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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1452 - Come On, Let’s Hurt Each Other~

Chapter 1452: Come On, Let’s Hurt Each Other~

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Mo Chengxian completely ignored the rest of the people and had his attention on Mo Yongheng. Seeing that he kept silent the whole time, he called him again.

Hearing his words, Mo Yongheng seemed to suddenly snap back to his senses.

He turned to look at Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu, then turned to look at Zheng Yan beside him who had no reaction at all…

His eyes darkened slightly and a flash of light flickered in his eyes.

His lips parted slowly as he replied,

“I was raised single-handedly by the elderly head. I’ll listen to the elderly head’s arrangement.”


The one that collapsed this time was Nian Xiaomu and it was to the extent that she could not even get up with others’ help.

Hearing Mo Yongheng’s words, she almost wanted to go forward to bite him to death.

In the end, she could only slump down on the floor and pant in anger.

This was blind loyalty!

If the elderly head asked you to die, would you go and do so?

Nian Xiaomu knew the answer without even asking this question. Mo Yongheng would definitely do as the elderly head told him to.

Now, he wasn’t dead but she was almost driven mad by him!

Nian Xiaomu was clearer than anyone else that Mo Yongheng didn’t like her, so he couldn’t possibly want to marry her. He had obviously had the chance to reject it earlier!

Well, now he had pushed both of them on the path of destruction.

What on earth was he trying to do?!

Amongst those that were present, probably only Qi Yan could still keep his composure after hearing Mo Yongheng’s answer.

Even Tan Bengbeng had her eyes widened in shock, much less Zheng Yan, who had been confident that Mo Yongheng would definitely reject it but eventually had to hear such an answer from him.

Her figure swayed slightly and retreated a few steps, almost breaking her own high heels.

Her beautiful phoenix eyes were filled with disbelief and staring at Mo Yongheng who stood right before Mr. Mo.

At this point in time, it was as if she completely did not know this person before her…

“Great! Great!”

The only one present who was elated was Mr. Mo.

He grabbed onto Mo Yongheng’s hand agitatedly and patted the back of his hand, assuring him continuously.

“I’ll… decide…, it’ll be for your own good!”

“Yes. Thank you, elderly head,” Mo Yongheng’s eyes flickered slightly and he responded respectfully.

“Grandfather, I object. This matter is about my marriage as well. Let me tell you the truth. Actually, I have a…” Nian Xiaomu was about to reject when Mo Chengxian already shrugged his hands to show that he was unwilling to hear anymore.

He even turned his wheelchair around and made Mo Yongheng wheel him into his room to rest.

Nian Xiaomu was about to say more when Yu Yuehan suddenly reached out to grab her and shook his head at her.

“Things have already come to this state and you still refuse to let me tell him!” Nian Xiaomu turned back to glare at him, aggrieved.

It was him who had continuously reminded her not to agitate her grandfather on the way here, which was why she had hidden their relationship earlier on.

Well, now, that white lie had created problems for her.

Looking at how she was going to have an arranged marriage now, how could he still calmly stop her from explaining further?

Did he no longer love her anymore? And wanted to use this chance to get rid of her?

The more Nian Xiaomu thought about it, the more amiss it was. She wanted to ask him what exactly he meant when he simply tightened his grip on her hand and continued to shake his head at her.

His confident, dark gaze was filled with a sly look…

Nian Xiaomu was very familiar with this look in his eyes.

Every time his gaze turned like this, it meant that he was becoming a devil and someone else was going to suffer.

Her instincts told her that Yu Yuehan would definitely not let her marry Mo Yongheng and he probably had some other plan in mind.

She had to calm down.

She knew her grandfather’s temper very well. Although he doted on her, he was, after all, the Mo Family’s head. In everyone’s eyes, he was strong and domineering. No one was to challenge him.

If she were to outrightly defy her grandfather, it might backfire and make her grandfather hate Yu Yuehan.

“Since… no one has any… objections… the wedding will be… held in a month!”

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