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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1461 - Too Much Information, I Need to Digest

Chapter 1461: Too Much Information, I Need to Digest

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With her acting exposed, Nian Xiaomu simply stood up from the sofa.

She threw the towel in her hand onto the coffee table and walked to the sofa Zheng Yan was sitting on and sat down with her.

They were like two best friends who were hiding under the covers to talk about their secrets when no one was around.

“Tell me honestly. What do you think of Mo Yongheng as a person?” Nian Xiaomu asked.

With the words Mo Yongheng had told her before they left Mo Chengliang’s villa still ringing in her head, Zheng Yan muttered without thinking,

“A complete jerk, I hate him!”


Nian Xiaomu responded, “No, weren’t you still very concerned about him some time ago? He was detained for investigation and you visited him every day. I remember that you even offered to fetch him when he was released. Why do you hate him now, instead of admiring him?”

“He obviously knew that the person you like is Young Master Han and you’ve already married him. And he still agreed to marry you. Don’t you think he did it on purpose?” Upon mentioning this matter, Zheng Yan seemed even more furious than Nian Xiaomu was.

She had been rambling on and complaining a lot about Mo Yongheng.

She had even told Nian Xiaomu everything Mo Yongheng had said to her in the courtyard.

“You mean, Mo Yongheng asked you to give him a reason?” Nian Xiaomu’s mouth was agape in shock.

If she had previously doubted Yu Yuehan even a bit, then those doubts were completely dispelled now!

Zheng Yan did not notice her minute changes in her expression and simply went on, “Don’t you think there’s something wrong with him? Why is he threatening me with a matter involving the two of you? If I can actually find a reason for him, is he actually going to give up on the marriage? Or is he just outrightly trying to spite me? To think I actually treated him as a friend all this time…”

Zheng Yan went on and upon realizing that the living room was rather quiet suddenly, she blinked her eyes and turned to look at Nian Xiaomu.

Nian Xiaomu had her hands propping up her cheeks and the look of shock on her face basically read—too much information, I need time to digest.

“What’s with you?”

Zheng Yan was so stunned by her that she started to move further away from her.

“I should be the one asking you this. The one Mo Yongheng is going to marry now is me. Why are you so angry as well?” Nian Xiaomu pinched Zheng Yan’s chin to make her turn to look at her.

As they exchanged looks, her huge, animated eyes started blinking.

Capturing the look in Zheng Yan’s eyes, she instantly knew that she had yet to realize her own feelings for Mo Yongheng.

Well, that was to be expected!

Although Zheng Yan was beautiful, it was perhaps because of such beautiful looks that her reputation outside was not that good.

Especially when she had a useless younger brother who only knew to frame.

Every man who saw Zheng Yan thought of her as frivolous and promiscuous.

Otherwise, they approached her with a motive to gain something from her.

As a result, for so many years, Zheng Yan had not gotten into a proper romance. It would be foolish to think she could realize her own feelings for someone!

Nian Xiaomu rolled her eyes around and stood up from the sofa, sitting down on the seat opposite Zheng Yan again.

She grabbed a cushion and mirrored the exact same pose she had and stared at her.

She then cleared her throat and spoke.

“Zheng Yan, actually, I’ve thought carefully about this and we probably shouldn’t blame Mo Yongheng for this.”


Zheng Yan replied, “You just scolded him for almost ten minutes earlier.”

…Was it that long?

Nian Xiaomu threw her head back and responded, “That’s not the main point. The main point is, Mo Yongheng probably didn’t do it on purpose.”

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