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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 954 - Rather Gloomy and Depressed

Chapter 954: Rather Gloomy and Depressed

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Her helpless gaze seemed as if she was a child waiting for her family to collect her.

It made Mo Qian feel rather stifled just watching her.

He instinctively picked up the wineglass in front of him and started drinking.

Then, he started to chat with Yu Yuehan about their business collaboration.

Nian Xiaomu sat aside listening to them talk, and rarely spoke a word.

She merely picked up her wineglass and sat there quietly.

She occasionally raised her head to take a look at Mo Qian, then lowered her eyes again, trying to compare his face to the one she saw in the flashes of memories she recalled.

She had originally thought that if Mo Qian was her father he would at least have some reaction when he saw her.

Now, Mo Qian did react but merely in a way to show that he did not know her.

It suddenly occurred to her that she had made a mistake.

She might have been so anxious to find her own family that based on the fuzzy memories that had popped up in her head that she mistook a man she saw as the man that had appeared inside her head, right?

But, how about the woman she saw?

Could that possibly be her mother?

“President Mo, I heard your wife is a divine beauty. I wonder if she attended tonight’s party? I would really love to see her.” Nian Xiaomu asked at an opportune moment.

Once her words landed, Mo Qian’s face instantly changed.

It turned rather gloomy and depressed.

His whole aura changed.

“She’s not around anymore.”

These four words left one with plenty of room for imagination.

Nian Xiaomu was unable to react for a moment.

What did he mean by ‘not around’, did it mean that she had already left today’s party, or…

“Sorry, I’m not feeling very well. I’ll excuse myself now.”

Mo Qian very quickly stood up from the sofa, and after briefly straightening his suit, he briskly walked away.

Inside the lounge, only Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu were left.

Nian Xiaomu instinctively turned to look at Yu Yuehan, still troubled over what Mo Qian had meant by his earlier words.

“Did you think of something? If not, why did you suddenly mention Mrs. Mo?” Yu Yuehan placed his wineglass down and explained to her, “From Mo Qian’s reaction earlier, Mrs. Mo has probably passed away.”


Nian Xiaomu’s whole body shook with surprise and her eyes widened in astonishment.

It seemed that Mo Qian wasn’t even fifty yet, why would his wife have passed away so soon?

“You don’t look very well, let’s leave this place now.”

Yu Yuehan pulled her up from the sofa and turned to take her out of the lounge.

When they left the lounge, Zheng Yan was right outside waiting for them.

She rushed forward towards them as soon as she saw them come out and asked anxiously, “How was it? Mo Qian didn’t give the two of you a hard time, did he? Why does Xiao Mumu’s face look so ghastly?”

“… I’m fine, I just want to go back to the room to rest.”

Nian Xiaomu managed to reply with some difficulty, yet her face was still ghastly pale.

It was evident that she was struggling to hold up.

Yu Yuehan’s thin lips were pursed tightly and he had his arms wrapped around her as they headed outside the ballroom.

“Let me go with you guys!”

Zheng Yan followed them without any hesitation.

The only reason she had attended the party was that she was following her father’s orders.

The person who should have come instead was that jerk, Zheng Hao. But, being intelligent as he was, he knew that since the Zheng Family ran their business independently, they wouldn’t be able to please anyone at the party held by the Mo Family. Since he hadn’t dared to come, this was where his sister came in.

If no one from the Zheng Family actually dared to come, it would only show their guilty conscience.

Hence, for the sake of the Zheng Family’s name, Zheng Yan could only brace herself to attend.

Now that she had made her appearance, she could take her leave, having accomplished her task.

Without any hesitation, she left together with Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu.

“Xiao Mumu, are you really alright? You don’t look very well. Should we go to the hospital to have a check? I know of a private doctor who’s quite skilled!”

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