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The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 90.3 – Protagonist: I have special customs clearance skills.

Chapter 90.3 – Protagonist: I have special customs clearance skills.

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Du Ze looked at Xiu beside him; Xiu looked calm and composed even in the midst of the intense battle. With the Kabbalah’s help, Xiu is invincible. However, powerful figures often have an Achilles’ heel. This fearsome mechanical puppet has an equally terrifying energy requirement – three godheads, countless dragon energy crystals, and tons of rare materials are needed to power the Kabbalah for a day.

Once again, the god of light’s body was restored. He and the Kabbalah are in a tug of war. A war of attrition is the specialty of the support-types and the god of light can win the battle by fighting the Kabbalah until its energy runs out.

“Can you make an elemental seal?” Xiu suddenly asked Rachel.

Rachel was startled, then nodded respectfully and replied: “Yes, but it will take a little time.”

“Go and seal the temple.”

“Yes, sire.”

The demons spread out and began to cast the sealing magic. The god of light noticed what they were doing and wanted to stop them, but he was blocked by the Kabbalah. Whatever bit of attack magic that leaked through was intercepted by Muir and Old John.

A purple-black magic circle was drawn on the floor of the temple, like a desecration of holy ground. When it was finished, Rachel inserted two knives into the center of the magic circle to activate the seal. The entire temple was completely enclosed by a transparent membrane. Now the elements outside of the seal wouldn’t be able to enter, nor would the elements from inside be able to leave the enclosed space. At the same time, Kabbalah shattered the god of light’s ultimate spell then used its palm to protect Xiu, Du Ze, and the others.

At the last second, right before they were covered but its hand, Du Ze looked up and saw that the mechanical puppet had opened its mouth wide. The shadow of its hand then covered Du Ze’s vision so he couldn’t see what was happening outside. He felt a series of vibrations as the god of light used its light attacks on the Kabbalah, but even when it was attacked, the Kabbalah was motionless as it protected everyone with its hand.

When the Kabbalah raised its hand to release them, Du Ze looked around in confusion – was he still in the Kabbalah’s hand? He was no longer in a glorious temple; everything around him was dark. Du Ze looked up in wonder at the huge mechanical puppet. Did the Kabbalah swallow all the light elements in the temple?

Since the god of light can not die as long as there are light elements, then the all of the light elements must be removed.

The Kabbalah reached out to the god of light. This time, there are no light elements to restore the god’s body and when the mechanical puppet reduces him to powder, there won’t be a resurrection.

“Don’t kill-”

Du Ze had only spoken half of the sentence when the Kabbalah’s hand crushed the god of light. Du Z’s heart seemed to stop for a moment – there were many things he wanted to ask the god of light. For example, what did he mean when they spoke when they were in Sky City? And also, what about … the God of Creation.

Xiu glanced at Du Ze then turned his face away. Du Ze saw that the Kabbalah was kneeling with its fingers curled towards its palm, holding the god of light who Du Ze thought the Moe Lord had destroyed. The Kabbalah was holding the god of light by his wings, as if it was presenting a gift to Du Ze.

Du Ze couldn’t help but look at Xiu, but he found that the other person had turned his face away. All Du Ze could see was one tender, white cheek. Du Ze knew that the Moe Lord greatly detested the god of light and that the subject of the God of Creation was also a dangerous minefield. Even so, Xiu restrained himself from killing his enemy and allowed Du Ze to ask the god of light about the annoying God of Creation.

Du Ze’s heart was moved. In order to repay the Moe Lord for his kindness, a silly, cute person decided to be quick about it. He walked towards the god of light.

The moment Du Ze came near, the god of light, unable to move, jerked his head up and looked at Du Ze with an unreadable expression on his face. “It’s you.”

Because he wasn’t good with words, Du Ze went directly to the point: “Do you have any news about the God of Creation?”

Just like the other gods who ruled their pantheon, the god of light was a bit surprised when Du Ze asked about the Creator God. However, when he had regained his composure, there was no confusion in the god of light’s eyes. It was clear that the god of light thought that it was normal for Du Ze to ask about the Creator God

“Of course I know.”

Du Ze felt the blood in his veins speed up its circulation. He stared intently at the only god who seemed to have a real clue about the Creator God. Du Ze’s heart was excited by the revelations that were sure to come: “Tell me.”

“I will tell you.” The god of light and Du Ze looked at each other, eyes burning with intensity. The god looked almost eagerly at Du Ze, as if the black-haired youth was the devil who could grant him vengeance at the cost of his soul. “But only after you kill him!”

Even though he didn’t say a name, everyone knew who the god of light was referring to. Except for the people directly involved in this matter, the others felt that it was funny – how could Du Ze kill Xiu?

Of course, Du Ze rejected the god of light’s terms just as they had expected: “I will not kill Xiu.”

“Don’t you want to know more about the God of Creation?”

Du Ze shook his head. His tone of voice was very natural when he spoke, as though was saying something that was common sense that needed no explanation nor justification. “Even if I cannot get the information about the Creator God, I will not kill him.”

–I’ll never kill him, even if I have to stay here forever.

The god of light gazed at the black-haired youth. That person has once again rejected his proposal.

Even in the face of great difficulty, for that heretic, that person would give up his desire and would follow that heretic without complaining.

“Ha-ha …” That’s ridiculous. It’s quite ridiculous. “I changed my mind. I will inform you of your relationship with that person.” ”

This person is obviously, obviously…

“You are the one who was chosen by the Creator God. There’s only one way to kill the heretic. You are that way.” The god of light’s lips curved up in a twisted smile. “The reason why I had you taken to me is because the Creator God told me that you were chosen for only one purpose – to kill him!”

The god of light’s voice echoed in the darkness and passed clearly into the ears of everyone there. Du Ze stood still while the others stared in amazement at him, even Xiu. It was this moment of shock that the god of light was waiting for.

Suddenly, an eye made of light appeared. After the first eye opened, a second, then a third, then countless eyes opened in the darkness. They were everywhere, in every direction, watching all of the living creatures in the center of the temple. The Kabbalah no longer pinched the god’s wings because his wings dissolved into points of light that were absorbed by the ball of light in front of the god’s chest.

Du Ze stared at the eye-shaped sphere in disbelief – Verdict?!

No, although it is similar to the original Verdict that Lilia used in the Sky City, the eye in front of the god of light was more delicate and terrible. It was as though this was the true form of that skill.

“This is my weapon, Verdict.”

It really is Verdict!

Du Ze stopped breathing when he heard the god of light’s words. Verdict is the angels’ most powerful weapon. The user sacrifices his life to power it. Xiu was almost killed by Verdict before. Yi Ye Zhi Qiu did not write a detailed description, but he wrote that once the Verdict was locked into a target, that person cannot avoid its deadly attack.

“Don’t look-”

When he heard Du Ze’s warning, the god of light whose body was disintegrating smiled mockingly: “The real Verdict doesn’t need to lock on its target that way.”

In the middle of the countless eyes, half of the god of light’s face dissolved, but even that half showed his malice.

“Because this weapon does as it is commanded.”

The god of light said: “You are dead.”

His words were true; the moment he said this sentence it became reality.

“Du Ze…!”

A sudden pain made Du Ze’s face twist. He gritted his teeth hard enough to break them, as if to drive away that terrible pain. Cold sweat made his black hair wet. Du Ze breathed shallowly and quickly. His vision was turning black. The Verdict had opened its eyes, ready to shoot out black light.

Why does it hurt so much? The Verdict hasn’t launched its attack yet but it seems as though countless rays of light had already pierced through his body; he felt like a piece of cloth that had countless large holes in it.

Warm red liquid flowed down from his forehead into his eyes. Du Ze lifted a hand to wipe it away. When he saw the big hole in his right hand, he was stunned.

Why can he see through his palm? Why is he bleeding? Why is it so painful – it’s like he is just a bit of tattered cloth!

“That’s Verdict. Once it’s activated, it can’t be stopped.” The god of light’s voice was subtly mocking, the voice of someone who was laughing at other people. “Its primary trait is that it always hits its target, no matter how that person tries to defend or evade.”

The corners of the god of light’s mouth spoke of his satisfaction and insanity right before he disintegrated completely.

“I finally killed you, ha … haha … “

… No way … How could Xiu die …!

The ominous words of the god of light were more painful that his wounds. The black-haired youth tried to lift his heavy eyelids to look for Xiu.

He had just heard Xiu calling him…


A large amount of blood poured out, the heat of life flowing out of his body. The dark eyes all around him silently witnessed the death of the black-haired youth.

Before he died, Du Ze was not able to see the one he cared about the most.

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