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The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 69.1 Tower of God: The Undead Scourge

Chapter 69.1 Tower of God: The Undead Scourge

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This was the second time that Du Ze had seen Bael. Compared to when he was in a hurry to come and go, now there was enough time for Du Ze to really take a look at the legendary first demon god.

Across from them, Bael was like a towering mountain that stood in front of everyone – not because of his physical body but because of his imposing manner. He is about two meters high, with curved horns exactly like Xiu’s and a pair of purple eyes so dark that they could be mistaken for black. The darkness of a demon’s eyes are a sign of the demon’s power. The darker the eyes, the stronger the demon. The demon god stood in the center of the arena, as majestic as an emperor, making people realize their own insignificance from the bottom of their hearts.

Du Ze looked at Bael as if he was seeing a future version of Xiu. Bael was Xiu’s great-grandfather, but their faces were so similar that they looked like father and son. Du Ze thought that the last time they saw him, the god of light and Bael died together. That was probably more or less because of Xiu, right? So will Bael, like Belial, choose to let them pass?

Both emotionally and in terms of strength, Bael is a formidable obstacle.

At this time the arena was silent. It was hard to breathe because of the pressure emanating from the first demon god. Bael had been watching Xiu. His eyes were dark and nothing could be seen from them. Du Ze listened as Bael demanded from Xiu: “Your name.”


“Draw your sword.”

Everyone was shocked. There was no exchange of greetings and the demon god immediately asked for a duel. Seeing that Xiu did not respond, Bael raised his hand. Purple-gold arcs gathered around him as he began to prepare an attack.

“You have almost finished the demon god arena. Do you still not understand? If you want to move forward, you have to destroy everything that is holding you back – or are you unable to deal with me?”

The glare from the lightning arcs made light and shadow dance around Bael’s face. The demon god gazed at Xiu and he sighed: “You should not be merciful.”

[The Demons gave away their mercy, received destruction.]

When he heard Bael’s words, Du Ze almost automatically thought of “Mixed Blood.” Before he could analyze the thought, he saw Xiu walking forward slowly

“Yes.” Xiu expressed his agreement with Bael’s words. He extended a hand and Qian Bian appeared then transformed into the Burning Desire Demonic Sword. “So I’ll kill you.”

He has something that he desires. For that goal, he can throw away everything, give up everything, even destroy everything.

Hearing Xiu’s response, Bael’s expression was more gratified than delighted.

“I will not be lenient. Rather than letting you pass through here just to be killed by the other gods, it’s better for me to finish you off myself,” said Bael.

There will be other gods? Du Ze was still speechless with shock, Xiu and Bael started fighting.

The whole arena was shrouded in lightning. Muir had to protect everyone at the edge of the arena. The terrifying energy of those seemingly weak tiny arcs even made the dragon afraid.

Bael stomped down with one foot. The lighting wove itself into a circle, centered on his foot, and quickly spread outward, too fast to see. Xiu protected himself with his bat-like wings. The instant the lightning swept past him, he flew up and moved to cut down Bael from above.


The sharp blade swung down and sliced the purple lighting. The purple and gold bolts in Bael’s hands condensed, forming sword made of lightning. Lightning flowed to the Burning Desire Demonic Sword and two blades were joined together by a glowing chain of electricity. Xiu tried to retreat, but Bael’s lightning blade was like a magnet clinging to the Burning Desire Demonic Sword. A strong current was channeled to Xiu’s body. Xiu knitted his brows; an expression of pain flashed through his face. He is very familiar with this power, but this time it brought him harm.

Bael gazed at Xiu. Balls of thunder began to gather around him. As Bael had said before, he wasn’t going to go easy on Xiu and therefore didn’t give him a chance to catch his breath. A ball of lighting struck Xiu; even though he protected himself with his wings, Xiu still suffered a slight injury. Xiu’s lips thinned as blood ran down the corners of his mouth. Xiu also used the lighting of destruction, but when his attack touched Bael’s lighting, it was instantly wiped out. It was like a child attacking an adult, unable to make a mark on the other.

“Only by being hurt can you understand its true power. We have the power to destroy everything – including ourselves,” said Bael.

Three lightning balls pierced Xiu’s wings. Xiu’s eyes became bright. Lightning represents destruction. He knows of its power; its strength can even harm his own body. Therefore every time he uses this power, he instinctively suppresses it so that it wouldn’t hurt him.

Xiu looked at Bael then closed his eyes. He had to move forward, so he has to destroy all the obstacles in his path.


The purple and white lighting suddenly condensed into purple gold lighting, then the arcs became thinner and thinner until they turned into purple and black. Xiu opened his eyes; the purple eyes became brighter and brighter until, finally, they looked like balls of mercury and the demonic slit pupils were clearly outlined.

Xiu’s body seemed like it was about to fall apart. He began bleeding from every pore; just a little bit more and he would look like a pool of blood. His lighting was compressed into a hair-thin thickness. Rather than lightning, it would be more appropriate to call it an electric arc. The purple-black arc easily tore Bael’s blade, breaking all obstacles and jumping towards Bael.

Bael looked at the bloody Xiu. Although Xiu is very strong, he is still immature. Even now, Bael can still counterattack. Although he was not able to evade the purple-black lighting, at the moment he was hit he could have grabbed Xiu so that they can die together.

——But that’s not necessary.

Bael waved and the remaining ten balls of lightning hit the purple-black arc and were broken by the other side’s power. At the moment he was engulfed by lighting, the first demon god narrowed his eyes slightly and seemed satisfied.


Thunder roared and the whole arena shook. When Du Ze came out of the shelter of Muir’s protection, he saw a half-destroyed arena. The incomplete arena floated in the void. Covered in blood, Xiu was standing on the floor. Opposite him was not a teleportation array but a purple pillar of light that seemed to go up into the sky. It seemed to be a portal out of the demon god arena.

This is… It’s over?

Xiu was badly hurt. His left wing was torn and his body was covered with wounds. Du Ze wanted to rush to Xiu to treat his wounds but the arena was about to collapse from the damage to it. Muir didn’t hesitate. He grabbed everyone and flew straight at the purple light. Du Ze closed his eyes. When he opened them, he found that they had all returned to the circular hall. The hall was full of people but it felt uncrowded even with the addition of their group and Muir who was in his dragon shape.

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