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The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex (Web Novel) - Chapter 190: Bear Child For Another Family

Chapter 190: Bear Child For Another Family

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Not receiving any response, Li Qin went on shouting and screaming outside while continuously shaking the iron gate. Suddenly, she regretted her bad attitude towards He Xiyan just now. She might have gone so far that He Xiyan did not even talk to her now. She was indeed anxious, however. She had just one son. Any bad thing happening to her son would leave her unable to live alone.

More and more anxious, Li Qin continued shouting the name of He Xiyan outside. Not knowing how long has past, Li Qin was still there shouting, until a maid in the castle, who could not stand any more, ran out.

“What are shouting for, mad woman! If you continued shouting here and disturbing Miss He and her conceived baby, believe it or not, our security guards would throw you out directly to feed the dog.” It was Menglin who scolded. She was in a bad mood today. Worse still, the old witch cried out loud here, which made her even more depressed and restless.

Li Qin suddenly opened her eyes, face dim. She looked incredulously at the woman dressed maid-like.

The words “conceived baby” that came out of the girl’s mouth was like a needle stuck into her temple, making her whole body tremble.

“What did you say? He Xiyan is pregnant?” Li Qin was stunned, eyes full of incredibility.

How could that infertile woman get pregnant?

Menglin snorted coldly.

“Does it have anything to do with you? Get out of here!” She pointed right to the road not far away.

At the gate of the castle, two security guards came out with pistols. They were tall and strong, like the secret agents on TV.

Then they came to the iron gate, pointed their pistols directly at Li Qin, a few words uttered coldly from their mouths.

“Get out!”

Li Qin’s face turned pale with fright. She held her finger hard. However, it was the first time that she was threatened by a pistol, thus she trembled with great fear uncontrollably.

“I… I’m just looking for Hexi Yan to discuss something, not to make trouble, not to make trouble.” Since bullets know no man, Li Qin shook her hand hurriedly,.

“Get out!” With frozen faces, the two security guards said the same words. The pistol was positioned directly at Li Qin’s head.

Li Qin was frightened to trembling, almost about to pee. An old face was full of embarrassment, she had no other choice but to get in the car and leave.

Back in the car, she got upset. One the one hand, it was because He Xiyan did not promise her what she asked for. On the other hand, after hearing the girl say that He Xiyan had been pregnant, she felt quite uneasy.

The woman who conceived many schemes had not been pregnant for three years in Mo family. However, she was pregnant now in Ye family. Wasn’t that just a slap in their faces? Her pregnancy was all because of her frequent prayer to God and those prescriptions she found. Well, now, she went to give birth to children for another family. At the thought of this, Li Qin became angry and irritable, hitting the door of the car bitterly. If she hadn’t had her own grandson, she would have been extremely jealous.

He Xiyan returned to the castle with a dim face. The cook brought her the nutritious breakfast especially for pregnancy, but she ate nothing at all. She went straight into the bedroom, closing the door behind. Then she sat on the sofa with her head down.

She was upset and anxious. After all, some of Li Qin’s words did touch somewhere in her heart.

She knew well that Mo Yixuan fought and committed such a crime because of her. She used to think that he didn’t love her. However, his recent actions, such as coming to her, sending her messages, sending flowers, and worse still, fighting and hurting people, were all because of her.

Foolish as she was, she could see clearly that he had not forgotten her.

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