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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1448 - Whatever One Fears Always Comes

Chapter 1448: Whatever One Fears Always Comes

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Mo Yongheng?

What has it got to do with him?

Nian Xiaomu raised her head in confusion and only then did she realize that although Mo Yongheng had come with them, he had not entered the house.

Mo Chengliang was worried that too many people around would affect Mo Chengxian while he rested so he had not let Zheng Yan follow them in.

Nian Xiaomu had originally wanted to put in a few words for Zheng Yan but before she could, Mo Yongheng had already remarked that he would come in later to see the elderly head, and could then stay outside to accompany Zheng Yan.

Zheng Yan was fine with it. Just being able to see the elderly head from afar and know that he was healthy was enough for her. It wouldn’t have been a wasted trip for her.

She was now being her loud and casual self as she squatted at the door of the courtyard, with both hands on her cheeks and rambling on about something.

She seemed extremely overjoyed.

She was smiling so hard that her phoenix eyes were in a straight line.

The two were side by side with Mo Yongheng not speaking a word and with his hands tucked inside his pockets. He stood extremely straight before her, listening to her rambling silently, with an unfathomable gaze in his eyes.

It seemed as if he had instantly felt everyone’s focus on them.

Mo Yongheng turned to look into the house and with a sudden realization, Zheng Yan followed his gaze and stood up, looking into the house.

Mo Chengxian did not say anything but simply gestured with his hand for Mo Yongheng to enter.

“You go in first. I can wait here for a while, it’s okay.” Zheng Yan hurriedly rushed in upon seeing the elderly head’s gesture.

Mo Yongheng merely turned to look at her and muttered lightly, “Let’s go in together. The elderly head wouldn’t mind.”

With that, he pulled Zheng Yan into the house.

Mo Chengliang had wanted to say something about it but seeing that Mo Chengxian did not object, he did not stop them and simply allowed both of them in.

On the other hand, Zheng Yan did not expect that Mo Yongheng would suddenly pull her in. After she came back to her senses, she hurriedly retracted her hand from his grip and retreated a few steps to make herself less visible.

The Zheng Family was the Mo Family’s guardian family. Although there wasn’t any fixed status of servant and master between them, in front of the Mo Family’s elderly head, most people apart from Nian Xiaomu would definitely fear his imposing manner.

Zheng Yan was no exception!

She had seen Mr. Mo from afar once when she was young. His imposing manner back then was enough to scare her to tears even though he did not say a word.

Since then, every time she saw Mr. Mo, Zheng Yan would act like a mouse that had seen a cat and would hide whenever she could!

She originally had thought that the elderly man had been sick for such a long time and would not be that scary. But, once she went near him, that naturally imposing manner that he had still made her terrified.

After greeting Mr. Mo, she simply stood in an inconspicuous corner just like Yu Yuehan did.

However, her movement unexpectedly allowed Mo Chengxian to notice Yu Yuehan standing beside her. He had been trying hard to attract less attention to himself.

Mo Chengxian narrowed his eyes and sized Yu Yuehan up from head to toe and noticed what an outstanding young man he was!

Although he had intentionally tried to make himself less attractive, his whole figure exuded an aura of elegance which could not be produced through one’s wealth or status, but through an air of haughtiness coming from within.

This young lad was not bad at all!

If he had met him years ago, he would probably have wanted to bring him back to the Mo Family to raise him to give to his precious granddaughter in the future.

But, now…

Mo Chengxian suddenly thought of something and asked abruptly, “Xinxin… this is?”

His finger was pointing to Yu Yuehan.

Although he was old and sick, he was not blind.

He remembered that this young lad had come with his precious granddaughter. Did they know each other? What relationship did they have?


Whatever one fears always comes.

On the way here, she had worried that her grandfather would ask about this. And now, he was really asking about it.

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