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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1473 - Very Good, You Asked for It!

Chapter 1473: Very Good, You Asked for It!

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He was resisting his strong urge and wanted to push her away with his last bit of sanity. However, she was clinging onto his neck and refused to let go.

She even took the chance and snuggled into his arms…

Mo Yongheng was going crazy.

Because of Zheng Yan.

He clenched his teeth and pushed her away. He was breathing rapidly as he spoke in a hoarse voice. “You are drunk and you don’t know what you are doing. Listen to me, go to sleep!”


Zheng Yan was stunned when she was pushed away.

She sat on the bed and stared blankly. When she realized what had happened, she started crying.

“I promised Xiao Mumu that I would seduce you. Why aren’t you falling for it! How am I going to explain to Xiao Mumu tomorrow? I will be so embarrassed… Mo Yongheng, you are so annoying. You look like my big brother, but you are nothing like him… I hate you!”


Mo Yongheng was taken aback after being scolded by her.

He was trying so hard to restrain himself and instead of appreciating it, she was scolding him.

Was she planning to p*ss him to his death in one night?

Wait, what did she just say?

She promised Nian Xiaomu that she would seduce him?

So, the surprise she had prepared was herself…

Mo Yongheng’s gaze grew deep. He stood up slowly from the side of the bed and stood in front of Zheng Yan.

“You wanted to get me drunk in the restaurant so that you could take me to the hotel?”


Zheng Yan felt that the atmosphere changed. She moved towards the front of the bed, however, she still nodded obediently.

“So, now I fell for the trap. What do you plan to do? Do whatever you want to me or let me do whatever I want to you?”

Mo Yongheng’s voice grew lower. He was like a leopard staring at his prey, ready to pounce.


Zheng Yan did not answer. She stared at him innocently, she could not differentiate the difference.

Wasn’t it both doing whatever they wanted?

Did it matter who was doing what to who?

Mo Yongheng dragged her from the front of the bed to in front of him when he did not get an answer. He stared hard at her and asked slowly, “Are you sure that you wouldn’t regret it?”

Zheng Yan felt dizzy and his cold tone made her frightened.

She did not understand what he meant. She only remembered that her plan was to get him drunk then bring him to the hotel, afterward… She had placed surveillance cameras in the room before this.

She just had to wait till Mo Yongheng was drunk, she would help him onto the bed and they could just talk through the night. Tomorrow, she would have millions of ambiguous photographs for Nian Xiaomu to use as evidence to cancel the engagement.

That way, Mo Yongheng and Nian Xiaomu would both be free.

She felt that her plan was flawless.

Look, she had already managed to get Mo Yongheng to come into the room with her.

As long as she tried harder and got him onto the bed…

“I would not regret it! Anyone who regrets is a dog!” Zheng Yan looked at him and answered smilingly.

Then, she grabbed Mo Yongheng’s shirt and burped. She stared at him and asked, “Mo Yongheng, are you willing to sleep with me? I can give you half the bed.”

“Very good, You asked for it!” Mo Yongheng held onto her hand and pushed her onto the bed. Then, he lowered his head and sealed her lips!

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