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The Record of Unusual Creatures (Web Novel) - Chapter 1509: Just Another Day

Chapter 1509: Just Another Day

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Hao Ren did not get the drift until Raven 12345 explained, “It is impossible to recover Noobie using conventional methods now. You need patience. She is changing as she interacts with you all. I do not know what kind of ‘personality’ she will acquire eventually, but I guess she will be communicable one day. By then, you can encourage her to open up her mind. Even if she cannot, it is always good for Vivian to keep engaging her. There is an inextricable connection between the two. Vivian might be able to recover the lost memory through this linkage. Of course, I am merely giving suggestions here, it is up to you whether to listen or not.”

Hao Ren thought it made sense after listening to the goddess’s analysis.

“I agree.” Vivian nodded and looked at the tiny Malevolence who covered her head with her hands. “Noobie is now a person with emotions. She might not be complete yet, but she has the right to live.”

“I also agree with this point,” Hao Ren said. “Sheis harmless, anyway.”

Raven 12345 waved her hand, and her figure slowly faded. “As such, I will leave it you guys then. I have to take care of a few things about world peace.”

After the goddess’s figure was gone, Hao Ren could not help but mutter, “Taking care of a few things? I have a not so good feeling about that.”

Vivian smiled. “She is the goddess; we cannot possibly understand her work. If you have nothing else to do, stay, and help me out. I don’t even remember where the oil, salt, sauce and stuff like that are now after being absent for so long. It has been like a lifetime ago.”

Hao Ren nodded. He found a large basin, filled it half-full with water, and let Lil Pea swim in it, and then helped prepare the vegetable. “Those guys outside just lie there and do nothing. They have been like that since staying in the divine realm a few months ago. Instead, it was we who have to cook for them—did they forget that we almost died earlier?”

“You sound like you have never lain idle outside just now. Who else can we count on when it comes to cooking? Only Nangong Wuyue could help with washing the vegetable. But she is in the bath now.”

“I wonder why water element like he likes to bathe in water; after all, she is a bunch of water herself. She could just eat some activated carbon, and she will be clean.”

“Oh, what are you talking about? If so, are you going to give Y’zaks a twenty-four-hour supply of magma since he is a Flame Demon.”

Hao Ren’s mouth twitched. “Our family is a little too complicated.”

Vivian smiled faintly. “Yes, our family.”

Vivian and Hao Ren chitchatted like husband and wife who had married for decades while getting the breakfast prepared. Hao Ren enjoyed the current pace of life. At first, he felt such life lacking excitement. But soon he realized that after what had happened during the 10,000-year journey of traveling back in time, he started to enjoy to live a peaceful life—both of them together.

On the stove, Noobie had sensed that the terrible sense of presence had left. She looked up and around, raised her hands, and shouted at Hao Ren. “Hah!”

No one cared.

After shouting a few times more, Noobie stopped. She started to roam around the countertop, climbing up the stacks of plates and bowls and exploring under the stainless-steel drying rack. Noobie occasionally fired corrosive energy bolts randomly. It was as if she was enjoying the ‘adventure.’ But she was so much weaker now compared with when she first arrived. It was especially apparent when Hao Ren and Vivian saw her for the first time again after a few months of absence.

Hao Ren and Vivian deliberately ignored this tiny Malevolence, but they secretly observed her behavior. They found it entertaining. They had never been so concerned about Noobie because at first, they thought it was useless to try to understand a creature that lacked logic and thought. It was only becoming more apparent to them that Noobie was changing after Raven 12345 reminded them.

In less than ten minutes, the tiny guy fell twice on the countertop, fired 12 counts of corrosive energy bolt, two of which exploded in her hands. She hit herself on the head twice when crawling under the rack and knocked down a pepper bottle. The most incredible thing she did was that she tried to pick up the pepper bottle.

Noobie tried for a moment and then gave up the idea when Lil Pea sprayed water at her, diverting her attention.

“She would definitely not do this previous.” Hao Ren pointed at Noobie with his chin and whispered.

“She knew nothing except behaving destructively last time. Now she knows she needs to put things back.”

Meanwhile, Noobie lunged at Lil Pea when provoked. But the little mermaid overpowered Noobie and whacked her hard in the water.

“That’s enough, the two of you.” Hao Ren quickly separated the two. “You know you are weak yet behaving so truculent. Lil Pea, why did you still want to provoke this guy when you know she was mad? Come here, help me wash the vegetable.”

Lil Pea caught the vegetable that Hao Ren threw into the pot and began washing. “She looks so stupid!”

Noobie retaliated verbally with a “Ghsss! Bibiubiu.”

Hao Ren as speechless.

After calming the two kids down, Vivian suddenly said, “Are you free these two days?”

“Yes, what happened?”

“I plan to summon the Crimson Moon in two days,” Vivian said casually.

Hao Ren was surprised. “Huh? Why will you want to do that out of a sudden?”

“I am not. Did we not want to do that previously? I had prepared many potions when the distortion of space and time happened.” Vivian sighed. “I will check the potions I have prepared before, hope they are still useable.”

It reminded Hao Ren of what he learned about potions previously. He pointed at the refrigerator not far away. “Do not worry, they have not gone bad definitely. Have you forgotten that the time on Earth has stood still before? Even vegetables and fruits are still fresh. But are you sure you can do that now? We have just come back from 10,000 years of time travel. Are you not tired?”

“I am tired, but I will recover after a couple of days of rest. The discovery of the crystal deep in the consciousness space has been bothering me. I know I will not sleep well as long as I do not figure out the relationship of the Crimson Moon and the crystal.” Vivian smiled, appearing confident. “No worries. Summoning the Crimson Moon is not that difficult for me anymore.”

Hao Ren took the vegetables handed over by Lil Pea, and curiously asked, “Do you mean your strength has increased after recovering those Malevolences?”

“Yup. I still need some time to adapt to it, but I can really feel the improvement of my strength. With the abundant magic as backing, years of experience, and no more disturbance from the dark side of the soul, summoning the Crimson Moon has become like summoning any other magic. It is a little more powerful than conventional magic. Yeah, let’s call it the killer magic.”

Vivian tried hard to speak as emotionless as possible, but she could not hide her pride. She was happier than before after getting rid of the burdens of the Malevolence and pollution of the soul. At least, she had learned how to swagger subtly.

Hao Ren could see that but did not say it out directly. He just smiled. “Since you insist, I will arrange it. Should we stick to the earlier plan of placing the test site on Aerym?”

“I am okay with that.”

So, it was such decided.

“Let’s eat!”

Hao Ren took a big pot of rice out from the kitchen. Everyone was hungry and scrambling out. They were all at the dining table in the blink of an eye. Lily jumped from the sofa and landed directly at the table. Nangong Wuyue screamed when seeing this dangerous stunt.

“Let’s eat. Let’s eat.” Lily beat the table, eyes shimmering in golden glow and tail wagging uncontrollably. Beside her was Rollie, who was also pounding the table. Rollie had climbed onto the table, but Nangong Wuyue grabbed her tail and dragged her back.

As Vivian directed a swarm of bats carrying dining wares to the dining table, she shot Lily a glance. “Stop banging the table.”

“I cannot help it. I have not eaten your dishes for a long time.” Lily said. “I ate only noodles for the past few months at the goddess’s place. It was so salty that even Wuyue has become a salted fish.”

Hao Ren’s mouth twitched. “Raven 12345 has nothing except noodles.”

As the meal was served on the table, Noobie climbed up curiously. She strolled between the steaming food and finally came before a plate of stir-fried garlic meat.

Hao Ren and Vivian observed the little guy curiously, wondering of Noobie had also changed in her taste bud.

Noobie reached for a large piece of meat and studded it in her mouth before spitting it out.

She screamed madly.

Hao Ren was struck dumb.

It seemed that Noobie still had a long way to go on the road to changes.

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