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The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 76.2 – Protagonist: Do you have someone you like?

Chapter 76.2 – Protagonist: Do you have someone you like?

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Translation and editing by readerz

“Boing. Boing ~”

The fire phoenix was jumping from Du Ze’s left shoulder to his right shoulder then from his right shoulder to his left shoulder. It was as though he could not find the right place so he was searching for it. Du Ze, without a word, tugged on the phoenix’s tail that was wrapped around his neck, trying to pull the creature down.

The black dragon lifted his head, but it was just Xiu. The fire phoenix, who had been acting very sticky, suddenly became obedient and let go. Du Ze saw that Xiu’s clothes weren’t even mussed. It seems that this enemy is not someone who was difficult to deal with.

“I got some information.” Xiu sat behind Du Ze and hugged him. “Let’s go back.”

Muir spread his wings and flew back with Xiu and Du Ze.

When he arrived at the lair, Du Ze saw Enoch was throwing a gem the size of an apple up and down. Seeing them return, the thief waved excitedly to them and the gem nearly fell on his head.

“You’re back!” Enoch showed Du Ze and Xiu the jewel in his hand: “Look at what this thief found.”

They listened to Enoch’s story. The thief found a cave nearby that was guarded by troglodytes. Inside was full of gems and treasures and Enoch immediately shoplifted a lot of them and brought them back.

“There are a lot of precious gems.” Enoch excitedly said: “Why don’t we bring them back?”


Du Ze didn’t think Xiu would agree to Enoch’s proposal. Xiu smiled at Du Ze. When everyone had returned Xiu told everyone what he had found out.

“… Therefore, we must guard the lair for 10 days.” Xiu glanced at the dragon cave and smiled: “And fill it with treasure.”


People will die for riches, just as birds will for food.

During the days that they were in the dragon race’s simulation, Du Ze gained a deep understanding of that saying.

Waves of troglodytes came to besiege them. At first it was just a handful of the yellow-green lizard people then it became hundreds of them, all rushing over with a weapon in one hand and a sack in the other. That intense determination, as though it was their duty to succeed or die trying – countless words seemed to form a sentence:

Boss,[1] let’s be friends.

Moe Lord: Scram!

Wanting to hug the boss’s thigh, the lizard creatures rushed forward but failed miserably as they were turned into meat paste by the black dragon.

… What tragedy! You could almost see their tears falling like rain.

In order to hug the boss’ thigh the lizard creatures began to use tactics. One of them rushed forward while mounted on a drake.

Troglodyte Fighter (riding the drake): Boss, we want to be your friends ~

Silly, cute person: …

When the drake caught sight of Du Ze, a disaster happened. The drake roared, driven into a frenzy of terror and madness. He dumped his rider and trampled to death half of the lizard creatures.

… Please observe a moment of silence for all those who have fallen.

The drake they used the first time was just one of the most common mounts of its type. The lizard creatures did not think that their tactics were wrong so they simply changed to a stronger beast. Therefore, next time they came they rode a wyvern.

Troglodyte Fighter (riding a wyvern): Boss, we want to be your friends ~

Silly, cute person: …

Thump, the whole army was wiped out.

…. On that day the troglodyte finally learned their lesson after they were trampled by the terrified beast mounts twice, humiliatingly killed by some silly, cute person.

To sum it all up, because the beast mounts were terrified of a silly, cute person, the defenders were less pressured by the invading lizard creatures and were able to spare a few more people to search for treasures. Enoch has a natural gift for sniffing out treasure and can find the lizard creature’s lairs. Thus, the poor thief didn’t join the fighting and was made to run back and forth, carrying the treasures with him until he was dog-tired.

The most time-consuming thing about the simulation was the way they had to find the treasure then fight the troglodytes for it and, finally, bring it back with them to their lair.

Rachel and Thunder Regiment members had to spend half a day to draw a teleportation array since relying on the human way of chanting a teleportation spell was not efficient.

Du Ze could not help but wonder why Xiu did not turn into his silver dragon form that has spatial magic. No doubt the Moe Lord has already thought of this, too, but he did still did not choose to change his form.

Is it because of what happened when he was in his dragon form?

“Why do you not use your dragon form?”

Hearing Du Ze’s question, Xiu ran his fingers across the back of Du Ze’s neck.

“I cannot restrain my dragon form.” Xiu smiled and said: “I won’t be able to stop myself from grabbing you, taking you to a place where no one can find you, and then mercilessly enjoying you.”

The Moe Lord’s tone was light and it sounded like a joke but Du Ze knew that he was quite serious. After that the silly, cute reader dared not bring this matter up again to Xiu.

The treasure in the lair grew at a rate visible to the naked eye. Du Ze discovered that the cave could endlessly expand and could never be filled up, like the dragon’s endless greed for more. In the vast majority of legends, the dragons always like to collect treasures, amassing piles of coins. Dragons can never have enough. They love to count their coins and bask in the light of their treasure.

Yi Ye Zhi Qiu wrote: The Dragons gave away their self-control, received durability.

They do not restrain their desires, for they are strong enough to take whatever they want, so strong that no one can steal from their treasure hoard.

Just like they are now.

Guarding the hoard and seizing more treasures.

As the pile of treasure grew ever larger, the first dragon appeared the next day. It was a white dragon who suddenly swooped down from a high place and used its ice breath on the black dragon. Du Ze was nearly frozen but the fire phoenix chirped and veil of fire covered Du Ze’s body, driving away the cold.

After the initial shock, the group of defenders calmed down. The demon sisters took the opportunity to clear out the lizard creatures that were attacking the lair. Xiu rode the black dragon and flew up to battle the white dragon. Compared to the other dragons, the white dragon wasn’t very intelligent. Apart from its ice breath, it only knew how to use its body to fight savagely. It didn’t take Xiu and Muir long to defeat the white dragon.

When the white dragon died, the troglodytes disappeared into thin air. This was the beginning. Their ever-growing treasure attracted more and more dragons. The emerald dragon sprayed out a green mist. The sapphire dragon used its sonic attack. Glittering, shining crystal dragons … A variety of dragons came and attacked.


Translator’s Notes:

- Lol, even the lizard creatures are acting cute! I can’t believe Du Ze won some of the melee battles because he scared the mounts too much, hahaha.

- I squealed like a fangirl when Xiu “jokingly” explained why he didn’t change into his dragon form. *fans herself* Hot! Too bad Xiu feels he has to hold himself back since they are in the middle of a trial. Otherwise, it would be “enjoying my treasure” time.

- What do you think the next *cough* special *cough* harmonious health education chapter will contain?

1. 土豪 – a local tyrant, local strong man, nouveau riche

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