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The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex (Web Novel) - Chapter 192: She Would Emigrate

Chapter 192: She Would Emigrate

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Li Yunsheng knew that being tough would not work, so he could only try touching him emotionally.

It took him more than an hour to finally persuade Mr. Ye into giving up prosecution.

As he expected, the old Mr. Ye, having suffered a lot from diseases which nearly cost his life some time ago, was obviously not as ruthless as before.

However, Mr. Ye did not look good as well. He stood up, looking at Li Yunsheng coldly, and warned.

“This is the only time. Should it happen again, I will leave Mo family a history having no way to turn over.”

After that, Ye Lao went away, leaving Chief Li embarrassed there.


At the same time in the morning, at the Immigration Bureau not far away, Xia Yuwei went in with a white bag.

She wears a long black dress, a white fur shawl on her shoulder and a necklace around her neck, which was sent by Li Qin and worth more than 3 million yuan.

Despite divorce, she still had a very pleasant life. With the child left to her ex-husband, she was now quite happy to be at ease without a towing bottle.

She had money now, which could ensure her whole life easy and cosy. She chose to emigrate to Australia and to become a citizen of another country. In doing so, she could gain more freedom as well as avoid possible revenge from others once some secrets were discovered in the future.

She planned to find a handsome white boyfriend there and live a good new life.

Xia Yuwei raised her head and stepped into the hall of the Immigration Bureau on her high heels proudly.

At the thought of the new life, she could not help but feel thrilled.

Leaving a stack of files and already prepared certificates on the desk, Xia Yuwei said coldly, “My files are ready, check them and stamp for me. Thanks.”

After that, she bowed her head, playing her fingernails. Her newly manicured nails, painted bright red, looked enchantingly sexy.

The staff looked through her documents and certificates, without saying anything, stamped directly and gave her another certificate, which said that she was certified to be eligible for domestic immigration, thus allowed to emigrate.

Xia Yuwei took those stamped files and went away. The moment she went out of the hall, she could not help kissing those documents with great thrill.

Everything almost ready, next she only needed to submit these documents and certificates to the Australian Immigration Office. After their approval, she could go there and become a real immigrant.

Back in the car, her mother Chen Yueru also laughed happily.

“Pass?” She asked with a smile.

Although her daughter left Mo family, yet she got compensation in return. Their Xia family, because of the secret amount of over 30 million yuan transferred by Yuwei in Mo family, were now living very well. Her son started a company, and they also bought a villa for living as well as providing for the aged at home. They already lived a life like rich men.

Yuwei once said that Mo Yixuan gave her 40 million yuan as alimony when she divorced, which was enough for her daughter to live a life safe and sound after she emigrated.

However, thinking of that little grandson who was less than one year old, Chen Yueru’s heart still stunned. He was so little, even without mother around. She could only hope that Mo family would treat her grandson well. She also hoped that this little boy would grow up to be a greater man than his father and that he would not resent Yuwei and her.

Of course, in spare time, she would go and see this child for her daughter. She would buy him toys, clothes and some other things. At least, she did not want to break the relationship in case that the child should discard their relatives when he grew up.

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