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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 953 - A Kind Reminder

Chapter 953: A Kind Reminder

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Mo Qian’s gaze appeared to be very calm and little emotion could be detected in his sharp eyes.

It was as if Nian Xiaomu was a complete stranger to him.

He had asked her this because he noticed, earlier on, that her gaze toward him was filled with emotion. As such, he couldn’t help it and wanted to find out what she had been thinking.


Nian Xiaomu, who was hiding her thoughts in her heart, was stunned by his question.

She was originally wondering if she should find a chance to privately ask Mo Qian if he knew her.

She wanted to know if he was her father.

However, Mo Qian’s reaction had already struck her hard before she could clear her doubts.

She immediately froze on the sofa and was clueless about how she should react.

He did not know her…

As such, he might not be her father.

How could a father not recognize his daughter?

However, what if Mo Qian suffered from amnesia?

Nian Xiaomu raised her head suddenly and pursed her lips in reply, “President Mo, may I ask if you were ever injured, thus resulting in you forgetting some things? What I mean is, you had suddenly forgotten some things that you were supposed to remember, or rather…”


Seeing that she was a little anxious, Mo Qian parted his lips slightly.

He spoke in a very certain tone and there wasn’t a single tinge of hesitation.


He could not be her father since he had not suffered from amnesia.

Nian Xiaomu tilted her head and all the broken images flashed past her eyes.

Mo Qian sat with his legs crossed and asked calmly, “Little girl, you still have not answered my question. Do you know me?”

His gaze turned gentle when he noticed how she knitted eyebrows and pondered.

He stared at her and did not rush her into answering him.

Finally, her low voice sounded, “I don’t know you, just that I have a feeling that I have met you before. Perhaps I have remembered it wrongly.”

“You are so young but your temper certainly isn’t small. So many of the big bosses of the business industry were present earlier on, and you actually dared to openly challenge the Elder Miss of the Tao Family. You are in City N, and the Tao Family holds a powerful status here. Aren’t you afraid that the Tao Family will seek revenge on you?”

Tao Yunyun was indeed a person who was sharp and unkind with her words. Along with that sinister and malicious look of hers, Nian Xiaomu did not doubt that she might seek revenge on her.

Mo Qian’s words were a kind reminder to her.

She immediately seemed to have thought of something as she pointed at Yu Yuehan with her wine glass in hand.

“You were so daring earlier on because you have a backup, right? To be honest, I did help you guys out and did not blow up the matter earlier on. Shouldn’t you guys do a formal introduction of yourselves too?”

Yu Yuehan’s lips curled upward when he heard this.

He wrapped his arms around Nian Xiaomu’s shoulder without hesitation and spoke.

“President Mo, stop making fun of us. This is Nian Xiaomu, my fiancée.”

Mo Qian raised his eyebrows at the loving tone in his voice which could not be concealed.

“Even the Young Master Han, who is rumored as someone who does not lust after woman, has got a fiancée. This is an interesting piece of news. This little girl here seems to possess a great deal of courage and insight, which noble family do you come from?”

Mo Qian asked as he looked at Nian Xiaomu gulped down the glass of red wine in one shot.

As their eyes met, Nian Xiaomu subconsciously matched his resolute face to the images in her mind.

She bit her lips forcefully.

“I have forgotten.”

“Eh?” Mo Qian was taken aback; he didn’t seem to have caught her reply clearly as he stared at her again.

Nian Xiaomu repeated herself and said, “I have forgotten everything that has happened in the past. I don’t remember my own family members, and I don’t know if my family still remembers me either.”

As Nian Xiaomu said this, she stared at Mo Qian with a burning gaze.

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