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The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex (Web Novel) - Chapter 194: Love Her, Then Bless Her

Chapter 194: Love Her, Then Bless Her

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At about 2:00 p.m., Yang Mingyu opened the door and came in, with a thick stack of files in his hand, which all needed to be discussed at the meeting.

Seeing Mo Yixuan still discouraged, he sighed deeply, feeling sympathetic but helpless.

“Yixuan, will you not preside over the meeting at three o’clock later?” asked Yang Mingyu. The answer seemed to be able to be anticipated with no need of waiting.

Mo Yixuan did not lift his eyelids, simply shaking his hand.

He was obviously not in the right condition to chair the meeting. In other words, he was not in the mood to attend the meeting.

“But you do need to sign these documents. Otherwise, other people can’t carry out them. They’re all waiting now.” Yang Mingyu frowned helplessly. Since Yixuan did not do anything, everything then came to him. These days, he had been working overtime every day until midnight, which made him dog tired.

If things went on like this, he would be tired and sick, or possibly be driven mad.

Mo Yixuan lowered his eyes slightly, looking at the documents and contracts on the desk.

He opened one at random, simply glancing over it, and then signed it.

More than a dozen documents and contracts were examined and signed by him in less than twenty minutes.

He was not in the least as meticulous as he used to be.

Yang Mingyu couldn’t stand it any more.

He put his hand on Mo Yixuan’s shoulder and said, “Yixuan, why not go somewhere to relax yourself? I’ll help deal with the corporate business for a few days. You need to make a good adjustment to your current state.” If things went on like this, it would be in vain for you to come to the company, and the staff would become slack as well.

Mo Yixuan turned his head, looking at his brother faintly with a bitter smile around the corner of his lips. He was just laughing at himself, because some of the things he had experienced were really funny.

“Mingyu, do you think I am really not as good as Ye Hao?” He asked a question that startled Yang Mingyu a lot.

After a stun, Yang Mingyu frowned, even pressing the part between eyebrows into a straight line. He was quite contradictory in the bottom of his heart as well, but he could only choose to comfort the man in front of him. After all, he beheld all his current pain.

“Well, Yixuan, you really think too much. He Xiyan divorced you after all. She just fell into another love relationship. She used to love you very much. Now she falls in love with another one and starts a new life. You can bless her. Don’t disturb her any more and let her live in peace.” After speaking so with sincerity and earnestness, Yang Mingyu sighed again.

It was simply a pity that Mo Yixuan didn’t listen to what he said at all.

He closed his eyes slightly, hiding the pain and sorrow deep inside. It was hard for him to accept current result. The moment he finally understood what he wanted, he lost her. He lost a complete home and lost a love relationship he thought he could have for a lifetime. Now she had become the wife of another one, lying in another man’s arms at night, even regretting having known him. How could he accept such a result?

Yang Mingyu was kind of helpless, not knowing how to persuade him. Then he just said again.

“Yixuan, He Xiyan did love you very much. I think she will not forget you even if she remarries now. You are still like a brother in her heart. She will not regret having loved you so much.”

“But now she loves Ye Hao.” Mo Yixuan suddenly raised his head, clenching his hands together, as if his anger surged again.

“That’s her fate, Yixuan. Bless her. If you love her, then bless her.”

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