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The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 64.1 – Reader: Coach, his equipment is not the same as mine!

Chapter 64.1 – Reader: Coach, his equipment is not the same as mine!

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Translation and editing by readerz

“Knock, knock.”

The sound of a knock at the door awakened Du Ze. He opened the door to find Nina carrying a tray of food.

“It’s time to eat.”

Nina came in and put the food on the table. She looked at the comatose Xiu lying on the bed and asked cautiously, “Is he still unconscious?”

Du Ze nodded then sat at the table and began to eat. Nina sat opposite Du Ze, her big tail sweeping back and forth; she seemed to be on tenterhooks. That person’s presence is just too strong. Even in a completely harmless coma state, his aura seems to fill every inch of the air in the room.

Even so, Nina can not help but look at Du Ze. Seeing him makes her feel at ease. As long as she look upon the calm face of the black-haired youth, she can forget some of the pain of losing her gods and people.

Worried that Du Ze would notice her staring at him, Nina hurriedly looked away and changed the topic: “Du Ze, what are you going to do next?”

Du Ze stopped eating then turned and pointed to the distant Tower of God.

“You are going to the Tower of God …” Nina’s tail drooped down. After this catastrophe, the tribe must rest for a long time. As their priest, she cannot walk away from the tribe. In other words, they will soon be separated. Nina looked at Du Ze who was calmly eating, then she looked at Xiu who was in a coma – this is her only chance. Once that person wakes up, she simply wouldn’t dare to come close to Du Ze. Nina took a deep breath and finally made up her mind.

“Du Ze, I have something to tell you.”

Huh? Du Ze put down the knife and fork. He heard the girl with the fox ears and big, moist eyes say to him: “I like you.”

Du Ze … Du Ze never thought that one day he would receive a cute sister’s confession. His immediate reaction was extreme terror! It’s the kind of instinctive horror that makes a person’s brain turn blank. Du Ze glanced at Xiu on the bed. When he saw that the Moe (Demon) Lord (King) was in a very safe standby state, the silly, cute person’s soul that had nearly escaped his body from fright finally began to return. However, when he thought of how to reply to Nina’s confession, the silly, cute soul got stuck in his throat, making him unable to speak.

Seeing Du Ze’s response, Nina’s fox ears drooped and her bright eyes dimmed.

“You and he … Is it really that kind of relationship?” Nina’s gaze shifted to Xiu, she whispered: “Last time, at the celebration, I saw him kissing you.”

Du Ze’s expression did not change in the slightest, but if one were to take a closer look one would see that a silly, cute black-haired person’s ears were red. Xiu’s aura is too strong, so even if he does some deviant things, people will feel like it was natural and ignore the irrationality of the act. Du Ze thought he should say something at this time, but he and Nina just looked at each other for a long time. Finally, all he could do was nod silently.

Nina’s fox ears were completely drooping. “You don’t like me because I’m female?”

… Why did it change into a question of gender?

The fox girl looked like she was about to cry and Du Ze had no idea how to comfort her. Because of his social barrier, a silly, cute person always has little to say. To him, comforting others is like jumping over a big hurdle. Du Ze was silent for a long time before biting the bullet and telling the truth.

“I like women, I don’t like men.”

Nina’s ears perked up, then she heard Du Ze say: “But I like Xiu.”

“I just like Xiu; gender is irrelevant.”

After he said this, Du Ze was in a daze for a while. For a man to refuse a cute sister’s confession, this is something that the past him would have found completely unimaginable. But now that he did it, he didn’t have even the slightest hesitation or regret in his heart.

“…. I actually knew this would be the result, but I wanted to tell you before I leave.” Nina showed a heartbreaking smile to Du Ze. “You are very gentle, Du Ze. Next time don’t be too good to a fox, it will be tamed.”

Du Ze was startled when the fox girl jumped up and ran away from the room, her fiery red tail and ears standing like a fire that was dying down.

“- regretting it?”

A deep voice suddenly sounded in his ears, scaring Du Ze. He didn’t have time to turn before Xiu reached him and picked him up, walking with him towards the bed. Du Ze sat down at the edge of the bed, his hands behind him, while opposite him was Xiu in his demon form. The demon bent down in front of Du Ze, so close that Du Ze could see his slender, dark pupils.

“Do you regret it? Refusing such a cute girl.”

The long black hair slipped from Xiu’s shoulder and landed on Du Ze’s body. Xiu’s fingers stroked the back of Du Ze’s neck, showing a strong desire to control.

“I won’t let you go even if you regret it.”

Du Ze finally reacted. His face frozen, he stammered a little as he asked: “You, when did you wake up?”

“I heard you say,” drawled Xiu. He was very close to Du Ze as he slowly smiled, purple eyes narrowed in pleasure: “You like me.”

The demon’s expression was filled with joy and in his pleasure seemed to want to swallow up the person in front of him. Du Ze had never seen Xiu this happy, like a person who finally got a long-awaited gift – clearly he liked it but he was reluctant to tear open the packaging.

Seeing this kind of happy Xiu, Du Ze pressed down on his hot ears and couldn’t help but try to keep Xiu happy.

“Um, I like you.”

Xiu’s demonic vertical slit pupils contracted. This time is no longer a form of self-deception when the other person is drunk. The person he wanted the most, with an earnest expression on his face, said he liked Xiu.

Xiu always felt that his love for Du Ze has reached the extreme limit, but he was wrong. This person can make him go even more out of control, more and more unable to extricate himself.

It’s like an addiction.

“That being the case …” Xiu’s magnetic voice was heavy with desire while simultaneously rich with enchantment and charm. “Let’s do it.”


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