve finished most of my work yesterday, there’s only a little left to wrap up today. After handling this, everything will be back to normal. I won’t be so busy anymore, so, I can go to work at my usual time today. Since tomorrow is Saturday, I can stay home to accompany you,” Yan Beicheng explained.

He had been leaving the house early and coming home late. Besides yesterday’s tumultuous night, the two of them had not had the chance to sit down and chat this week as she likewise did not want to disturb him and chatter way when she saw him coming home looking so tired. Exhaustion had overwhelmed him all week.

All she did was make small chat and talk about menial matters at work so that she did not give him too much to worry about.

She may have given him looks of detest yesterday, but that was because she had been worn out by him and was in a foul mood because of it. In reality, she had actually missed him a lot.

Now that she heard these words, she did not even care that they were in the elevator and immediately took the initiative to hug him around the waist. She looked up at him and smiled as she nodded.

“I know it’s only just been a few days that we haven’t been able to go to work together, but it feels like a long time to me. I still feel happier when I get to go to work together with you,” Lin Chu smiled as she said this before burying her face in his arms and taking a deep breath. There was a faint gentleman’s fragrance on him, which always made her feel safe and secure.

Yan Beicheng could not help smiling at her words.

Yesterday she was glaring at him and now, she was finally telling him the truth!

Yan Beicheng got agitated and immediately pulled her into his arms, lifting her legs off the ground. He pushed her against the elevator wall, high enough that their faces were now eye-to-eye. It was more convenient for him to kiss her this way.

Lin Chu put her arms around his neck. She was worried that someone would walk into the elevator, yet at the same time, she could not stop herself from getting drunk on his kisses. It was so bad that she nearly put her legs around his waist.

This was rush hour for office workers, so the elevator had only just moved two levels down when the door opened.

A middle-aged man stood at the elevator entrance while his wife stood next to him. There was a little girl next to his wife who looked like she was attending elementary school.

This husband and wife often took their daughter to school on the way to work this morning, but the three of them had not expected to see such a lewd scene so early in the morning, especially during their normal routine.

It was the first time this little girl had seen a couple kiss so passionately in real life. Even when she saw people lightly kissing on television, her mum would cover her eyes and stop her from watching.

The little girl’s mother got a shock and quickly covered her dazed daughter’s eyes, “Stop looking! Stop looking!”

When she heard the voice, Lin Chu’s heart turned cold as a wave of heat rushed through her head, turning her as red as a tomato. She anxiously pinched Yan Beicheng on the shoulder.

Yan Beicheng took a sharp breath in pain. He knew she was too flustered to control her strength.

Even if they were only neighbors, everyone knew who the person in his arms was, but Yan Beicheng still protected her and made sure that she was carefully hidden.

Lin Chu had tied her hair into a ponytail this morning, but after he had pressed her against the wall and kissed her all over, her hair was in a mess. Her scrunchie did not fall off and was still in place even though her hair was now all over the place.

Her long hair was silky smooth. He wondered how she took care of it. After they started living together, he had noticed that she used the same products as he did. Now that her hair was slightly messy and some loose hair had escaped from her scrunchie, he saw how it hung there looking gentle and soft. It looked very smooth too, making one want to brush it with their hands just so they could experience the texture first-hand.

Her messy hair with the half-fallen ponytail made Yan Beicheng unable to avert his eyes from her face. If not for the people at the elevator’s entrance, his hands would have reveled in the moment, even if he could not do much in the elevator.

Yan Beicheng quickly took off her scrunchie and allowed her long hair to fall and cover her face.

“Ahem! Let’s wait for the next elevator,” the middle-aged woman at the entrance said in embarrassment. She turned her head to the side as she was too embarrassed to look inside.

The wife had long since pulled their daughter to the side.

Yan Beicheng held onto Lin Chu as he reached out to press the close button on the elevator door.

The sound insulation in the elevator was not that great. There were a few times when Lin Chu could clearly listen in on the conversations of the neighbors in the corridor from one or two levels away.

When the elevator had moved down two levels, Lin Chu suddenly snapped, “Let me down now! This is too embarrassing!”

Yan Beicheng did not say anything, but he did not let go either. No matter how much Lin Chu trashed about, he did not release his grip.

It wasn’t until the elevator had reached his garage that Yan Beicheng got out of the elevator whilst carrying Lin Chu. He put her in the passenger’s seat, but before closing the car door, his long fingers reached for a button next to her seat and pushed back the passenger seat.

His slender fingers could finally brush through her long hair. It was soft and smooth, and he could not stop running his fingers through them. Before long, his fingers were holding onto the side of her lips and refusing to let go.

Lin Chu was intoxicated and could not help herself as she put her arms around his neck.

She may have been exhausted yesterday, but his kisses today had put her in the mood. She quickly fell under his spell as she held on to him tight and refused to let go.

Only when his lips had started moving downward did the chill on Lin Chu’s skin cause her mesmerized eyes to snap toward the time on the screen. She quickly gave him a push. “We’ll be late if you go any further down.”

Yan Beicheng stiffened as he laid in Lin Chu’s arms for a while. It was so soft that he refused to get up.

It took a lot of effort for him to get up, and when he turned back to look at the time, he mumbled, “I should have woken up earlier if I knew it would be like this in the morning.”

Lin Chu, “…”

Men really could not be celibate for too long.

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