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The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 76.3 – Protagonist: Do you have someone you like?

Chapter 76.3 – Protagonist: Do you have someone you like?

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Translation and editing by readerz

On the seventh day, a silver dragon came. This was the battle that was the most difficult for them. The silver dragon used its spatial magic and half of their treasure hoard was sent outside where the troglodytes immediately swarmed over it. Although they eventually defeated the silver dragon, they had to chase after the treasure that the lizard creatures had carried away.

Xiu wiped away the blood from the middle of his forehead. He thrust his dragon spear into the air and there was a ripple in the seemingly empty place. An amethyst dragon suddenly became visible. Xiu’s dragon spear had pierced its weak spot. It fell on the ground and disappeared into nothingness.

Enoch was gasping for breath as he lay on the ground and cried out: “Ah! Ah! That was the last one! This thief is so tired …”

The others were so tired they didn’t even want to talk. Today was the last day of the dragon race’s simulation and everyone was exhausted As Du ze expected, the last day was full of huge waves of lizard creatures. Although the yellow-green enemies were not strong, they attacked day and night. They were like an endless tide of ants – the defenders could easily stomp them, but having to repeatedly stomp ants all day long had worn them out.

They took turns to defend the lair but each person could only rest for a very short time – not only did they have to defend their treasure, they also had to attract and kill all of the dragons within 10 days. Everyone’s nerves were stretched to the limit. The more enemies came, they more stress was accumulated.

This trial made everyone tired. Their weariness was more than the first three trials combined. Although there was no life-threatening danger, they were still extremely fatigued.

It was then that Old John, who had been outside cleaning up the waves of troglodytes, jumped inside the cave.

“Little master, all of the lizard creatures suddenly left.”

Everyone knew what this meant. Du Ze wanted to cry: “Mr Tower of God, this is too much! let the Moe Lord rest first!”

Without warning, the hole above the cave was covered, plunging the whole place into darkness. The only light came from the glittering heap of treasure. Muir raised his head and started fiercely lashing his sharp tail in the air, shattering the void.

A man with long, white hair came out of the void. Though the man did not speak and had no dragon characteristics, his aura was similar to that of Soth. The people present knew that he was the lord ruler of the dragon gods, Io.

Io descended on the pile of treasure and looked at the group with eyes that were empty of praise or blame.

“You have killed all of the dragons so I will not fight you in my dragon form.”

After that quick introduction, the dragon god launched an attack. Faced with his own god, Muir hesitated for a moment and Io seized the opportunity to climb up Muir’s body. Xiu took out his dragon spear and jumped up to fight Io on Muir’s back. However, the dragon spear is a giant melee weapon that is very slow so that its user will reveal a lot of openings. Io easily avoided the dragon spear’s sharp tip. The god raised his blade and cut at Xiu’s arm.

Xiu slashed at Io. The god did not dodge but instead moved closer to Xiu since the dragon spear’s side is not dangerous for him. He slashed at Xiu’s right arm again, but Xiu changed his weapon into the Burning Desire Demonic Sword. Io’s reaction was so swift that he was able to pull back just as Xiu stabbed his body. Therefore Io only suffered a shallow cut.

Io covered his bleeding side with a hand, looking with surprise at the sword in Xiu’s hand.

“That’s a very good weapon,” said Io, glancing at the wound on his waist. Sighing, he said: “The humanoid form is too fragile.”

Muir finally reacted; he tried to bite Io who was still on top of his body. Io jumped to the side to avoid the black dragon’s bite. The god could not help but look again at his wound. The long, shallow gash was bleeding and was showing no signs of healing. In fact, it seemed to be trying to squeeze more blood out of his body.

The Burning Desire Demonic Sword cast a scarlet light and made a soft humming sound. Xiu’s right arm was injured so he transferred it to his left hand. Muir no longer hesitated. With his Dragon Knight on his back, they attacked the dragon god together.

Io seemed very familiar with the dragon’s typical attack patterns and he easily avoided the black dragon’s attacks. However, Io’s movements were subtly uncoordinated. He did not seem to be good at fighting in his humanoid form. This is a common weakness of members of the dragon race. Coupled with his bleeding wound, Io’s movements became more and more sluggish. Io dodged Muir’s wing and moved away to avoid Xiu’s downwards slash.

The Burning Desire Demonic Sword was only centimeters away from Io’s nose when Xiu changed Qian Bian into the dragon spear, bridging the distance. Io was powerless to dodge.


The dragon god’s blood fell on the pile of treasure. The gold color of the treasure and the red color of Io’s blood merged and formed a beautiful color. Io glanced at his pierced chest then at the black dragon Muir. His eyes were full of praise, like an elder looking at his own child.

“Your Dragon Rider is very good.”

The dragon god had just finished speaking those words when the treasures inside the cave turned into powder that became a blue pillar of light. Enoch, seeing the gold, silver, and gems disappear, uttered a complaint: “Leave a piece of it for this thief to keep as a memento! Where will I ever find so many treasures again!”

Once the portal appeared, the cave they were in started to collapse. Rocks rained down on them. Xiu asked the vanishing Io: “Do you know anything about the god who created the world?”

Du Ze ran closer to them when he heard Xiu speak the words “the god who created the world.” Io’s expression was difficult to describe.

“The God of Creation, if only we could find the father.” Io’s figure faded away, leaving only as sigh and his last words. “Perhaps my race would not be so sad…”

The dragon race was in desperate straits because of their breeding crisis. From the way Io spoke, it seems that he was also looking for the God of Creation. Du Ze wondered if Soth’s words were true and only Bael and Bright knew where the Creator God is?

Du Ze had missed his chance to speak to Bael so now he can only ask the god of light about it. The silly, cute reader began to think of how to make that tsundere BOSS talk. This is a problem.

With the death of the Io, the cave was collapsing faster. The group quickly returned to the hall. Du Ze had formed the habit of looking around at all of the stone platforms. He found the new dragon statue opposite the statue of the undead. It was a statue of a huge Western dragon sitting on the stone platform, its long tail wrapped around itself. It had no defining characteristics to show which type of metal, chromatic, or crystal dragon it was.

The new dragon statue, together with the demon, undead, and human statues, now filled half of the stone platforms in the hall. Du Ze was very excited, he wanted to pull Xiu by the hand to look at it but his outstretched hand was not able to grasp anything.

His hand appeared like a transparent white shadow and passed through Xiu’s hand


The author has something to say: Everyone is currently staging the disaster film “The Start of a New School Term.” Please allow me to make a sad expression.


Translator’s Notes:

- Ahem, to explain the “author has something to say” – there is no such disaster film. The author was simply saying that a new school year has started and the author (jokingly) expects it to be a disaster.

- “Please allow me to make a sad expression” – 请允悲 is shorthand for 请允许我做一个悲伤的表情. It literally means “Please allow me to make a sad expression” but the joke is lost in translation. It’s a Chinese meme/internet slang. It’s used like this: imagine someone is telling you about his/her bad experience, but instead of sympathizing, you find it funny so you are laughing inside; you can’t laugh out loud so you just smile and say “Please allow me to make a sad expression.”

- This chapter was split into 3 because of its length. The next chapter is even longer.

- What do you think is up with Du Ze’s hand?!


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