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The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 84.1 Tower of God: The Sky City.

Chapter 84.1 Tower of God: The Sky City.

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Translation and editing by readerz

If a story is to happen, first of all, it must have a place.

Du Ze glanced around. He was sitting in a carriage. From the Pegasus pulling the carriage to the exquisite, luxurious body, everything about it was extremely high-end. The interior was covered with rich velvet and carved with beautifully detailed decorations. Its only drawback is that it is too small, just big enough for two adults to sit face-to-face.

After the setting, the characters should be described.

There were a total of three people in that narrow space: the silly,cute reader is sitting on the right side of the wagon with a small protagonist, while opposite them is the blond and blue-eyed arch-rival.

… This is a scene of the destruction of heaven and earth.

At this time Du Ze was extremely grateful that he has facial paralysis. Because of it, even if the rival Eric, sitting on the other side of the carriage, is staring at Du Ze, he can still maintain his elegantly beautiful aloof from worldly affairs image. Even if Xiu, sitting on his lap, is so furious that Du Ze can see his anger gauge rising at the speed of light, about to explode, he can still … ah …

Someone, anyone at all, please change places with this little student! Q口Q

The atmosphere inside the carriage was so oppressive that it was like the calm in the eye of the storm. Some silly, cute person was trembling with fear and trying to make himself smaller. The most terrible thing of all was not that he was the target of the Moe Lord and the rival, but that Du Ze is holding in his hands an image of the two main characters, the doujinshi.

Doujinshi: Don’t you want to come?

Du Ze placed a shield of silence over the evildoer’s brainwaves. He glanced at Xiu and Eric. Two enemies were sitting in that tiny carriage space – the setting, characters, and the premise of the story. Regarding the reason behind this scene, the gloomy and bitter reader thinks that what has happened is more of an “accident” instead of a “story.”

As for why there was such an unscientific and unmagical scene, it was because of the angel race’s trial.

They went through the door of light and emerged in a place with a blue sky and thick, white clouds that seemed quite near. Du Ze had to squint a bit because the light was too bright and saw that they were surrounded by spotless white and gold buildings, all of them large but exquisitely beautiful structures. However, if one were to look more closely at these buildings, it soon became apparent that they are actually pure white and it was only the light that gave them a light gold color. Du Ze waved his hands in the air. There was nothing he could touch but he still felt as though he was surrounded by something unseen. It’s a kind of indescribable sense of being squeezed.

“The light element is too strong, right?” Enoch sneezed. Rubbing his nose, he complained: “This thief can hardly breathe!”

Enoch had just finished speaking when three gold and white feathers floated down. They were woven from light elements and slowly floated in front of Xiu. No one could touch the feathers which fluttered behind Xiu as though trying to find a good place on Xiu’s body to affix themselves to. It gave Du Ze a Moe feeling, as though they were trying to make their own cosplay by giving the Moe Lord a gorgeous decoration.

After a short interlude, the team began to explore, as was their routine. Whether it was the blue sky and white clouds, or that familiar Baroque architecture, this place should be a simulation of the Sky City that Du Ze had been to before. Du Ze hadn’t realized that at first since the Sky City in front of him now was more awe-inspiring and brilliant than what he saw the last time. It’s like the place was announcing that it was the center of the world through its magnificence.

They quickly found a two-winged angel. Old John accosted the angel who showed an indifferent expression until he glimpsed Xiu – upon catching sight of Xiu, the angel’s attitude immediately made a 180 degree turn.

“Honorable Inspector General, the Lord Governor is about to leave soon, you’d better leave at once.”

The angel guided them to the Sky City’s gate where there were many carriages of different sizes. Just then a group of people walked out from the opposite side of the carriages and came face to face with them.

Du Ze: …

Xiu: …

Eric: …

The world fell into a treacherous silence. Du Ze looked across at the sad Son of God and inside his expression was twisted like the Edvard Munch painting, The Scream.

The wild rival has appeared! =口=


Translators Notes:

- The author put in a note at the end that this was the update for today and apologizing for the shortness of the update.

- Edvard Munch painting, The Scream:

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