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The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex (Web Novel) - Chapter 191: Why Hadn’t The Murderer Been Arrested?

Chapter 191: Why Hadn’t The Murderer Been Arrested?

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What made her more upset and uneasy was that Mo Yixuan had shifted his anger onto Ye Hao and treated Ye Hao as an enemy. She dared not imagine should they fight again, how horrible it would be.

He Xiyan put her chin on her knee, her heart tightening because of fear. She kept thinking of various scenarios in her head.

What she worried most was that her ex-husband and her present husband might become enemies and torture each other to death.


In the police station, the old Mr.Ye threw his crutch onto the floor hard. His eyes, though muddy but shrewd, were full of dismay and anger.

Bursting into a rage, he shouted at one of the leaders in the police station. “What are you doing? My son has been in hospital for so long, but the man injuring him is still at large, right? Is it now legal to hurt people maliciously?”

The old Mr. Ye’s voice, though hoarse, penetrated strongly. After all, he had been a giant in business for about 30 years, thus his words made everyone in the police station stunned.

Wang Chuan, deputy Chief, apologized quickly in a flattering manner: “Sorry, Mr. Ye, we took the man who hurt your eldest son here last night, asked him and made a record. Now we have known all about it.”

“That’s all?” The old Mr. Ye stared with wide eyes, even more angry. He thought he had misheard something. After all, who dared to neglect their Ye family so much in Ye city? Who dared?

Deputy Chief Wang, …

Wang Chuan, not knowing how to reply, turned his head towards the door and expected President Li to come quickly. It was exactly President Li’s dear nephew who had done this. He only did what he had been asked. Now he dared not offend Ye Lao. With the overwhelming power of Ye family in Ye City and in the whole country, his position of deputy Chief would be taken at any time.

After waiting for a long time, Li Yunsheng finally arrived. Wearing a tailor-made uniform, he still looked in high spirits, though he was already in his middle age of over forty years old.

He came in with a smile. Seeing Ye Zhiyuan, he immediately stretched out his hand.

Mr. Ye looked at him coldly. His hands were still behind him, giving no face at all.

“I simply ask you: my son was maliciously cut, why hadn’t the murderer been arrested yet?” Mr. Ye Lao spoke in an angry tone.

Li Yunsheng could only smile apologetically, looking extremely embarrassed.

“Sorry, Mr. Ye, it was my nephew, who did that impulsively then. He hurt your son accidentally out of a minor disagreement. Here, I apologize to you on behalf of him.”

Mr. Ye’s face sank. “Accidental injury?” He repeated the key words just spoken by Li Yunsheng. Instantly, his eyes burst into an irrepressible anger, and his hands tightened. “What is accidental injury? Cutting someone’s neck was done accidentally?” Should someone stab another person with a knife, could it also be called accidental injury? Did they think he knew nothing about law?

Seeing this, Li Yunsheng felt extremely embarrassed, knowing that he could not make it up any more. After all, as the head of the Ye City Procuratorate, he himself felt it quite disgusting to have spoken out such words not in conformity with basic legal knowledge.

He hurried forward and took Mr. Ye to the lounge nearby.

In the lounge, he said half apologetically and half pleadingly. “Mr. Ye, things are like this. It was indeed Yixuan’s fault. He was irritated greatly because his ex-wife He Xiyan is now with your son, then he fought with your son and hurt him. I apologize for him to you and your son for the injury. Could you please spare him on considering your friendship with his father for many years? My brother-in-law only had one son, Yixuan. Should he really be put into jail, Mo family could not withstand at all.”

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