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The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 92.4 Reader: I want to see you become God.

Chapter 92.4 Reader: I want to see you become God.

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When the God of Creation appeared, Du Ze knew that something bad was going to happen. He knew that the God of Creation was basically a gift that “the rules” gave to Xiu as a prize for finishing the trials.

Xiu looked at the Creator. Du Ze wanted to talk to Xiu but the angel at his side suddenly changed into his human form while the God of Creation became like a shattered crystal statue.

Du Ze didn’t know what had happened, but an unspeakable fear took his breath away – he immediately tried to grab Xiu’s hand, but his hand passed right through it. It was similar to that t time during the dragon race’s trial. Du Ze’s hand was transparent, like an insubstantial shadow.


He is going to disappear.

A surge of intense fear and panic momentarily overcame him. He quickly regained his composure but it still felt as though there was a Sword of Damocles hanging over him.

He looked at the place where the God of Creation had vanished. Only a cluster of transparent “flames” remained. The colorless objects could only be sensed because of the slight distortion in its background. It was burning like a flame, with an inexhaustible power.

This was the Creator’s Godhead. Suspended in the air was a power that can make one into the Supreme God. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that this power must be absorbed soon. Otherwise it will explode, destroying everything.

There’s no turning back now. The blood in Du Ze’s body seemed to congeal and his heart hurt as though twisted by a pair of pliers. Regardless of whether Xiu became the Supreme God or not, the result would be the same – Du Ze’s disappearance.

Xiu looked back and saw that Du Ze’s face was too pale. He frowned and stretched out his arm to circle Du Ze’s waist. Xiu took the black-haired youth in his arms.

“Don’t worry.” The handsome young man with blue eyes smiled. The sound of his voice was like a beautiful fairy tale coming to an end: “It will be over soon.”


Is it the end? Du Ze leaned on Xiu’s chest. The heat of Xiu’s chest and Xiu’s steady heartbeat helped Du Ze slowly regain his composure.

His black eyes flashed as he made a decision. Du Ze had never been as desperate as he was at this moment – he wants to be with Xiu. If he isn’t able to change the fact that he will disappear, then he has to find a way to return. The God of Creation was able to summon him from the “outside.” When Xiu becomes the Supreme God then he should also be able to do that. The only difference between them is that the God of Creation understood the truth of this world.

The God of Creation was the first person to discover the truth. Xiu doesn’t have this advantage, but Du Ze can tell him the truth directly. Du Ze gripped Xiu’s sleeve. He wanted to tell Xiu the truth about this world but when he opened his mouth, he found he couldn’t speak. It was as though a microphone had suddenly been turned off.

Du Ze was very familiar with this type of situation. The invisible force was preventing him from speaking. In the past he didn’t know why, but now he knew that it was because of “the rules.”

“The rules” won’t let him speak the truth because it involves the world’s operating system. It was like a defensive instinct.

But …

The God of Creation told him: “You are an existence that is higher than this world. Naturally, you don’t have to follow ‘the rules’ of this world.”

Therefore, “the rules” can’t truly stop him from speaking. It only made him think that way by making it hard for him to speak.

In the past, Du Ze was deceived by this; he thought that it was impossible to speak. Now he is going to work his way past that difficulty, breaking “the rules” of this world: “…., … I … “

A strange sound issued from this throat as Du Ze fought to speak. The invisible force fought him for some time before it was defeated.

Du Ze finally felt his throat loosen. There was no more restriction on his speech.

“… I am not from this world.”

When he heard Du Ze speak, Xiu’s expression showed his confusion. Du Ze was about to explain but Xiu interrupted, puzzled: “Just now … what did you say? I can’t understand that language.”

It was like a pot of cold water dumped over his head, freezing him down to his heart and lungs. He thought that he could break “the rules” to tell Xiu the truth, but it turned out that he was just too naive.

He forgot that he and the people of this world weren’t using the same language. “The rules” couldn’t prevent him from speaking, but it could cancel the translation magic. As a reader, Du Ze can understand all of the languages of this world but the people of this world need the translation magic to understand him.

That invisible force was telling Du Ze again: You are a reader. You don’t belong in this world.

It’s time for you to leave this world.

Xiu’s pupils contracted. He used his fingertips to wipe the corners of Du Ze’s eyes. “… Why are you crying?”

Was he crying?

Du Ze stretched out his hand to try to see if there were tears but his hand touched Xiu’s hand. He covered the back of Xiu’s hand with his.

“Xiu …”

“What is it?” said Xiu.[1]

As long as it’s not the truth of this world, “the rules” won’t stop him from speaking.

Du Ze leaned his face against the palm of Xiu’s hand. His eyebrows tensed; a frown revealed his pain.

“… I like a story very much.” Du Ze whispered: “I like it very much. So much that I wanted it to become real. But someone told me not to be silly. A story is only a story. It’s only make-believe. How can it become my reality?”

Du Ze looked at his favorite person. With a gentle voice that started trembling at the end of the sentence, he asked: “Do you understand?”

Xiu was silent for a moment. He did not answer Du Ze’s question right away but twined their fingers together.

“I also have a favorite story.” Xiu smiled and used his finger to write a line of text in the air with wind elements. “If it were this story, I will make it real.”

—— Du Ze and Xiu will be together forever.

The pale blue words glowed. Their light wasn’t dazzling but the sight of it was too hard to bear. Du Ze closed his eyes. His heart spasmed, making his lips tighten into a straight line.

Du Ze, don’t leave me.


Do you believe me?

I believe you.

You have to look at me.

I’ve always been watching you.

Du Ze, I like you.

I like you, too.

The colorless Godhead had gradually expanded, clearly on the verge of exploding. Du Ze freed himself from Xiu’s embrace and urged Xiu to hurry. “Let’s go.”

Xiu stood up. He stared at Du Ze without blinking. “Du Ze, why did you just cry?”

Du Ze avoided meeting Xiu’s eyes. He looked around at the hall and saw the others who had fallen – Muir, Rachel, and everyone else had all died by the verdict. “… I thought of Old John and Ariel. They’re all gone.”

It’s not a lie, but it’s obviously more of an excuse. Xiu accepted the excuse out of consideration for Du Ze.

“When I become a god.” Xiu took the black-haired youth by the hand and walked forward. “I will be able to save them.”

“That’s great.”

—— Good, even if he can’t come back, there will be people to accompany this person.

Du Ze lowered his eyes and freed his hand from Xiu’s grasp. Xiu stopped and look back at Du Ze standing behind him. Du Ze said. “You go first.”


“Do you remember what I said?” The black-haired youth blinked, eyes misty with nostalgia: “The first time we met.”

Du Ze pressed on his headphones and said, using the same intonation and expression in his memory: “I want to see you become god.”

[… Your purpose?

In the distance past, the Lich questioned the black-haired youth who expressed his good intentions towards the Lich. The black-haired youth’s answer was absurd.

“I want to see you become god.”]

This absurd notion will now become a reality.

Thinking of that past scene, Xiu’s eyes crinkled and he smiled gently. His eyes were full of affection and the desire to indulge his beloved.


The blond-haired, blue-eyed young man strode forward, just as he always did, determined to never give up even when he suffered a lot of hardships in the past.

Du Ze, from behind, watched unblinkingly as Xiu went to the throne. His gaze was almost greedy as he looked at that person’s magnificent figure.

—— Witness how the young man will awaken his lineage, experience happiness and hatred, and finally set foot on the road to becoming a god.

His empty heart leapt and Du Ze pressed a hand on his aching chest. The corners of his lips curved up in a smile and his tears fell.

Goodbye, Xiu, goodbye.

Xiu’s fingers touched the colorless object. In an instant, light bloomed inside the hall as Xiu slowly absorbed the godhead. His eyes glowed. The power that was now in his body was indescribably immense. If he wanted to, he could easily destroy the world at any time. Supreme Power has brought him paramount privileges. In the entire Chaos Continent, there was no one who can defy Xiu.

Xiu smiled with satisfaction. Most importantly, he will always be with Du Ze.


A faint sound came from behind him. The Supreme God turned around.

“… Du Ze?”

Behind him, there was nothing. Only a ring was lying there.

1. Actually, he just said “en” (嗯).

2. 好 – “good”

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