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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1503 - Has It…Finally Struck Him?

Chapter 1503: Has It…Finally Struck Him?

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Turning back to look, his gaze met Mo Yongheng’s dark and chilly eyes and he was so terrified he almost bit his tongue off.

“Actually, Young Master, you’re not that bad. You’re handsome and rich, and the heartthrob in many girls’ hearts. I know a lot of colleagues in the company who have a crush on you. Miss Zheng Yan can definitely see how outstanding you are, and she must be hiding from you because she’s too shy!”

The assistant changed his stance so rapidly that he could even raise his hands to swear that he was saying the truth.

Mo Yongheng darted a glance at him and upon seeing the butler walk out of the Zheng Family villa, he did not mutter a word but got the butler to receive the gifts his assistant was carrying.

He took two steps forward, suddenly stopped in his tracks, and muttered coldly, “From tomorrow onwards, you’re promoted. Go and intern with Nian Xiaomu as the Deputy President’s assistant. If you haven’t driven her to death in three days, then come back.”

The assistant looked at him dumbfounded.

This was not the first time that Mo Yongheng had been to the Zheng Family villa. This was his third time today.

During the second time, he appeared as if he could eat up somebody and the butler was brimming with fear from it now.

Hearing that Mo Yongheng was here again, he was so terrified that he had even forgotten to inform President Zheng who had just returned and simply hurried out.

In a formal and respectful manner, he invited him into the villa.

“Young Master Yongheng, President Zheng just came back. Missy is back as well. They’re in the living room.”

Once the butler had finished speaking, Mo Yongheng arrived at the entrance of the living room and could already see the father and daughter sitting on the sofa.

Zheng Mohong was known for doting on his daughter dearly.

Zheng Yan did not have a mother and he would often take her around with him, even when he was discussing business. It was only during occasional business trips that he could take her along, but he would still bring her all kinds of presents once he returned.

This precious doting on her persisted even now.

On the coffee table inside the Zheng Family villa, a variety of wrapped presents were stacked for his precious daughter.

Zheng Yan was squatting in front of the coffee table and starting to unwrap the presents.

Like a scheming little fox, she would turn around to remark “Daddy, I love you”, every time she unwrapped one present. This made Zheng Mohong utterly elated and he kept commenting that he would buy her anything she liked in the future.

The warm-hearted sight of the father and daughter made Mo Yongheng unable to bring himself to interrupt.

On the other hand, the butler saw that he was standing rooted to the spot and hurriedly announced, “President Zheng, Young Master Yongheng is here!”

It was too late for Mo Yongheng to stop him.

With a loud ‘bang’, the limited edition handbag in Zheng Yan’s hands fell onto the floor and she widened her eyes in horror as she stared at Mo Yongheng who had appeared inside her home.

That expression was scarier than seeing a ghost.

“Young Master Yongheng…” Zheng Mohong was slightly taken aback as well, and upon seeing clearly that the person at the door was really Mo Yongheng, he swiftly stood up from the sofa.

“Why didn’t you inform me before coming so that I could fetch you personally!”

Once Zheng Mohong finished his words, he turned to look at Zheng Yan.

“Yanyan, what are you waiting for? Don’t open the presents now, come and greet Young Master Yongheng. How did Daddy teach?”

Once Zheng Mohong was done reminding her, he then grinned as he explained things for his precious daughter.

“Young Master Yongheng, don’t take it to heart. Yanyan’s mother died when she was young and she’s been spoiled by me. I’ll definitely talk to her about it properly when I’m free. Come in now, come and sit here. Butler, pour some tea!”

“Yes.” The butler nodded respectfully and instantly placed the gifts in his hands onto the coffee table in the living room.

“President Zheng, these are the gifts Young Master Yongheng has brought!”

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