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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1472 - The Older Brother Next Door Is Alive?

Chapter 1472: The Older Brother Next Door Is Alive?

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“Big brother is bad… what happened to marrying me… boohoo…” In the midst of sleeping, Zheng Yan seemed to have suffered some blow and started weeping softly.

Her hand even reached out to her surroundings and upon grabbing onto Mo Yongheng’s hand, she placed it right onto her own face.

And started to move her hands around vigorously.

“I’ve caught you!”


Mo Yongheng looked at the person before him with a stiffened body. It was as if he had hallucinated her words earlier.

He was on the verge of losing control of himself and shaking her awake to get an answer.

If only the state she was in would allow her to be shaken awake.

Because of her one line, a force inside Mo Yongheng’s chest started to reverberate throughout his body in an erratic manner.

Taking a deep breath to make himself calm down, he asked in a low voice, “Zheng Yan, which Big Brother were you referring to just now?”

“The Big Brother next door… he, he, he’d give me chocolate…”

“Big Brother said he would marry me when we grew up… but he’s dead. Poor thing, I’m such a poor thing too…”

As Zheng Yan continued sobbing, she was almost awake.

She wept loudly and entered Mo Yongheng’s arms, hugging him forcefully. It was as if she had found a treehouse to hide in at a time of distress.

“Big Brother is a liar. He didn’t keep his words… He said that if I was obedient, he’d marry me when he grew up… I’ve waited for him for so long and didn’t even bear to eat the chocolate he gave to me. But now, the chocolate is spoilt… wah!”

As Zheng Yan finished her words, it wasn’t clear if she was mourning her Big Brother who had died or the chocolate which had spoilt.

In any case, she was out of breath from crying.

As Mo Yongheng hugged her, his heart was beating at a rate beyond his imagination.

She would never know how complex Mo Yongheng’s internal feelings were when he had appeared before her for the first time as Mo Yongheng.

He expected that she would recognize him but afraid that if she really could, it would bring her danger…

But, later on, upon knowing that she had not recognized him at all, he locked himself up in his room and refused to speak to anyone for a whole week.

It even alarmed the elderly head at one point…

He had thought that after so many years, she had long forgotten about him completely.

But, it never occurred to him that she still remembered.

She remembered everything that happened when they were young and had been waiting for him to marry her…

An impulse surged through his heart instantly.

Mo Yongheng reached his hand out to hold onto Zheng Yan’s chin and make her lift her head.

“Zheng Yan, look at me! Your big brother is not dead, look at me!”

“I’m not looking, you’re the bad guy Mo Yongheng… You’re bullying Xiao Mumu and even threatened me, you’re not my Big Brother, you’re a despicable fellow…”

Zheng Yan kept her eyes closed stubbornly and would not open them no matter what.

Staring at her stubborn-looking face, Mo Yongheng was so p*ssed he could not utter a word.

Very soon, he thought of something and his dark eyes turned and he spoke in a light tone.

“I heard the restaurant waiter say that you specially prepared a surprise for me today?”


The word ‘surprise’ seemed to have triggered a nerve in Zheng Yan.

She opened her eyes slowly and they were dazed. After staring blankly at Mo Yongheng for a while, she suddenly beckoned him with a hand gesture and made him lower his head.

Mo Yongheng’s dark eyes turned into a deep gaze at the thought that she was going to reveal some secret to her. He cooperated with her and lowered his head slightly as he leaned in towards her.

The following second, her arm clung around his neck and pulled it down. She then raised her head and leaned in firmly to his lips!

The faint aroma of jasmine entered his nose instantly.

With a loud ‘bang’ in his head, fireworks seemed to have burst out in Mo Yongheng’s head and it was as if he could clearly hear the sound of some nerve inside him being cut off completely!

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