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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 961 - Yu Yuehan, I Love You!

Chapter 961: Yu Yuehan, I Love You!

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Raising her hand, Nian Xiaomu gave Zheng Yan a hi-5 and said, “Perfect!”

Zheng Yan dusted her hands and gave a kick to the man who had collapsed on the ground. “I will castrate you if you dare take advantage of me!”

Nian Xiaomu hurriedly held her back as she was about to give him another kick.

“Don’t beat him now, let’s go back and check on Yu Yuehan!”

By the time they returned, Yu Yuehan was the only one still standing on the ground. The rest of them… Had all collapsed.

Yu Yuehan exuded a strong, murderous aura as he stood in the middle.

It was as though he was a general in the midst of a battle whose eyes had turned red from all the killing.

He seemed a little strange.

He did not react to Nian Xiaomu, despite her calling out to him twice.

All of a sudden, Nian Xiaomu noticed that his injured arm was bleeding and her heart tightened.

Picking up a small piece of a knife from the ground, she cut her dress and hurriedly ran forward to bandage his wound.

However, Yu Yuehan took a step backward the moment she touched him.

“Yu Yuehan…”

Nian Xiaomu stood still on the ground.

She stared at him with a confused look.

Yu Yuehan’s blood-filled eyes became a little calmer when he met her clear, bright gaze.

Immediately after, he seemed to have recognized her as he reached out and drew her into his embrace.

He hugged her so tightly.

“Were you hurt?” He asked in a hoarse voice.

“I am good, I am not injured. Your arm is bleeding, let me get your wounds treated now.” Nian Xiaomu yelled anxiously as he hugged her.

Yu Yuehan did not release his grip after he heard this.

Instead, he lowered his head to her forehead and took in a deep breath.

The familiar scent soothed his restless heart.

With a gloomy voice, he said, “Nian Xiaomu, don’t you ever go out of my sight without my permission again. Do you hear me?”


Nian Xiaomu was dumbfounded.

However, she understood what he meant in no time.

He had panicked because she had run away just now.

Apart from having to prevent those men from chasing after her, he had to worry about her safety at the same time…

All of a sudden, Nian Xiaomu stood on tiptoe and kissed his lips.

She cupped his face with both her hands.

Seeing that he did not react, she gently brushed the tip of her tongue past his lips and said, “Yu Yuehan, I love you.”

Yu Yuehan’s eyes enlarged!

A passionate look akin to a raging fire burst through his eyes.

He grabbed onto her waist.

Nian Xiaomu’s face immediately turned red and she fidgeted a little.

“And so, are you going to allow me to treat your wounds now so that the person who loves you can stop worrying about you?”


However, Nian Xiaomu did not manage to treat Yu Yuehan’s wound in the end.

The police and the assistant had arrived at the same time.

It just happened that their location was very near to the hospital where Zheng Yan’s friend worked.

The delegation was quickly sent to the hospital.

Nian Xiaomu and Zheng Yan were not seriously injured and only had a few abrasions.

On the other hand, the slash on Yu Yuehan’s arm was very deep and he had bled a substantial amount especially after the vicious fight. As such, he would need to be kept under observation.

There were also a few spots on his body with bruises that had been inflicted by a baseball bat.

He was lucky that he had not suffered any serious injuries.

However, the bruises would need to be massaged for a few days before they would disperse…

Nian Xiaomu accompanied him for the checkup; she waited till all his wounds had been treated and he had lain down on the hospital bed.

At this time, she was already like a red-eyed rabbit as she squatted beside his hospital bed and stared at him with teary eyes.

As Yu Yuehan was forced to lie down on the bed, he cast her a glance and suddenly asked, “Nian Xiaomu, did the doctor say that I was dying earlier on?”

Nian Xiaomu replied, “Touch wood, don’t spout nonsense! You wouldn’t die so easily, the doctor said that a destroyer like you would live for a millennium to a ripe old age!”

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