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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 952 - Do You Know Me, Little Girl?

Chapter 952: Do You Know Me, Little Girl?

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As Tao Yunyun stood beside Mo Qian, she silently clapped in her heart when she saw the bodyguards, who were dressed uniformly in black, rush into the room.

She was waiting to see how Nian Xiaomu would get thrown out.

It would be best if Zheng Yan got thrown out with her too. If that was the case, she could see how she could still continue to mix in City N’s high society.

She was pondering over these thoughts gleefully, and it hadn’t crossed her mind that she would have to suddenly take over this mess…

All of a sudden, she had forgotten how to react.

She only snapped back to her senses when two bodyguards headed forward and grabbed onto her arms.

“Uncle Mo, do you have the wrong person? Nian Xiaomu and Zheng Yan were the ones who created the scene, whereas I am the victim!”

Tao Yunyun’s voice was extremely loud and ear-piercing.

Mo Qian’s eyes deepened and he ignored her howling and cries.

He waved his hand coldly and gestured to the bodyguards to throw her out of the ballroom.

The experienced assistant who was standing beside Mo Qian spoke immediately.

“This party is organized by the Mo Family, we hope that everyone will conduct themselves with dignity. We will not hesitate to immediately take anyone who creates a scene out of the ballroom!”

This sentence was phrased in a very careful manner.

This meant to say that the Mo Family did not care about a feud between the Zheng Family and the Tao Family.

They did not care who had taken the first move either.

They only focused on the one who had done the provoking and created a scene first.

Tao Yunyun was the one who had caused the scene, and hence it was fair that she was thrown out.

At the same time, this decision had also stunned the rest of the guests. The next person to create a scene would have the same embarrassment of being thrown out.

Nian Xiaomu was caught unexpected by Mo Qian’s move.

Even Zheng Yan was taken aback too.

With her mouth slightly agape, she was still in a daze after a long time. After Tao Yunyun had been dragged out, she could not help it and leaned into Nian Xiaomu’s ear and asked in a soft voice, “Would I appear to be too evil if I said that she deserved it?”

Nian Xiaomu turned around and looked at her. “No, because I wanted to say that she deserved it too!”

Just as Nian Xiaomu was whispering in Zheng Yan’s ear, she suddenly realized that a dark shadow had cast down on her.

She instinctively turned around and met Mo Qian’s extremely gentle eyes.

She was stunned.

However, Mo Qian had already spoken. “I would like to have a chat with Young Master Han and Miss Nian if the two of you have the time now.”


Nian Xiaomu wasn’t sure of Mo Qian’s thoughts and dared not reply to him.

Even though Mo Qian was the main target of their trip, today’s matter was certainly very expected.

Furthermore, the disarrayed and unclear images were still circling in her mind…

Reaching out, Nian Xiaomu grabbed onto Yu Yuehan’s pinkie finger and turned around obediently to look at him.

As Yu Yuehan’s lips curled upward, he opened his thin lips and said, “Our pleasure.”

The three of them left the ballroom together and entered the lounge.

Tea and snacks were served the moment they sat down.

There was red wine, fruit juice, snacks and fruits—it was complete with everything.

Yu Yuehan could sense Nian Xiaomu’s nervousness, As such, he continued to hold her hand even after they had sat down on the sofa.

Mo Qian sat alone on the sofa opposite them.

They waited till everything had been served and everyone had exited the room.

As Yu Yuehan was younger in age, he took the initiative to pick up a glass of red wine and gestured at Mo Qian in respect, “President Mo, thank you for doing us justice earlier on.”

“Don’t mention it, Young Master Han.” As Mo Qian picked up the wine glass, he took a small sip and spoke.

“I didn’t do that for you.”


Yu Yuehan’s eyes narrowed when he heard the sudden sentence.

Just as he was about to ask him what he meant by that, Mo Qian placed his wine glass down. Then, he turned around to look at Nian Xiaomu and cleared his throat.

“Little girl, why were you staring at me earlier on? Do you know me?”

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