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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 959 - Your Idol Is Here

Chapter 959: Your Idol Is Here

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Without any hesitation, Yu Yuehan raised his hand to block the knife, and the sharp blade of the knife instantly slashed his arm.

Blood splattered onto the man’s face.

The man was about to retreat when Yu Yuehan grabbed onto his arm and forcefully twisted it.

After he had let out a loud scream, the small knife in his hand immediately fell to the ground.

The following second, his whole body was sent flying away by Yu Yuehan who threw him a powerful kick. After rolling over the ground twice, he instantly passed out.

Before Yu Yuehan could even handle the wound on his arm, someone else was waving a baseball bat, about to aim it at him.

With a few consecutive waves of the bat, he had almost hit him.

Nian Xiaomu was about to scream frantically as she watched this, but managed to suppress herself by covering her mouth, out of worry that he would get distracted by her.


A few people were crowding around Yu Yuehan, while the rest were still trying their best to smash the car.

The glass at the back passenger seat had already been shattered, and a hand stretched inside and grabbed onto Nian Xiaomu’s arm!

Zheng Yan exclaimed in terror, “Xiao Mumu…”

“I’m fine, don’t let out a noise. Don’t let him hear it!”

Nian Xiaomu turned to remind Zheng Yan. She could not care less that she was feeling unwell, she was trying to prevent Yu Yuehan from getting hurt again.

She raised her head to look at the man who had grabbed onto her arm, her eyes filled with coldness.

With both her legs rested on the car door, when the man pulled the door open from the outside, Nian Xiaomu suddenly exerted all her force, hauling the man forward!

With a loud ‘bam’, the man was caught off guard and his whole body slammed against the car door.

Nian Xiaomu reached out to grab her handbag which was left on the car seat and started using it to powerfully hit the man’s face.

“You dare to hit my fiancé?!”

“You dare to hit the father of my daughter?!”

“I’ll beat you to death!”


Having previously learned defense skills, Nian Xiaomu’s strength was already greater than most girls.

Her movements were tactful and quick.

Within a few hits, the man before her was dizzy.

He retreated a few steps and after reaching out to touch the blood from his nose, his eyes rolled and he passed out instantly!

What a goddess!

Not only was she good at housekeeping and socializing—she could defeat the mistress and even beat up hooligans!

She was simply an idol!

Nian Xiaomu’s hand was aching from beating the man up, and the moment she threw her handbag aside, something flashed past the corner of her eye and she started screaming frantically.

“Zheng Yan, be careful, ahead!”

As she spoke a man jumped onto the bonnet of the car.

He was wielding a baseball bat and started to smash the car windscreen with force.

The windscreen which was already cracked from being hit earlier on could no longer stand the impact.

Nian Xiaomu lunged forward and swiftly helped Zheng Yan, who was momentarily stunned, to unbuckle her seat belt.

She then dragged her to the back of the car.

Once they had reached the back seat, the windscreen had been completely shattered and all the fragments had landed on the front passenger seats.

Zheng Yan patted her chest to comfort herself from the fright.

If not for Nian Xiaomu, who had reacted quickly to pull her behind, she would have been completely squashed at the front of the car.

What was more important was, a man holding a baseball bat stood at the front of the car!

Seeing the two women shift to the back of the car to hide, he immediately jumped off the bonnet of the car and went to the back seat. He then worked with another guy to prepare to smash the glass at the back of the car.

“We can’t just sit around and await our doom!”

Upon sight of the critical situation, Nian Xiaomu bit her lip tightly.

Yu Yuehan was still trapped amongst a few other men.

Those men had already seen through his weakness, and intentionally had not beaten him up, but merely cornered him.

Then they got a few other men to deal with him.

The moment something bad happened to her and Zheng Yan, Yu Yuehan would definitely lose it, and those men would be able to deal with him.

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