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The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex (Web Novel)





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“Married rich for three years with no child born. Just when she was finally cured of infertility and ready to give him a child, he brought home his pregnant mistress in high profile.

“”Get lost if you can’t get knocked up. Or do you want my son to be the last of the Mo family?”” her mother-in-law viciously cursed.

Her husband grimly shoved a divorce agreement upon her face, “”I’ve signed. Leave when you are ready.””
It was heard later that two men went physical in the city plaze of Ye City to win back the wife, with the two babies at the side fighting fiercely for their mom!”

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 969: She No Longer Trusted Men2020-12-03
Chapter 968: They Weren’t a Good Match2020-12-02
Chapter 967: They Will Accept You2020-12-02
Chapter 966: There’s a Man Looking for You2020-12-01
Chapter 965: He Will Look After His Sister2020-12-01
Chapter 964: Don’t Get Upset with Your Sister2020-11-30
Chapter 963: I’ll Bring You to See Your Mother and Your Sister2020-11-30
Chapter 962: Help Me to Get Rid of That Woman2020-11-29
Chapter 961: Where Is the One Million Dollars That You’ve Promised Me?2020-11-29
Chapter 960: She Refused to Move2020-11-28
Chapter 959: The Intelligent Robot Dudu2020-11-28
Chapter 958: The Castle Would Be Returned to Her2020-11-27
Chapter 957: From Family Members to Strangers2020-11-27
Chapter 956: She Had a Relapse2020-11-26
Chapter 955: Could You Place Your Trust in Me Once More?2020-11-26
Chapter 954: I Hope We Wouldn’t Meet Again in Our Next Lives2020-11-25
Chapter 953: There’s No Need for You to Put on Such a Loving Act2020-11-25
Chapter 952: There’s No Need to Apologize2020-11-24
Chapter 951: No Man Had Ever Treated Her This Well2020-11-24
Chapter 950: Does He Treat You Well?2020-11-23
Chapter 949: He Will Help You2020-11-23
Chapter 948: No One Wanted to Take Her Case2020-11-22
Chapter 947: She Was Suing Him2020-11-22
Chapter 946: Did She Really Marry Him?2020-11-21
Chapter 945: She Didn’t Hear from Him at All2020-11-21
Chapter 944: Xi Xi Doesn’t Have a Brother (2)2020-11-20
Chapter 943: Xi Xi Doesn’t Have a Brother2020-11-20
Chapter 942: She Didn’t Want to Stay at the Castle2020-11-19
Chapter 941: I Am Xi Xi’s Mother2020-11-19
Chapter 940: It Is Your Fault That You Weren’t Able to Find Her2020-11-18
Chapter 939: Your Flighty Ex-Wife2020-11-18
Chapter 938: The Couple Fought2020-11-17
Chapter 937: She Was Beaten Again2020-11-17
Chapter 936: She Was Going Crazy2020-11-16
Chapter 935: He Found Her (2)2020-11-16
Chapter 934: He Finally Found Her (1)2020-11-15
Chapter 933: Get Lost2020-11-15
Chapter 932: Yuan Yuan, Is Your Mother Around?2020-11-14
Chapter 931: If Only They Had Met Earlier2020-11-14
Chapter 930: Excited Ye Hao2020-11-13
Chapter 929: Her Next Move2020-11-13
Chapter 928: Why Couldn’t My Mother Come!2020-11-12
Chapter 927: Do You Resent Me?2020-11-12
Chapter 926: It Was Good News That She Was Still Alive2020-11-11
Chapter 925: Mother and Daughter Reunited2020-11-11
Chapter 924: Were You Really My Mother?2020-11-10
Chapter 923: The Return of Miss He2020-11-10
Chapter 922: Ghost In The Daytime?2020-11-09
Chapter 921: Goodbye, Jiahang2020-11-09
Chapter 920: His Yanyan, Gone?2020-11-08
Chapter 919: A Letter for Him2020-11-08
Chapter 918: Communicating With Pen2020-11-07
Chapter 917: He Treated Her the Best2020-11-07
Chapter 916: Remembered 22020-11-06
Chapter 915: She Recovered Her Memories2020-11-06
Chapter 914: How Many Men To Marry2020-11-05
Chapter 913: Return Shaoqian to Me2020-11-05
Chapter 912: Someone Was Waiting For Her2020-11-04
Chapter 911: He Would Often Dream of Her2020-11-04
Chapter 910: Lived Separately?2020-11-03
Chapter 909: Who Else Would Be a Better Stepmother?2020-11-03
Chapter 908: Don’t Let Aunt Han Live Here2020-11-02
Chapter 907: She Was Beaten2020-11-02
Chapter 906: Get Out Of Here!2020-11-01
Chapter 905: The Castle Belonged to the Princess2020-11-01
Chapter 904: She Intended To Live With Her Aunt2020-10-31
Chapter 903: An Excuse and an Olive Branch2020-10-31
Chapter 902: Back2020-10-30
Chapter 901: There Was Love and Gratitude2020-10-30
Chapter 900: His Choice2020-10-29
Chapter 899: Perhaps They Weren’t Meant to Be2020-10-29
Chapter 898: A Promiscuous Woman2020-10-28
Chapter 897: He Will Protect His Mother in the Future2020-10-28
Chapter 896: Misunderstanding2020-10-27
Chapter 895: A Visit from Mrs. Gu (2)2020-10-27
Chapter 894: Visit from Jiahang’s Mother2020-10-26
Chapter 893: She Wished Them Well2020-10-26
Chapter 892: His Girlfriend2020-10-25
Chapter 891: He Had to Meet a Friend2020-10-25
Chapter 890: She Was Ugly2020-10-24
Chapter 889: He Would Treat Him like His Own Child2020-10-24
Chapter 888: Aunty Shu2020-10-23
Chapter 887: Let Me Know in Advance2020-10-23
Chapter 886: Do We Have Guests?2020-10-22
Chapter 885: A Motherless Child2020-10-22
Chapter 884: His Sister Pushed Him2020-10-21
Chapter 883: A Shitty Aunty2020-10-21
Chapter 8822020-10-20
Chapter 881: Mom, You Must Come Pick Me Up2020-10-20
Chapter 880: This Was Home2020-10-20
Chapter 879: Farewell2020-10-19
Chapter 878: Don’t Return to Ming City2020-10-18
Chapter 877: His Mother’s Words2020-10-18
Chapter 876: She Moved to the Guest Room2020-10-17
Chapter 875: She Was A Guest2020-10-17
Chapter 874: An Awkward Lunch2020-10-16
Chapter 873: This Was Not Her Home2020-10-16
Chapter 872: A Family Of Three2020-10-15
Chapter 871: He Was Home2020-10-15
Chapter 870: Gu Family2020-10-14
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