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The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 78.3 : Reader: Why give up treatment?

Chapter 78.3 : Reader: Why give up treatment?

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The bright arrow shot towards Xiu like a meteor and the force of its passage even cut through space, shortening the gap between it and Xiu. Xiu stretched out his hand to take another arrow from behind him but he only grabbed empty air – his arrows had run out!

“Xiu!/ Little Master!/ My Lord!”

Corellon’s arrow hit Xiu’s left shoulder. If Xiu had not been able to quickly dodge, it would have hit his heart. Xiu pulled the blood-stained arrow out of his shoulder and threw it on the ground. The cold expression on his face seemed to say that this item had nothing to do with him. Corellon did not give him the opportunity to deal with his wound. The remaining elf gods formed an array and Corellon lifted her bow, aiming for Xiu.

Suddenly, a strange thing happened. The golden branches at the center of the altar spread out and grew until, to the shock of the elven gods, they reached out to Xiu and wrapped him up. A soft tip of a branch climbed up to Xiu’s shoulder and secreted a drop of golden sap, instantly healing Xiu completely. Corellon fingers in the bow began to tremble; she could not shoot because the silver-haired elf was protected by the Tree of Life and if she shot at him, the Tree of Life would be harmed.

It was as though a pause button had been pressed. Du Ze looked at the Tree of Life that was being sticky to Xiu and at the elves who were transfixed in shock. He suddenly felt a profound sympathy for them.

What is the protagonist’s halo? This is what is called the protagonist’s halo.

From the present situation, it can be deduced that this Tree of Life that was copied by the Tower of God is the Tree of Life that Xiu had freed of its pollution. Obviously, such a Tree of Life will naturally turn to Xiu. The elven gods at the altar looked at each other then put down their bows. The goddess took down the shield and walked over to Xiu.

“I am the leader of the elven gods, Corellon.”

Corellon introduced herself to all, with the usual coldness of the elf race.

“I will let you go. No more fighting. This is the will of the Tree of Life.”

Xiu interrupted her speech when he saw that the elf was going to end her own life.

“Do you know the God of Creation?”

Du Ze did not realize that Xiu was more perceptive than him. In fact, Du Ze had pinned all his hopes on the tsundere god of light and did not expect to learn much from the other gods. According to what he knew of the Creator God, except for Bael and god of light, it is unlikely that the gods of the other races have seen the God of Creation. But in this Du Ze was mistaken. He opened his eyes wide when he saw the goddess of the elves nod.

“I have seen father God,” said Corellon.

This must be the so-called “from the depths of despair I saw a glimmer of hope.” His surprise was so great that Du Ze was rendered speechless. Xiu glanced at Du Ze and then asked: Can you tell us?”

Corellon looked Xiu up and down. Her eyes were on the gold branches encircling him when she said: “You are recognized by the Tree of Life; you are the elf king of this time. Indeed, you are qualified to know.”

“I am the first elf queen. During the first era, we joined the war between the angels and demons and the war continued until the second era. We allied with the angels but in the face of such powerful demons, it would have been difficult for us to survive that war. Luckily, the father god gave help to my family.” Corellon’s voice was icy cold and only thawed when she spoke of the God of Creation. “He showed up in front of me and taught us a quick way to improve our strength.”

Wait, this means …

“If we remove the excess feelings from our hearts, we will not indulge in idle thoughts and our strength will grow rapidly.”

So it was under the guidance of the Creator God that you decided to throw your superfluous feelings to the Tree of Life?

Enoch scratched his head and frankly uttered his thoughts: “There seems to be something wrong …”

Corellon ignored Enoch’s speech and continued: “That was the father god’s gift to the elf race whose strength was increased and thus became the dominant force in the second era.”

Du Ze almost fell down on his knees. He had been puzzled by the way the elves, who revered the Tree of Life, threw their negative feelings into it as though it was a rubbish bin, thereby creating the “pollution.” These were the Creator God’s instructions! He realized that the “Du Ze conspiracy theory” is right. The God of Creation did this with malicious intent. What shocked Du Ze was that the elves didn’t even notice that something was wrong!

In spite of this very important piece of information, they still don’t know too many details about the God of Creation. Du Ze could not help but ask: “What does the Creator God look like?”

Corellon looked at Du Ze as if this was the first time she had discovered the existence of Du Ze. Du Ze was very accustomed to this. In fact, to all of the people in this world, as long as the protagonist is there, everyone else becomes a sort of flesh-colored background, unnoticeable. Corellon glanced at Du Ze. At first she seemed to think that Du Ze was a minor character and wasn’t going to bother to speak to him but when she was about to retract her gaze, it was as if she suddenly became aware of something. She stared at Du Ze with an expression of shock on her face.

“You- ”

Corellon’s words were cut off as a spider dagger slit her throat from behind. A large amount of blood sprayed out. Corellon fell down limply and the person standing behind her was revealed. It was the spider goddess.

In order to become the Supreme God, the spider goddess came to the Tower of God, but she hadn’t expected that elf race trial would be like this. She had a bad feeling about this elf race simulation. When she saw the elf gods, her premonition of bad things to come came true – Corellon hated her and would certainly not let her go. Fortunately, the silver-haired elf attracted her attention and the spider goddess, who had been lurking nearby waiting for the right moment, finally got her chance to strike a blow.

It happened so fast that no one, including Xiu, was not able to react in time before Corellon was assassinated by the spider goddess. Du Ze watched the beautiful elf fall in front of him and, at the moment that she fell, Corellon’s lips moved. If Du Ze hadn’t learned lip-reading because of his weak hearing, he would have missed her words.

Father … God?

After the leader of the elven gods fell down the green-colored portal appeared at the altar. The spider goddess immediately rushed towards it. She was fast but Xiu moved even faster. The Tree of Life seemed to feel Xiu’s fury and its long branches stretched out to capture the spider goddess. The dark elf’s advantage lies in concealment and assassination. Because of her sense of awe at being directly underneath the Tree of Life, the spider goddess just ran up to the altar and was caught by the golden branches.

Xiu wanted to capture the spider goddess alive, but the spider goddess had just been captured by the branches when a light broke through the void and ruthlessly pierced the spider goddess’ head. Her red blood and gray brains spilled on the ground. They all turned to look at the source of the attack and saw that, unexpectedly, Corellon was still not dead – how great must her hatred be for her to find the strength to lift her bow and shoot that arrow as she lay dying?

Seeing that the spider goddess died by her hand, Corellon smiled joyfully then fell down and transformed into a spot of light that disappeared. There was no time for the group to gawk at the shocking events; the surrounding plants began to wither at a rate visible to the naked eye and the place was about to collapse soon.

The elf goddess was dead and she will not appear again until the checkpoint is reset. Watching a valuable source of information disappear was not easy for Du Ze. Du Ze and Xiu walked into the green light of the portal and, right up to the point that they left, the black-haired youth kept on staring at the spot where the elf goddess vanished, his eyes full of astonishment.


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