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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 955 - Stalking

Chapter 955: Stalking

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Zheng Yan asked worriedly as she watched Nian Xiaomu breaking out into a cold sweat.

Once her words were spoken, Nian Xiaomu had yet to utter a word when Yu Yuehan muttered, “Lead the way.”

“… Oh, oh. My car’s just parked at the carpark of the hotel. We can drive there ourselves.” As she spoke, Zheng Yan bent down to raise the hem of her gown and held onto it as she walked.

She then turned around and elegantly led the way for them.

While they had left the event early, Yu Yuehan left his assistant behind to tie up the remaining ends.

They got into the car with Zheng Yan driving.

As her high heels would affect her driving, she took them off once she had got into the car and took a pair of spare slippers to change into. She then started the engine and drove the car out of the hotel.

She even mused, “Look at me, the honorable Zheng Family’s Big Missy, being reduced to a driver. You two had better be grateful!”

After remarking, Zheng Yan took a glance in the rear mirror.

She saw Nian Xiaomu resting in Yu Yuehan’s arms, all covered in sweat and unable to utter a word. She instantly started to worry about her.

What’s going on? Wasn’t she doing fine a while ago? Why does she seem as if she’s in so much discomfort?

Yu Yuehan wrapped his arms around her even more tightly, and in a lowered voice said to her, “Nian Xiaomu, don’t think about it. I don’t care what you’ve recalled, just don’t think about it anymore. You hear me?”

“My head… hurts…” Nian Xiaomu barely managed to mutter between clenched teeth.

She looked as if she had been rescued from deep waters and had been completely drenched.

When she opened her mouth to speak, some traces of blood were visible at the edge of her teeth.

It appeared that she must have been coping with the intense pain by clenching her teeth to the extent that her gums were bleeding.

Looking at her frail state, Yu Yuehan’s heart was aching as he held onto her tightly as if he wanted to swoop her into his body and help her to share the burden of this pain.

“Drive faster!”

“I’m speeding already, this is the city area so there’s a speed limit, Brother!” Zheng Yan complained but still stepped on the accelerator with all her might.

The car suddenly sped like an arrow leaving the bow and flew forward at an incredible speed.

“If we get a speeding ticket for this, I won’t take Xiao Mumu’s money, but do remember to compensate me okay, Young Master Han!”

With a life at stake, Zheng Yan couldn’t care less and was completely focused on driving.

As they were about to reach her friend’s private hospital, she finally heaved a sigh of relief and turned around to comfort her.

“We’ll be there at the next road junction. Xiao Mumu, bear with it…”

Zheng Yan was not done speaking when her eyes seemed to have noticed something and her pupils constricted.

She then grabbed onto the steering wheel more tightly than before.

She also took the chance to get a glimpse of the rear mirror and said cautiously, “Young Master Han, although I don’t wish to be so pessimistic, my instinct tells me that there’s a car following behind us. And there’s more than just one…”

As she spoke the atmosphere in the car instantly tensed.

With a somewhat unconscious Nian Xiaomu in his arms, Yu Yuehan raised his head slightly and turned back to look.

There were indeed two cars behind them.

They were not exactly near them, so they couldn’t tell who was driving.

Zheng Yan cleverly tried to change lanes to test out their hunch and realized that the two other cars changed lanes too and continued to follow her car. Her heart instantly sank.

Zheng Yan slapped the steering wheel with force. “Just what we need at this juncture. If I say that I kind of regret bringing you both to the hospital, will I seem like an ingrate?”

“Where’s your friend’s hospital?” Yu Yuehan asked calmly.

His calm tone sounded as if regardless of what was going to happen, his judgment would remain completely unaffected.

“At the next road junction. After turning at the junction, we’ll reach it after going straight for another 500 meters.”

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