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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 962 - Emerging from the Deep Ends of Her Memory

Chapter 962: Emerging from the Deep Ends of Her Memory

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Yu Yuehan replied, “In that case, why are you displaying a sullen face, as though you are attending a funeral?”


Forget it if his wounds hurt like mad!

At the very least, she would not be teased by him just because her heart was aching for him.

Even though Nian Xiaomu was cursing him silently in her heart, her actions did not match with her thoughts as she picked up the cup of water on the table and carefully fed him.

Yu Yuehan stared at Nian Xiaomu, who seemed to be very keen on taking care of him, just as she would take care of a child. As she put the cup of water against his lips, he raised his eyebrows but still cooperated and drank it.

He felt very comfortable being taken care of and subconsciously wanted to cushion the back of his head with his hand.

He had forgotten that his right hand was injured. As such, his expression changed the moment he stretched his wound.

“Does your wound hurt? I’ll call the doctor over!”

Nian Xiaomu placed the cup of water on the table and stood up anxiously.

However, Yu Yuehan had already grabbed onto her with his uninjured hand before she could take her first step out.

“I am fine, I just accidentally stretched my wound.”

“Are you really fine?” As Nian Xiaomu paused, she turned around and cast a doubtful glance at him. She seemed to be worried that he would refuse to tell her the truth because of the so-called man’s pride.

Her doubtful stare made Yu Yuehan’s heart stifle.

“Nian Xiaomu, one day you will be the death of me!”

“Good, if I am the death of you, I can get hold of all your inheritance. I can use the money to keep many, many, young and handsome men, wouldn’t life be beautiful like that?!”


He had almost been forced to his death!

He had also decided to drag her along to be buried with him before he died!

When Zheng Yan walked into the VIP hospital ward, the first thing she saw was two people, who had just escaped from death, discussing the topic of who would die first.

“Can you guys respect this place? This is a hospital, aren’t you guys looking down on the doctors’ medical skills by discussing the topic of death at a place that amasses doctors?” Zheng Yan said teasingly.

With her arms folded, she walked forward and took a glance at Yu Yuehan, who was lying on the hospital bed.

“Don’t worry, you won’t die from mere injuries on the skin. However, we might really lose our lives if the people who had wanted to kill us are not found!”


The expressions of the trio in the hospital ward turned grim at the mention of this topic.

The police had already taken their statements and brought the 14 people back for investigation.

Yu Yuehan had sent the assistant to follow up on this matter, but there were no updates yet…

Yu Yuehan held onto Nian Xiaomu’s hand and asked worriedly, “Does your head still hurt? Shall we call a doctor to examine you?”

“My head no longer hurts, it’s just throbbing a little.”

Nian Xiaomu knew that she could not hide anything from Yu Yuehan. As such, she told him about her condition truthfully so that he would not get worried.

Ever since she had met Mo Qian, lots of random images would constantly swarm up in her mind.

She felt a sense of familiarity in those images.

However, even after thinking hard, she could not recall anything.

Those scenes were so realistic that it seemed as though she had personally experienced them before. However, there wasn’t a single memory in her mind.

When Mo Qian mentioned that Mrs. Mo had already passed away, her heart felt as if it had been forcefully strangled by someone.

It was a heartbreaking kind of pain!

Her head had also started to hurt, so much so that she was trembling all over!

Even though she could hear Yu Yuehan telling her worriedly to not think about it, she could not control the outburst images that were swirling around in her mind.

Until she witnessed him being trapped by so many people and getting hurt after that…

The worries in her heart had way surpassed her desire for the truth.

All of a sudden, her head did not hurt as badly as before. However, her temples were still throbbing a little—it was as if something was about to emerge from the deep ends of her memory.

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