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The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 56.2 Protagonist: Don’t be afraid of me.

Chapter 56.2 Protagonist: Don’t be afraid of me.

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Du Ze hurriedly ran to Xiu’s side. After spitting out the fruit, the silver dragon seemed very tired. His gasps gradually subsided. He saw Du Ze and covered the black-haired youth with his wings as he lay his head on his own tail, not forgetting to also keep Du Ze within the circle of his body.

The black dragon looked at the silver dragon who was protecting the black-haired youth so perfectly, and once again doubted his own judgment: Is that really the attitude of a dragon guarding his Dragon Knight? Even though Hilda and her Dragon Knight loved each other, Hilda’s attitude was not so exaggerated. The eyes of the silver dragon were on the human in front of him, as though the human was the silver dragon’s nilin, something that he could not bear other people to touch.

“We have to get out of here,” said the black dragon. “That commotion was too big.”

The other dragons were pretty far away from this area, therefore as long as the commotion they made was not enough to wake the dead, then fighting would be okay. But the space explosion was too loud. Xiu put Du Ze on his back and opened his giant wings. He agreed with the black dragon’s proposal and they quickly shifted the venue, but Du Ze had a feeling he forgot about something

In a corner of the island, a fluffy chick struggled to fly up to the tallest branch of a tree. It looked down both sides of a high cliff, but as it looked down it overbalanced and fell. Rolling all the way down it said: “Chirp!”

After avoiding all the dragons, Xiu landed at the bottom of a gorge and turned to look at the black dragon who had followed then. Seeing the silver dragon’s fierce eyes, the black dragon actively kept a distance between the two of them.

“My name is Muir. Hilda’s descendant, I just want to help you,” said the black dragon.

“No need.” The silver dragon flatly refused his offer. As Du Ze noticed Xiu’s hostility towards the dragon race, he thought of the elves’ precedent and silently lit a candle for the impending disaster of the dragon race.

The black dragon did not seem to be good at communication with people and was very anxious when Xiu refused. Clearly he had started off by being kind, but the tone of voice was a bit too brusque.

“Don’t you want to leave the island? I can get you out of here.” The black dragon looked at Du Ze who was on the silver dragon’s back. “If you don’t believe me, let your Dragon Knight sign a contract with me temporarily.”

The Dragon Knight contract is equivalent to a partnership contract that requires both sides to be faithful to each other, but such a contract can be lifted and signed again with the consent of both parties. The black dragon means to use this method to gain the trust of the two sides, but the silver dragon grabbed Du Ze in his hand and bared his teeth at the black dragon.

“He is mine.”

When the black dragon saw how the silver dragon was holding his Dragon Knight with a “no one can touch what’s mine” attitude written all over him, he instantly realized that the black-haired human is the silver dragon’s favorite treasure, one that he won’t allow other people to even look at.

In order to reduce his threat, the black dragon changed into his humanoid form. The “human” form doesn’t have the dragon’s hard scales, so very few dragons like to use their fragile humanoid form; it makes them feel weak and insecure.

A shadow began to twist, then a man with long, black hair appeared in front of Du Ze and Xiu. His face was fierce and across his left eye were knife scars that gave him an air of a bandit. The black dragon became a man wearing a black armor as smooth and bright as his dragon scales. Du Ze’s eyes fell on Muir’s right arm, which was a small version of the dragon’s claw. Some silly, cute person wondered about that and Xiu’s ear fins. Do all of the dragon’s humanoid forms retain a part of the dragon?

His vision suddenly became dark. Xiu had covered him with his claws so that he couldn’t see anything. Xiu said with some dissatisfaction: “Don’t look.”

Du Ze was crouched down on his knees in the dragon’s claw, very confused. He couldn’t figure out whether he would be allowed to look at others or whether others would be allowed to look at him.

Since the silver dragon was always exhibiting this possessive behavior, Muir was able to remain quite calm. He simply reminded the silver dragon: “I have no malice towards you.”

The silver dragon remained noncommittal. He felt his hand was poked, thus he loosened his hand slightly, exposing Du Ze.

“You can sign a contract with him,” Du Ze told Xiu. When the black dragon mentioned signing a contract, the silly, cute reader realized that this was the author’s way of of sending a dragon mount to the Moe Lord.

Dragon Knight. This profession sounds like a blast. It’s super cool. No matter which YY novel it was, the protagonist can’t just have god beasts as pets. He must have the ultimate mount, one that strikes fear and envy in the hearts of all others. Some novels even sent a female of the dragon race to be part of the harem. That way, during the day the protagonist can ride an awesome mount while during the night he can also ride …. for some people the connotation of “Dragon Rider” was insufficient and had to be made more literal.

Xiu pondered for a while then looked at Muir: “Why?”

Muir knew that Xiu is asking why he wants to sign a contract. Thinking of the scene in the dragon tomb, a look of pain flashed through Muir’s face.

“Hilda is dead.” Muir pressed his left eye. “I want to protect her offspring.”

“This is not to atone. If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would. You can get revenge on me.” Muir said to Xiu. “But I’m not going to die, and I’ll follow you until I die.”

Opposite Muir was a scoundrel who was always pestering the Moe Lord. Du Ze had been closely observing Xiu for fear that he might become angry and kill the future dragon mount. Fortunately, Muir’s words did not touch his explosive point. Xiu stared at Muir and suddenly asked: “You can take two people out of this island?”

Muir hesitated then nodded. The silver dragon let the black-haired youth down and said to Muir: “I will sign a contract with you.”

Muir was extremely confused. Members of the dragon race cannot sign a contract with each other. His confusion immediately disappeared, replaced by shock. In front of Muir the silver dragon became a man – not a dragon’s humanoid form, but a true human form. He became a young man with dazzling blond hair and azure eyes, one of the people he saw when he woke up. Muir finally knows why the human of that time could pick up Hilda’s dragon spear.

Xiu took out a set of clothes from the space ring, dressed, and began signing the Dragon Knight contract with Muir. Du Ze stayed in the sidelines. When the natural enemy of a golden dragon appears on the scene, he can just imagine its effect on the shocked audience. Now that the Moe Lord is about to harvest a black dragon, he thought: Among the dragon race, the golden dragon’s holy power and the dark power of the black dragon were often in conflict. Thus, some silly, cute person was convinced that Eric was truly worthy of the title of “rival.” They match each other very well, like a happy couple … There seems to be something wrong.

The magic matrix of the contract gradually dissipated in the air and Muir felt the active contract in his body. This was the bond between that Hilda and the elf that nothing could sever. He gazed at the spot where the magic dispersed then touched the knife scars on his face with his hand.

Not for atonement, but because he had no idea what to do with his life.

Du Ze went to Xiu’s side after they finished signing the contract. Xiu’s outstretched hand, as always, wanted to caress the back of his neck. Du Ze could not control his reaction and shuddered. Xiu’s hand paused for a moment then eventually he slowly retracted it.

“Sorry.” Xiu whispered: “It won’t happen again.”

Du Ze can’t describe the expression on the human’s face. Obviously he was smiling but it made a person feel his pain.

“From now on, all the people who will hurt you, I’ll make them disappear.”

The young man with blond hair and blue eyes smiled, as if to say that the weather was very good today.

“–including me.”


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