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The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 61.1 – Protagonist: I will kill my former self.

Chapter 61.1 – Protagonist: I will kill my former self.

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The beast god was holding a blood-stained sword in his hand. He is the beastkin’s god of war. His burly body looked both dignified and noble, each muscle full of strength as though even a casual movement would be able to flatten the entire tribe.

The beastkin eagerly looked up at their war god. The god raised his sword and shouted: “For the beastkin!”

The beastkin roared: “For the war god!”

“For the beastkin!”

“For the war god!”

The beastkin’s spirits were kindled as they howled, expressing the passion in their hearts. A red dot appeared on the beast god’s sword and split into many streams of red that swept over the beastkin. This was the war god’s blessing.

Xiu looked up the sky at the beastkin god. His eyes were a dark blue color, like deep pools that could swallow everything.

The god suddenly became aware of a threat and looked to the west, blazing with anger.

There was a chill in the western sky. Suddenly, a black-haired man in dark armor appeared. His body exuded terror and everyone present could feel the power surging from that person’s body. Seeing the newcomer, the beastkin god was astonished and called out to him: “War God!”

“I finally found you, beastkin god of war.” The human war god was hovering in mid-air with his arms folded. “It took too much time to find you barbarians.”

The human god was staring at the beastkin god; the corners of his mouth curved up in a sneer: “You are the last.”

“What have you done to the other beastkin gods?!” the beastkin war god roared, not liking the human god’s sneer.

“You will soon be able to accompany them to see your Lord God.” The human war god said disdainfully: “You offended the god of light, do you really think you can escape?”

Behind the human god of war, a large number of human soldiers poured out of the night. Many knights and priests of the temple of light were with them. Standing in the beastkin village, Du Ze was shocked to see Eric. The son of god stood in the forefront of the knights; he was obviously the leader of the army that had come here to fight the beastkin.

Xiu held on tightly to Du ze’s hand, silently staring at Eric.

The beastkin god of war watched them arrive and said scornfully: “The god of light’s lackeys!”

The human god’s face was livid. He pulled out his weapon[1] and pointed it at the beastkin: “Don’t let any of these barbarians escape!”

“Kill them all!”

As the human army attacked, the beastkin god of war raised his sword and attacked the human war god: “For the glory of the beastkin, we must make our enemies pay with their own blood!”

“Make them pay with blood! Blood for blood!”

The beastkin roared in response the two armies clashed. The priests cast a spell to bless the soldiers. Although the average level of the humans was not as high as the beastkin, the humans have better, more sophisticated equipment compared to the beastkin’s pitifully simple weapons and animal skins. At the altar, Nina began to sing loudly and the other shamans joined in the chorus. The song was forceful and filled with an intense killing intent, like a general leading his army to the killing fields.

The beastkin do not have magic, but they have a battle hymn that can bring out the beastkin’s potential and make them enter a berserk state. A berserk beastkin warriors is tireless and inured to pain; his agility and strength improve and some can become an unstoppable killing machine.

Under the stimulus of the Battle Hymn, the beastkin began to go berserk. Sal was one of them. His face became beastly; his body became twice as large as normal and his legs transformed into those of a beast. He rushed towards the human army where the ordinary soldiers were utterly incapable of resisting him. He left a trail of slaughter in his wake.

The beastkin warriors howled and followed their chief’s lead, tearing up the human army’s frontline. However, the beastkin’s battle superiority abruptly ended. The crowd was shocked as a golden dragon descended from the sky with Eric on his back.

“Dragon… Dragon Knight!”

The others couldn’t tell which beastkin warrior screamed those words in fright. A Dragon Knight can turn the tide in a battle. Especially in a siege, the Dragon Knight is absolutely invincible A glimmer of despair spread through the beastkin ranks while the human soldier’s morale rose exponentially.

“The son of god!”

The human war god was fighting with the beastkin god. They were deadlocked. When he saw that Eric had summoned the golden dragon, the human war god smiled in satisfaction. However, he didn’t have enough time to taunt his enemy because a black dragon suddenly appeared and ruthlessly attacked the golden dragon.

The cheers of the human soldiers stopped short and the beastkin stared at the battle above them. The human god of war saw that on the black dragon’s back was a golden-haired, blue-eyed human. The god was puzzled and angrily asked the Dragon Knight: “What are you doing?!”

When the Dragon Knight ignored his question, the god of war wanted to teach the ungrateful human a lesson, but he was blocked by the beastkin god.

“Our fight isn’t over yet.”

The war god scoffed: “Even without the Dragon Knight, I can still kill all of these barbarians!”

Sal looked at the black dragon and remembered that he had never thanked Nina for bringing back these friends. The beastkin warrior took a deep breath and roared: “Kill!”


The war cries were shocking. Xiu ignored the two armies below him. He put Du Ze in a safe place; it is now time for him to pursue a personal grudge. Xiu watched Eric riding the golden dragon. From the first time he met this person, he wanted to kill him.

Du Ze and Ariel stayed together. Old John was guarding both of them. Occasionally, Old John knocked out a troublesome human or beastkin. Du Ze watched from below as Xiu confronted Eric. The two are Dragon Knights and they look very similar – blond and handsome. They were like mirror images, surprisingly alike in appearance except for a few subtle differences.

The two men were fated enemies.

Eric looked at the strange Dragon Knight. Even though he could not conceal his hostility, he still tried to communicate with the Black Dragon Knight.

“Why are you helping the beastkin?”

Xiu did not answer Eric’s question. Instead, he asked him the same thing: “Why are you attacking the beastkin?”

“My god instructed me to.” Eric said: “These beastkin have caused a lot of damage to the Moon Empire – have you forgotten the Battle of Fort Steel? The people of the city were slaughtered by the beastkin. So I will expel[2] them even without my god’s instructions.”

“Expulsion?” Xiu glanced below him, his smile elusive. “Are you sure this isn’t a massacre?”

Eric was silent. He looked at the beastkin’s besieged women and children and pain flashed through his expression. The son of god took a deep breath and spoke as though he had decided something important: “If they vow to never step into the human’s territory, I will ask the gods to let the beastkin live.”

“Oh …”

Xiu’s soft voice echoed through the night. He really hates this man who is like his past self, stupid and hypocritical – an eyesore.

But Du Ze likes it. He knows that Du Ze has been hoping that he would turn back to his former self, but he will never be able to go back, nor would he want to be a fool who was too considerate of others.

It’s good to live only for yourself, to strive with all your might to possess whatever you want, and the things that make you unhappy should all be destroyed.

“You needn’t bother.” The dragon spear appeared in Xiu hands. “I’ll kill you.”

Xiu aimed the dragon spear at the distant figure of Eric.

He will kill his former self and erase his past.

1. His weapon is a 战鹰 which translates to something like “war hawk” or “war eagle.”

2. 驱逐 – expel, force someone to leave

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