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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 958 - Her Eternal Heartthrob Couldn’t Get Away

Chapter 958: Her Eternal Heartthrob Couldn’t Get Away

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Amongst them, a few even fished out foldable knives from their pockets.

Under the moonlight, the razor-sharp knife blades reflected rays of light.

A terrifying sense of fear loomed ahead.

At first, Nian Xiaomu had thought that these people had been sent by Tao Yunyun to get back at them as she was indignant about being humiliated in public.

But, at this very point, seeing the knives they wielded, Nian Xiaomu’s heart instantly sank.

Various scenes that had previously happened when they were in City N suddenly flashed in her head…

It was not a coincidence.

This was definitely not a coincidence!

Someone was out to kill her…

Her instinct told her that these people were after her.

If Yu Yuehan were to block them from her, he would be in danger!

Nian Xiaomu forcefully tried to push open the car door, but it wouldn’t open.

She exclaimed in her deep voice, “Zheng Yan, let me get out!”

Zheng Yan was stupefied by her sudden outburst. “Xiao Mumu, I know that you’re worried about Young Master Han. But, if you get out now, not only won’t you be able to help him, but there’ll just be one more person in danger. Young Master Han has said, no one must get out of the car. I can’t let you get out!”

Zheng Yan was a very stubborn person.

She had promised Yu Yuehan she wouldn’t unlock the car doors for Nian Xiaomu to get out, no matter what.

Seeing so many people crowd around Yu Yuehan, she could only sincerely pray for the police to arrive soon…

“Young Master Han, you must do your best! It’s time to display your actual skills. Whether you can be my eternal heartthrob depends on this one time! You must hang in there no matter what!”

Outside the car, the man which Zheng Yan was referring to was cornered by over a dozen people but there was not a hint of fear on his face.

He took off his suit jacket and was unbuttoning his sleeves in a slow and composed manner.

The leisurely and composed attitude he had made him appear as if he did not take anyone before him seriously.

“Brothers, show him what we’re made of!”

A random person hollered.

The crowd started waving their baseball bats and aiming them at Yu Yuehan.

With a loud ‘clang’ Yu Yuehan, who was supposed to have been smashed into mincemeat, had dodged away swiftly and pounced onto one of the men. The baseball bats ended up smashing against each other.

Not even the hem of his shirt had been touched.

The man that Yu Yuehan had leaned towards, however, did not expect that Yu Yuehan would dare to pounce on him.

His eyes narrowed and he tightly grabbed onto his small knife, aiming it at him!

Yu Yuehan’s eyes sank as in the split of a second, he grabbed onto the man’s wrist and wrenched it tightly!

“Argh, argh, argh! My hand!”

Yu Yuehan then took the chance to throw a forceful kick at the man, pushing him a long way.

At the same time, he turned around and threw a punch at another man who was beside him.

Everything happened at the speed of lightning.

The people, who had originally crowded around Yu Yuehan in a circle, gradually went down with every slick and clean move Yu Yuehan made.

In a matter of seconds, three of those hooligans had gone down.

What was more maddening to them was that they had yet to even touch the hem of Yu Yuehan’s shirt!

The rest of the people had a feeling that Yu Yuehan was not a pushover, so they started exchanging looks with one another.

They changed their target to the two women inside the car.

No matter how impressive Yu Yuehan was, he was ultimately one person.

If the ten of them were to go in different directions, they wanted to see who he could successfully protect!

Immediately, every part of the car was being attacked by baseball bats.

With a loud smash, the glass at the back passenger seat was shattered.

“Nian Xiaomu!”

Yu Yuehan rushed forward and kicked away the man who had smashed the glass and anxiously leaned forward at the car window, trying to check if she was hurt.

He had just lowered his head when he heard Nian Xiaomu’s panicked voice.

“Yu Yuehan, be careful!”

Yu Yuehan turned back, and a sharp knife blade was right before him!

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