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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1488 - What Fault Does the Rose Have?

Chapter 1488: What Fault Does the Rose Have?

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Nian Xiaomu tried desperately to make Mo Yongheng look more miserable, so her grandpa wouldn’t blame him.

Mo Yongheng saw her intentions and kept his head low all the time.

He did look miserable.

In fact, he was really anxious. He really wanted to find Zheng Yan.

“I want… you to bring… her here… or you would… be lying to me!” Mo Chengxian fell silent and spoke slowly.

He sounded authoritative.

After that, he asked them to leave.


“Old Master…”

Nian Xiaomu and Mo Yongheng still wanted to explain, but Mo Chengxian had lain back on the bed and refused to listen.

Qi Yan walked up.

“The patient needs to rest now. Since the ward is my territory and the Old Master does not want to see you guys, can you guys go out now?”

Mo Chengxian could not take any blow, they all remembered that.

Thinking about that, they left the ward.

The moment they walked out of the ward, Nian Xiaomu grabbed Mo Yongheng. “Are you okay? I was afraid that grandpa would get furious. Furthermore, Zheng Yan has always been in the Zheng Family mansion!”


A glint of surprise flashed past Mo Yongheng’s eyes.

Then, he sneered.

He was laughing at himself, it was such a simple issue. How could he only think of that now?

“What is with the photos? Show me.”

Mo Yongheng reached out for her phone.

Nian Xiaomu hid her phone immediately.

She could not betray Zheng Yan.

By now, probably Mo Yongheng already knew. No, he knew from the start.

He fell for it purposely and cooperated with Zheng Yan. He would have guessed the results, why would he want to see the photos?

Mo Yongheng looked at her and said directly. “I plan to ask her to be responsible, I need some evidence. I owe you a favor for this.”


Nian Xiaomu took a deep breath, not because of herself, but because of Yu Yuehan.

He guessed correctly again!

Until this moment, Nian Xiaomu still didn’t dare to believe that Yu Yuehan’s deductions were all accurate.

Mo Yongheng looked like an upright person, who knew that he had such a side!

Nian Xiaomu handed her phone out silently and watched Mo Yongheng send the photos onto his phone one by one.

Then he returned her phone. “Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

Nian Xiaomu was still in shock.

Mo Yongheng kept his phone and turned back to explain. “I’m sorry. I used you guys to test her feelings. Don’t worry, I will explain to the Old Master.”


He was so open about it. She couldn’t even get angry.


The Zheng Family did not receive news on the halt on the engagement.

In a room on the second level, Zheng Yan was lying on her bed and was plucking a rose petal by petal.

“Take responsibility.”

“Don’t take responsibility.”

“Take responsibility.”

“Don’t take responsibility…”

Ever since she sent Nian Xiaomu off, she had been doing the same thing in her room.

Destroying flowers!

There were flower petals everywhere, on her bed, on the blanket, and on the floor.

If one rose cannot solve the problem, then she shall use two roses.

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