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The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex (Web Novel) - Chapter 189: It Was All Because Of You, He Xiyan

Chapter 189: It Was All Because Of You, He Xiyan

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He Xiyan put her hands in her pockets, a trace of disgust flashed past her eyes. She turned her face, not in the mood to see the woman in front.

She had heard such words and been abused for three years. Unexpectedly, Li hadn’t done enough.

“Say it, what the hell are you doing here?” He Xiyan asked impatiently, with no intention of opening the iron gate.

“What am I doing here?” Li Qin kicked the iron gate hard. “How dare you ask? It is all because of you, bitch! Yixuan fought again because of you. Now, the police are going to put him in prison. Are you satisfied?” Li Qin was so angry that her veins even beat violently around his neck and her eyes were big and round, as if she was going to eat He Xiyan.

She forgot that she came here to ask for help. Since she was used to shouting at He Xiyan, she could not control her emotions at all.

He Xiyan suddenly held her eyebrows tight, eyes filled with doubts.

“Fight?” She looked straight at Li Qin, asking with some kind of doubt in her tone.

She only knew that someone had beaten her husband, but she didn’t know who did this. Was it …?

As He Xiyan understood something, her heart suddenly tightened and her face paled.

Li Qin gave out a cold hum and continued.

“Don’t play fool with me, He Xiyan. Although it was Yixuan who started the divorce, yet we did not treat you badly during your years in Mo family. Besides, Yixuan gave you six to seven hundred million yuan upon divorce, the amount of which you could not earn in your whole life. He is so good to you that even after divorce, he still visits you in person. However, you were so selfish that immediately after divorce, you hooked up with Ye family. Now, Yixuan even fought with Ye Hao for you. The police now is going to catch him. If he is really put in prison, won’t you be troubled by your conscience?”

Li Qin said with great agitation, the whole face reddened all the way to the root of her hair. Sparks of hatred burst out in her eyes.

He Xiyan listened to every word Li Qin said, filtering out all the sarcastic remarks targeting her. Having heard those words too much perhaps, she even had no feeling at all.

She lowered her eyes and clasped her hands unconsciously. She understood finally. Ye Hao had a fight with Mo Yixuan, and the reason behind it was not business as Ye Hao said at all. It was because of herself that the two of them fought. Obviously, Mo Yixuan injured Ye Hao in an irrepressibly agitated state and violated the law at the same time.

Suddenly her heart began to burn with anxiety. He Xiyan bit her lips firm, a whole face distorted with anguish.

“Say something!” Seeing that He Xiyan remained silent, Li Qin said angrily and urgently. “Yixuan fought with Ye Hao because of you. Now only you can persuade Ye Hao not to sue Yixuan. He Xiyan, if you still have a little conscience, then you should do what you need to.”

Although Li Qin was indeed anxious, she still couldn’t throw off her airs. Her voice was so loud, which almost cracked He Xiyan’s eardrum.

He Xiyan raised her eyes, looking coldly at Li Qin. She knew from her urgent eyesight how worried and frightened Li Qin was at this moment.

She was still not in the mood to respond her, nor did she have anything to say to her. Instead, she turned around directly, heading for the gate of the castle.

Outside, Li Qin kicked the iron gate again anxiously.

“He Xiyan, come back. Will you help or not? Say something, you evil bitch!” Li Qin roared outside, shaking the gate madly.

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