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The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex (Web Novel) - Chapter 193: How Could He Face Such A Result?

Chapter 193: How Could He Face Such A Result?

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The two, mother and daughter, think so, calculating happily.

They also found that marrying into a rich family was much more beneficial. Even if they divorced after getting married, they could also get a large amount of alimony, which was guaranteed by law as well.

As for children, the maximum amount for surrogacy was only hundreds of thousands now, but Xia Yuwei got nearly two hundred million.

Even if the child did not recognize her as mother when growing up, for her, this sky-high amount of money was worth it. Besides, she was in good health anyway, she could have babies again in the future if she wanted.

The red sports car zooming away, inside were two happy women, mother and daughter.

Actually, they didn’t care about the poor child they left behind in Mo family at all.

Mo Ye was now over eight months old. Although not beautiful, he was very healthy. Recently, he had gained some weight, which made him even cuter. The baby also became more obedient, unlike the noisy one he used to be. For his own mother’s departure, he could feel nothing at all, largely because he was still very young and even worse, Xia Yuwei had not hold him very much before.

Li Qin bottled the goat’s milk made just now and handed it to her baby grandson. As she watched her grandson drink it, her heart seemed to melt.

After drinking the milk, Mo Ye grinned at his grandmother with his small mouth, his small hands keeping waving, as if saying hello to her grandmother.

Li Qin’s laughed happily, even unable to close her mouth.

“Come… Yeye, come to grandma.” She quickly took her baby out of the pram.

Only with this baby, her life could be colorful.

Pitifully, however, if only He Xiyan could born one or two children in those years, then she would have more than one grandson now. Ye family is nothing! Only because they have more people and more money, then they dared to do whatever they wanted in Ye City. When Yixuan got married again, she would let them have three or four babies so as to expand Mo family.

Thinking of this, Li Qin could even depict the future picture of a group of children calling her grandmother in her mind, too happy of a picture for her.

Her previous worries had gone as well. Although she didn’t know if He Xiyan had tried persuading them, yet several days had passed, neither Ye Hao nor Ye Zhiyuan had sued her son, so she finally set her mind at rest a little.

In the company, Mo Yixuan sat still in the chair with eyes open, extremely tired. On the desk were many urgent schemes or documents waiting to be carried out with his signature, but he had read none of them.

For the first time ever, in his usual workaholic state, he put aside his work. In bad condition, his dark circles were even like those painted with eyeliner, black and heavy. His face, however, was white, pale in low spirits.

These days, he did not sleep well for even one day. He was in a bad mood, almost to the edge of breaking down.

What Ye Hao said that day entangled him like a nightmare, which would make him go mad at any time.

His Yanyan had married Ye Hao.

She and Ye Hao loved each other very much.

More sadly, she did not love him any more, even throwing the flowers he sent into the garbage bin.

What upset him more was that in Yanyan’s eyes, he was a bad person. She neither loved him nor hated him, even disgusting him.

In her eyes, he was incomparable to Ye Hao, nor as good as how Ye Hao treated her.

Therefore, she had no attachment to him, even feeling gratified to have left him and find Ye Hao.

At the thought of this, Mo Yixuan’s heart hurt little by little, as if put to death by thousands of cuts.

A woman who had loved him for five years was finally disgusted with him. He could not face such a result, let alone accept it.

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