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The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 62.2 The Rules: God Tower will be built.

Chapter 62.2 The Rules: God Tower will be built.

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When the corpse of the beastkin god was sucked into a black hole, the god of light watched as “the rules” recovered the body. Almost panicking, he cast the light elements that he had gathered in his hand.

At that moment Du Ze really thought he saw a sun falling from the sky. The huge, dazzling ball of light covered the entire sky, like a meteorite bearing down on them with an unstoppable momentum. Even though it was still far away, everyone could feel the terrifying power it contained.

The war god was ready to escape since even he would be unable to bear the might of this attack.

As the spell had locked onto him as its main target, Xiu could not move a step. He looked at the ball of light falling from the sky; since he could not avoid it, it could only be destroyed.

An arc flashed through the air, illuminating the curvature of the demon’s mouth.

Purple-gold electricity leapt from Xiu’s hand and writhed crazily until they formed a huge grid. As the electric power flowed into the grid, the scale of power grew more and more powerful. Xiu’s face paled but his smile was still wild and wilful. When the ball of light fell, the electric grid wound around it tightly.


The earth was full of light: the light from the ball of light, the light from the lightning, and the light of destruction. Though Du Ze closed his eyes, the intense light penetrated the eyelids and burned his retina. When it was over, Du Ze squinted for a long time before he could see the current situation: The Moe Lord in his demon form was panting as if he was out of power. Above him, the god of light was gazing at Xiu while gathering light elements in his hand again.

WTF, Mr. BOSS, doesn’t your skill set have a cooldown timer? Author, where is your conscience? This is the protagonist! The Moe Lord has never been abused this badly!

“… Huh?”

Just then, a puzzled voice came. A red-eyed black dove fell from the sky then turned into a humanoid form as he landed. His eyes swept over the scene and finally fell on Xiu. “It’s not Lord Bael?”

“I thought it was Lord Bael.” There was another voice like that of a child, but what appeared in front of everyone was a tall and thin poet. He spoke to the other figure: “Halphas, long time no see.”

When he heard the name “Halphas,” Du Ze was terrified. This is one of the 72 demon gods who is famous for having a fondness for dining on human flesh? He’s not very friendly to humans. Some silly, cute person thought of his experience and Halphas City … there were no words for it, just tears.

Since the black dove is a demon god, the poet who greeted him should also be one of the demon gods. Du Ze recalled the plot of “Mixed Blood.” The Moe Lord attacked the 72 cities and the description of the demon god is consistent with the appearance of the poet, he should be called … Phenex?

A sound came from the sky and two beautiful women driving a chariot of fire fell from the sky. They said to the other two demons gods: “Halphas, Phenex, am I late?”

Du Ze saw two acquaintances seated on the back of the chariot, Violet and Alice. The demon sisters seemed very excited but they were well-behaved so they made no sound. Since the lords of Belial City were on the chariot, the identity of the driver is self-evident – the legendary beautiful demon god, Belial.

The 68th demon god Belial, the 38th demon god Halphas, the 37th demon god Phenex, in the blink of an eye three demon gods had appeared on the battlefield

“You’re not late, Belial. Lord Bael is not here,” said Phenex.

“Since Lord Bael is not here,” Halphas glanced at the god of light and turned into the black dove, preparing to leave. “Then there is no need to stay.”

“Ah, don’t say that.”

As soon as he heard that familiar voice, Du Ze knew that the pain-in-the-*** Dan had appeared. The green-clothed businessman was grinning, glib as always.

“This is the descendant of Lord of Bael, I am very optimistic about him.” Dan covered his smile with his book and he gave the god of light a meaningful look. “We all heard the rules speak, don’t you think we should do something now?”

Hearing Dan’s words, everyone looked at the god of light with a subtle meaning in their eyes. The god of light was silent as demon gods appeared one after the other. Every single time was like this. Whenever he tried to eliminate that heretic, something or someone always interfered. Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, but three times means that it is fate. The god of light’s determination wavered. He really can’t kill that heretic?

——He is not willing.

“So many fish slipped through the net.” The god of light released the light elements in his hand and raised his scepter. “I will proclaim your death verdict again!”

The huge ball of light fell again. Phenix turned into a phoenix-shaped bird, flying to the sphere of light. The fluffy chick on Du Ze’s head seemed to want to follow the Phenix and cried out: “Chirp chirp chirp!” However, in the end the little Phoenix stayed on the silly, cute person’s head because its tiny brain reasoned: The mother chirp is more important.


Seeing Phenix and the ball of light collide, Halphas, in the form of a black dove, dove straight to the god of light like an arrow. The god of light raised the scepter and released a luminous rune which drifted towards Halphas but Belial drank in the light, the demon god taking the initiative to block the rune and help Halphas defend against the attack.

Halphas tore open the god of light’s shield wall, trying to seize the scepter. However, the moment he touched the scepter, Halphas’ heart started to pound fiercely and he froze in mid-air, unable to move. The god of light spoke a spell and the scepter lit up again. This time Halphas could not escape the rune His godhead was destroyed; he became the first demon god to fall in this battle.

The god of light disposed of Halphas, but before the black hole appeared, he was attacked from behind. The god of light turned his head and saw that the one who had attacked him was the war god!

The war god had intended to take the scepter like Halphas, but after seeing Halphas’ fate, he discarded that plan. Instead, he decisively used his sword to cut off the god of light’s hand that was holding the scepter.

“D*** it!” The god of light roared in anger as the scepter fell from the air. It landed right in front of Du Ze. The arm of the god of light that was cut off turned into powder and scattered in the wind. Some silly, cute person looked at the scepter in front of him and instinctively reached for it.

When his hands touched the scepter’s smooth, slender handle, Du Ze felt the need to blink and when he opened his eyes again, around him was no Xiu, no god of light; there was nothing but pure darkness. He seemed to have fallen into a pool of ink, suspended in nothingness while he held the scepter.

Du Ze has seen this black space two times before. Once was in a dream, the other was inside the Wheel of Time, and those two times were like talking on the phone with a bad reception. Just as Du Ze thought of that, he heard the voice again. This time it sounded clearly in his ears, without noise or ambiguity.

[Do you know why you came to this world?]

“Du Ze!”

Hearing Xiu calling him, Du Ze was stupefied for a moment. He was back in the battlefield; it was as though all of that strangeness was just a delusion. Du Ze looked up and saw that the god of light had broken free of the other gods and was fiercely rushing towards Du Ze. The silly, cute reader was incredibly frightened and instinctively raised the scepter in his hand.

When Du Ze raised the scepter, everyone fell into a strange silence. The god of light froze in mid-air while the others stared disbelievingly at some silly, cute person. Du Ze looked down at the broken half of the scepter on the ground then at the other half of the scepter that he had pointed at the god of light, inwardly chanting: Avada Kedavra.[1]

“You actually broke it?!”

Sorry, BOSS, this young man really didn’t know it was so fragile!

Xiu put Du Ze behind him protectively while the other gods once again attacked the god of light. Though he was surrounded by the other gods, the god of light still stared at the broken scepter, different expressions flashing over his face until he finally seemed to become eerily calm as though he didn’t care and had been released of some burden.

“Even without the scepter, you still cannot contend with me.” The god of light’s eyes swept over all of his enemies as he said icily: “After all, ants are just ants.”


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1. 阿瓦达索命 – Avada Kedavra, the Killing Curse from the Harry Potter series. I didn’t make this up, this was in the raw.

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