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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 960 - It’s Time to Display Your Real Charms

Chapter 960: It’s Time to Display Your Real Charms

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Yu Yuehan had been distracted by worrying about Nian Xiaomu and Zheng Yan; his arm had been slashed and he had suffered a few hits on his body as well.

Having been hit by the thick end of a baseball bat, Nian Xiaomu felt the pain from just watching him!

Even though the pain was on him…

But, her heart ached terribly for him!

“Zheng Yan, are you scared of death?” Nian Xiaomu suddenly asked.

Zheng Yan glanced at her and replied, “No, I’m not!”

“Then, I won’t beat around the bush. Look over there, there’s a baseball bat. When I open the car door in a minute, you…” Nian Xiaomu leaned over to Zheng Yan and instructed her softly.

After ensuring that she was fine with it, she unlocked the car doors on the count of three.

The instant the car door was pushed open, Zheng Yan jumped out like a rabbit.

“One of the women has run away. Quick, give chase!” The two men near the car instinctively ran after Zheng Yan.

Nian Xiaomu got out of the car and was able to reach for the baseball bat that had dropped beside the man whom she had knocked out earlier.

She then fished out a small knife from the man’s pocket and took it with her.

Thereafter, she dashed in Zheng Yan’s direction at the speed of light.

“Xiao Mumu, help! I can’t run any longer…”

Nian Xiaomu had almost caught up with her when she saw Zheng Yan standing at the roadside with her hand supporting the street lamp, gasping for breath.

Behind her, the two men were slowly nearing.

Nian Xiaomu’s eyes narrowed and she quickly ran ahead with the baseball bat.

When she saw the two men had turned around, she took the chance and waved the bat, knocking out one of them.

She then threw the small knife in her hand to Zheng Yan and remarked, “It’s two of us against one of them. We have the advantage, no need to be scared!”

Zheng Yan caught the small knife she threw over despite almost cutting herself with it.

Even with the knife in her hand, she was unable to put on a daunting demeanor to intimidate others. “Xiao Mumu, if at this point, I admit that I’ve never even killed a cockroach before, you won’t laugh at me right?”


“Don’t look at me with such a belittling gaze. I’m the mighty Zheng Family’s Big Missy. All I’ve ever learned is manners and etiquette, who would have taught me how to fight? Moreover, don’t beauties always have hunks to protect them when they go out? Why would I go around fighting with others?”

Zheng Yan defended herself indignantly.

Nian Xiaomu then pointed to the man before them. “Beauty, it’s now time to display your real charms.”


“You brats, you two can’t run away anymore! I urge you to be sensible. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being harsh towards women!”

“I surrender! I’ll surrender immediately. Please don’t hurt us…”

Zheng Yan responded before Nian Xiaomu could say anything.

She then threw away the small knife in her hand and straightened her skirt, as well as her hair which had got rather disheveled from escaping.

She was originally a natural beauty.

The beauty she possessed was a kind of natural seductive charm. With every blink of her phoenix-like eyes, she could steal one’s soul away.

At this very moment, the man before her was completely taken in by the timid and meek attitude she had put on.

Raising the hem of her skirt, Zheng Yan made a gesture of surrendering herself as she slowly approached the man.

When she was right before the man, her leg suddenly slipped and she lunged forward onto the man, hugging onto his neck in a panicked manner.

“Aiyo, that totally scared me…”

Her sweet and affectionate voice was enough to make one melt.

Having been in the industry for so long, the man had probably not seen such a divine beauty with such delicate skin.

With his neck being hugged by her, it was as if he was turning light-headed.

In the next second, a baseball bat was waved in the air, hitting the back of his head.

The man’s eyes widened for a split second before he passed out completely.

After he went down, all that could be seen was Nian Xiaomu, who remained in the posture she had used to hit him.

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