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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1501 - This Is Called Reaching Your Goal in One Go!

Chapter 1501: This Is Called Reaching Your Goal in One Go!

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Zheng Yan loved her father dearly.

Mo Yongheng was clearer about this more than anyone else.

She had lost her mother at a young age and her father took on the role of both parents and even had to take care of matters in the Zheng Corporation as well.

Even then, her father still treated her as the apple of his eye and raised her as his precious daughter.

He could be considered a gentle father.

It was no wonder that upon hearing that he had come back from his overseas trip, Zheng Yan was so overjoyed, she no longer cared about escaping as she only wanted to go home to see her father.

Mo Yongheng did not stop her.

He knew that he had no way of doing so.

He simply watched as she dragged her luggage and ran to the roadside to hail a taxi before disappearing before his eyes.

It was as if his heart had been dug out and was suddenly empty.

At this moment, his phone rang.

It was Nian Xiaomu.

Besides worry, her tone was filled with a little curiosity for some gossip.

“Have you found her? And told her clearly? Is Zheng Yan willing to let you take responsibility? If she told you things like there’s no need to take responsibility since the both of you are adults, don’t chicken out of it. You have to tell her that it’s your first time and she has to let you take responsibility! Grab onto her now before you slowly plan out things, okay?”

Thinking back, this was how Yu Yuehan had gotten her back then.

She had completely not expected that it was a trap for her.

He already had a daughter, so what nonsense was it that it was his first time!

While Yu Yuehan was a big bad wolf, Mo Yongheng was truly innocent and pure. If he said that it was his first time, Nian Xiaomu believed it herself, much less Zheng Yan!


Mo Yongheng kept silent for a very long time to the extent that Nian Xiaomu wondered if he had already ended the call. Only after she called out a few times did he finally respond.

“She doesn’t like me.”

This was what he was bothered about.

And the reason he did not directly yell out to her about his own identity.

The memory of her ‘Big Brother’ had passed for many years but was still deeply engraved in her mind.

Yet, even as he stood before her today, she did not recognize who he was and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

This is how contradictory people are.

Upon hearing from her that the heartthrob was the younger him, he was elated.

Yet, he was disappointed that she could not recognize him and made comparisons with the version of himself that she liked. He was worried that the person she liked was the ‘Big Brother’ in her memory, and not the current him who stood before her.

If that was the case, what was he to do?

For what reason could he let her stay by his side?

When that happened, not only would the friendship between them be ruined, her best childhood memories would be as well…

“Who said that? Did Zheng Yan herself say that she doesn’t like you?” Nian Xiaomu was in a daze from hearing his words.

“That shouldn’t be the case. If she doesn’t like you, she would have gone to find you first to beat you up before calling the police to catch you when she realized that you had taken advantage of her. Why would she have escaped? From seeing the state she was in, it was obvious that she was shy and guilty and did not know how to face you.”

“Mo Yongheng, let me tell you seriously. You haven’t been in love right? My Xiao Yanyan hasn’t either. Don’t listen to all the stuff about love that she always says, I taught her all of that! Oh my, I’m really scared that you young people, who haven’t been in love, will overthink things when you get together. All this nonsense like leaving her for her own good, letting her go if she doesn’t like me… save it, my brother. If everyone went through a relationship like you guys, all the singles in the world would be doubled. And you would be the brightest star amongst all of them!”


Mo Yongheng simply replied, “Her father is back.”

“Oh, so what? You’re not intending to dump her anyway, so what are you scared of? This is the best opportunity to pay a visit to her house and settle her and her father both at once. You’ll reach your goal in one go!”

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