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The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 86.3 Doujinshi: These are the two most shameless people it has ever seen.

Chapter 86.3 Doujinshi: These are the two most shameless people it has ever seen.

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Incidentally, the silly, cute reader was not able to escape his fate. After they finished their dinner, the Moe Lord enjoyed him.

Du Ze practically bit his quilt, crying out and weeping. His waist was extremely sore. The Moe Lord’s dragon form was very strong. He would frankly speak of his **** and put it into action, without restraint.

But what he used was strength, not coercion. Du Ze knew quite well that if he really refused, Xiu would never force him.

Because of a silly, cute person’s social disorder and the Moe Lord’s unprincipled fanboy behavior, Xiu was always able to do such things to his family’s silly, cute reader.

“There is still a little time before dawn.” Xiu licked the sweat from Du Ze’s neck. “Let’s do it again.”


All night long, even after his 0-point restore, they had continued to do this. Moe Lord, you have to restrain yourself!

Du Ze did not dare to protest that he was too tired, because if he protested too hard, Xiu will feed him his blood. Dragon blood is one of this world’s most precious and effective potions. Not only can it restore HP, it can even give stat boosts. Buffed by the dragon blood, Du Ze’s battle rating rose from 5 to 10 (still noob level) and improved his hearing. Although his hearing was still a bit weak, at least he didn’t have to use his headphones. With the help of the dragon blood, a silly cute person, after being loved for one night can remain awake and his waist was just sore instead of painful.

Xiu withdrew slightly then stuck his finger into Du Ze’s body. Because their bodies had been together for so long the j□j was somewhat swollen. Xiu could feel the softness and wetness of that place. His eyes grew redder with desire.

Because of his scruples, during the entire night the silver dragon had only half-entered… but greed is the nature of the dragonkin. This race has never been good at restraining themselves. Even if they get a lot, they still always want more, like a ravine that can never be filled.

“Du Ze …” Xiu bit Du Ze’s ear. “I want to go in all.”


Crab said: We must purify the heart and lessen desires.


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