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The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 87.2 Protagonist: This will be great, let’s do it

Chapter 87.2 Protagonist: This will be great, let’s do it

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Translation and editing by readerz

Finally, they climbed down from the carriage with Xiu carrying Du Ze in his arms. A silly, cute person thought about this situation for just half a second then immediately decided to close his eyes and pretend to be dead – he accidentally fell asleep so the Moe Lord was kind enough to carry him out of the carriage. That was the pure and chaste image he wanted to present to the world.

As to why the sleeping person had purple love bite marks on his neck … Please pay no attention to such small, trifling details!

Du Ze originally wanted to just pretend but he unexpectedly fell asleep for real. When he woke up, his view was full of silvery scales. He saw the teardrop-shaped scales that were folded outwards and the silver dorsal fin on the silver dragon’s long neck. Du Ze’s eyes met Xiu’s eyes that looked like top quality rubies and he realized that Xiu had changed into his dragon form.

“Where are we?”

“The Palace.” The silver dragon folded its wings and said: “They prepared a separate room for me.”

It seems that because of the difference in their seniority, the Moe Lord no longer has to play with Eric. Du Ze propped up his upper body; his lower half was still a little weak. He looked up at the sky, puzzled – it shouldn’t be night-time right now? His headphones have electricity so originally he thought that the current time was after his 0-point restore but his limp body told him that it was not so

Du Ze asked Xiu: “What time is it?”

“It will be dusk soon.”

It’s the afternoon? A silly, cute person was shocked. The outside looked the same as night-time, all things were covered in darkness and the brightest thing in the room were the seven feathers on Xiu’s body – wait, seven?!

“You didn’t collect light elements today?”

Xiu’s red eyes narrowed: “No.”

Huh? Du Ze was gently caressed by the silver dragon’s paws as he listened to Xiu explain what had happened. After the Fifth Layer’s Archon was removed from his office, when the governor and the others arrived at the palace, the Archon of the Fourth Layer immediately handed over a chest to curry favor with them. The governor was very pleased. He took the chest without further ado and took all of the light elements.

[System: Ding! The governor’s feathers have increased by +1. He is rank one. You still need to acquire 16 feathers before you overtake him.]

WT*! This little student and the Moe Lord ran around for a day collecting light elements to produce half a feather but that tsundere just has to throw a tantrum to get someone to give him more light elements?!

“We had to run around too much before, so our collection speed was slow,” said Xiu. “This time I asked the soldiers to collect all of the light elements of a region then move on, but they said that they would need the governor’s permission to totally exhaust the light elements in an area.”

Xiu seemed to be dissatisfied with using his paws. The silver dragon’s touch is a little insensitive because his skin is covered with hard scales so instead Xiu used his tongue to touch Du Ze. The silver dragon is huge compared to Du Ze and his tongue was half the size of Du Ze’s body. Du Ze was licked by the soft tongue and his entire body immediately became wet. The slick fluid had an almost musky odor but the feeling of wearing wet clothes was uncomfortable. Du Ze grabbed his pants that had almost been licked off and tried to continue chatting: “Then what happened?”

“That person wouldn’t give his permission so I’m not going.” Having confirmed that using the tongue is better than the claw, Xiu quickly ended the conversation then used his claws to remove Du Ze’s wet clothes and carefully licked his own silly, cute person.

Du Ze had been licked by the silver dragon before, but it was too dark to see anything that time. Now, Xiu was surrounded by a halo of light from the feathers. Du Ze was frightened when the silver dragon open his mouth – it was big enough to swallow him whole.

The dragon’s one-meter-long tongue wrapped itself around Du Ze and licked him up and down. Du Ze’s whole body became slippery as Xiu kept on licking him until every bit of his skin was wet. Whenever a part of his skin was about to become dry, Xiu would thoroughly lick it again. His skin was licked until it was pinkish all over but it seemed as though Xiu still wasn’t satisfied. A silly, cute person thought that the look in the silver dragon’s eyes was that of an extremely hungry person, as if he wanted to gobble up this treat.

At that moment Du Ze fully understood why the Moe Lord didn’t use this form when it would have been very convenient in the past trials. This form has no moral integrity at all! Even though the demon form was also difficult to handle, at most the demon would bully him, but the dragon form will absolutely not stop!

Probably because he knew that he had been quite ruthless with Du Ze during the carriage ride, or because the exercise in the carriage today had made the Moe Lord contented, the Moe Lord licked until he had tasted enough then let go of a silly, cute person.

Being licked until he was covered in a clear musky liquid made Du Ze feel as though he would slip and slide if he tried walking. In addition, he was mentally exhausted from the double **** stimulation and his body had not recovered yet. Tired, Du Ze pillowed his head on the silver dragon’s long neck then closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The report on the second day went as usual and there were no problems. The Archon of the

Fourth Layer did not take out an extra treasure box but the governor did not say anything because he had already received a chest of light elements.

Eric seemed a bit preoccupied. Du Ze couldn’t help but look at him a few times but snapped back his head whenever Xiu noticed him looking.

“Don’t worry about him,” said Xiu. He made a hmph sound. “That trash followed me yesterday. I left with the soldiers but came back without having collected anything.”

Du Ze looked at the dark daytime sky. Due to the excessive harvesting of the light elements, even though noontime should be the brightest time of the day, the Fourth Layer’s sky was dim as though it was just after dawn. The collection of light elements and the constant spread of the darkness, forcing tower climbers to gain glory by writing it in the blood of others – this must be torture for the virtuous son of god.


Translator’s Notes:

- Some people asked why the last two scenes were censored when the others were not. It’s simple: in fact all of the other “special” 🍌 chapters were locked in the original web novel. I don’t mean VIP or password locked, I mean that they were censored and therefore unavailable.

- You guys are lucky since you have gotten ten special 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 chapters. Tsk, tsk, and some people complained about how I was “making things difficult with passwords and stuff.”

- The title is 就这么愉快地决定. This is apparently a meme from the Japanese otome game Tokimeki Memorial. Since I have never played the game and this line seems to be a funny mistranslation of some sort, I don’t get it.

- Uh, I’m unsure what it means by “the dragon form will absolutely not stop” (when Xiu was licking him) I think it means he is “insatiable” but it could also means he is relentless… and Du Ze finds it difficult/impossible to refuse him.

- Thanks for reading.

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