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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 963 - Suffering from Terminal Illness vs. Losing One’s Mind

Chapter 963: Suffering from Terminal Illness vs. Losing One’s Mind

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“Let the doctor examine you.” Yu Yuehan said in a calm yet firm tone.

The worry in his eyes could clearly be seen.

Seeing that she was still standing rooted to the ground, he lifted the cover and got off the bed. Then, he reached out for his coat.

“Yu Yuehan, the doctor told you to rest in bed for further observations!” Nian Xiaomu exclaimed when she saw him getting off the bed.

Yu Yuehan wore his coat and walked to her side. Then, he pulled her up while Zheng Yan navigated the way.

Zheng Yan stared at his bandaged arm, then took another glance at the hand that was holding onto Nian Xiaomu. Swallowing her saliva, she automatically turned around and walked ahead of them.

Nian Xiaomu could only walk on tiptoe as she was being dragged along.

If she tried to stop, he would grab the collar of her shirt and continue walking.

Nian Xiaomu was like a terrified little chick.

“Yu Yuehan, your right hand is injured and the doctor has told you to not exert too much force. It is very easy to catch an infection if your wound tears apart again…”

Yu Yuehan replied, “I will only require my left hand to drag you along.”


In the doctor’s office.

It was a clean and neat environment with white walls all around them.

A simple medical device was placed near the wall while a wooden office desk sat in the middle of the room.

Thick stacks of medical books and reports could be seen on the desk.

There was also a blooming cactus plant on the corner of the office desk.

The environment of the room naturally soothed the nerves of anyone who came in.

The bespectacled middle-aged doctor sat at the office desk as he stared at Nian Xiaomu, who sat in front of him.

Then, he took another look at Yu Yuehan who was standing behind Nian Xiaomu with the posture of a door deity.

He asked, “Is Miss Nian usually very reluctant to see a doctor?”

Before Nian Xiaomu could reply, he added, “Hiding a sickness for fear of treatment is not a good thing.”


Her reputation had once again been ruined by Yu Yuehan.

After the doctor had had a brief chat with Nian Xiaomu, he lowered his head again and took a look at the health check-up report in his hand. He took a long look at it and did not speak.

The three of them got increasingly nervous when they saw his solemn expression.

Zheng Yan said, “It’s just a CT scan of the brain, why are you taking so long to look at a check-up report? Surely it isn’t a terminal illness of any kind?”


Yu Yuehan replied, “I don’t think she is suffering from a terminal illness, she might have just lost her mind.”


Were they having a good time being sarcastic to her?

Couldn’t they respect the patient?

She currently felt as though she was waiting for sentencing by the judge. How could they be in the mood to joke around!

“Relax, Xiao Mumu. We were merely afraid that you might have a heart attack from being so scared so wanted to help you to relax a little.” Zheng Yan comforted her. At the very least, she still had a conscience.

Yu Yuehan knitted his eyebrows when he saw that the doctor had taken a long time to respond.

“What exactly is the matter?”

“Young Master Han, don’t worry. Miss Nian’s brain is fine.” The doctor finally placed the check-up report in his hands down.

Reaching out, he removed the glasses from his nose and looked at Nian Xiaomu.

“The health check-up showed that Miss Nian’s brain is fine; the reason you have constantly seen foreign images in your mind might be due to your recent mental state. Have you been under great stress in recent times? Or have you been agitated in any manner?”

The doctor paused then continued speaking.

“Based on what you said, you have lost all of your memories after getting injured three years ago. However, I have done a concise check on your brain and I did not discover any signs of previous damage. As such, I am guessing that you did not lose your memory three years ago due to a brain injury. Your mental health might have suffered a huge shock and hence the protection system in your mind had been activated and resulted in selective memory loss. In medical terms, this is also known as Psychogenic Amnesia.”

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