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The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex (Web Novel) - Chapter 195: It Is Illegal To Carry A Pistol With You

Chapter 195: It Is Illegal To Carry A Pistol With You

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In the morning, He Xiyan got up with her husband together, which was rare because of pregnancy. With eleven weeks of pregnancy, she was now much better, no longer so sleepy but vomiting sometimes.

The wound on Ye Hao’s neck almost healed. The mark of the wound, however, still remained.

She found the ointment, put a little on her index finger and gently applied it onto the scar.

“Remember not to eat seafood or spicy food. No, I’ll let the driver bring you lunch at noon.” While helping paste a band-aid on his wound, He Xiyan reminded him for fear that he eat something that would inflame the wound.

Ye Hao smiled faintly. He reached out his hand and patted her on the face.

“I got it!”

“Also don’t fight with others any more.” He Xiyan said seriously.

He didn’t know how nervous she was when she knew he was injured. This should never ever happen again.

Ye Hao hummed. He did not intend to start a fight after all. Besides, he was not the type to solve problems through fights. But what happened this time taught him that he had to be on guard. In business circles, sooner or later, he would offend someone, so he had to learn self-defensive skills. After all, bodyguards couldn’t be present next to him on every occasion.

After dressing neatly, Ye Hao went into the study, where there was a safe containing the most important things.

He found a silver box in it and took out the silver pistol from it. He had been practicing shooting these days, only to be able to defend himself.

He Xiyan stood right at the door of the study. With a startle, she covered her mouth with her hands, greatly shocked by his action.

Pistol, was he going to take revenge? To kill Mo Yixuan or…

Eager and nervous, He Xiyan rushed forward and pulled Ye Hao.

“How did you get the pistol out?” She asked in surprise, her small face was frightened red like blush.

However, Ye Hao put the pistol directly into his over coat’s inner pocket.

“Defense!” He simply answered with one word, then closing the safe.

He Xiyan still pulled him tightly. Due to nervousness, she even breathed rapidly.

“But the law stipulates that ordinary citizens can not carry pistols with them except for certain groups with special identities (such as police officers, etc.). Ye Hao, this is illegal and would be sentenced if found. You put it back quickly.” He Xiyan shook Ye Hao by his arm, whose action really frightened her.

Carrying a pistol was dangerous. Whether just fighting with others or injuring others, as long as the pistol was taken out, then it was a kind of criminal offence.

Ye Hao turned around and raised the corner of his mouth slightly. He rubbed her head a little, making her hair messy.

“Well, don’t worry. It’s just a trifle.” Ye Hao said lightly, his face showing certain kind of indifference.

What was wrong with carrying a pistol? His father used to carry pistols with him. Even now, despite strict control, Su Ye in Hai City carried that with him as well, didn’t he?

The world of this silly girl was pure white. In her eyes, everyone should be a good citizen abiding laws. Besides, she had not seen the dark and dirty side yet. Of course, he didn’t want her to see those things, just letting her be so simple all her life.

Biting her lips, He Xiyan wanted to say something more. Before she opened her mouth, however, Ye Hao had already taken the car keys and bags, gone to the underground garage, leaving He Xiyan there, still worried.

He Xiyan fell on the sofa, her mind still lingering on the scene of him taking a pistol out of the safe.

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