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The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex (Web Novel) - Chapter 196: Adding Back As Friends

Chapter 196: Adding Back As Friends

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The world of real knives and pistols was far away from her, which she only saw in films and TV programs. Now her husband carried a pistol every day, which was, in his words, to self-defend. Then why did she feel even more insecure?

Besides, if he had a pistol with him last time he fought with Mo Yixuan, then she could not imagine what would happen in the end.

Should Mo Yixuan fight with Ye Hao again next time, both of them with pistols, then it would turn out to be…

He Xiyan seemed to have entered a blind alley. In a word, she felt uneasy at the thought of this. Moreover, she knew Mo Yixuan well, that he was the kind of person who would do everything to achieve what he wanted. If his really aimed at killing Ye Hao, then he would…

He Xiyan suddenly stood up. Under the light, her face turned white in an instant, her hands sweating coldly.

Since her divorce with Mo Yixuan, she had taken some extreme ways as as to get out of the haze as soon as possible, including adding his Wechat into blacklist, deleting his phone number and so on. Later, when he wanted to see her, she refused. She seldom responded to his messages, or responding coldly. She wondered if her indifference, which was close to cold violence, provoked him, then he vented his accumulated resentment on Ye Hao.

She didn’t mean to do that, simply having no way out. Heartbroken, she nearly broke down emotionally when she got divorced. So she chose to delete all his contacts in order not to contact him any more. Later, she was with Ye Hao. To keep her distance from him, she chose the most indifferent way as well.

If this hurt him, then it was all her fault, nothing to do with Ye Hao.

She did not know that he still cared about her and that he loved her as well. She thought he loved Xia Yuwei.

He Xiyan paced in the room, her heart beating, trying to find a way.

She did not want them to fight again, nor did she want tragedy to happen again. She simply wanted him to let her go and start a new life, that was all.

As if something suddenly occurred to her, He Xiyan returned to the sofa and picked up her cell phone.

After thinking about it for a while, she clicked on the Wechat and found the blacklist column in friends’ settings. There were only two numbers blackened by her. One was him and the other was Li Qin.

She changed the settings, restoring the his status as friends. Then the number she used to be most familiar with went back to her friends’ column, directly back to the family group.

She clicked on the dialog box, then the emoticon bar, and sent a smiling emoticon.

“Are you available this afternoon?” She texted him another few words, not greetings, but direct inquiries.

Mo Yixuan was still in bed at this time. After hearing Yang Mingyu’s words, he chose to take a few days off. In bad conditions already, he even did not have a good rest for a few days. So he was not able to deal with his work in such bad spirits.

However, he could not fall. His father died more than four years ago. Having no brothers or sisters, he was the only one shouldering the whole burden of his family. He also had a mother to care for and a son under one year old to raise.

He couldn’t fall down at any time, because should he fall down, the whole Mo family would come to an end as well.

Hearing the sound of coming message, he had no intention to see. Possibly, it was some employee sending him Wechat messages. He was said to have a rest, but simply on his first day off, some employees had contacted him already, how could he really relax.

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