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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1509 - Chatting Under the Blankets

Chapter 1509: Chatting Under the Blankets

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There was no expression on Zheng Mohong’s face.

He looked at Zheng Yan and Mo Yongheng and had no reaction.

He seemed to imagine that he was hallucinating.

Zheng Yan was stunned too.

Didn’t her dad go to the washroom? Why was he back?

How long had he been standing behind her? How much did he hear?


Zheng Yan let go of Mo Yongheng and stood in front of the dining table, like a child who had been caught red-handed.

She stuttered as she tried to explain.

“Daddy, don’t be mistaken. It is not what you imagined… Mo Yongheng and I, I mean, Young Master Yongheng and I were… were…”

Just chatting under the blankets?

Slept together without clothes and did nothing the whole night?

Zheng Yan was able to tell that to anyone without hesitating.

However, for her dad who had loved her dearly, she couldn’t.

Zheng Yan was not able to produce an answer.

Just as she was about to confess, she heard Zheng Mohong scolding her. “Yanyan, although Daddy has been spoiling you, you are too much! Young Master Yongheng is our benefactor, how could you press him on the table! Nonsense!”


Zheng Mohong walked up and pulled Zheng Yan aside. He helped Mo Yongheng up anxiously and checked.

“Young Master Yongheng, are you okay? Yanyan is just a child, she has always been reckless. It is all my fault, I have spoiled her!”

Upon hearing his words, Zheng Yan’s eyes lit up.

So, her dad saw her pressing Mo Yongheng down and had been too shocked to hear what she said?


The moment Zheng Yan calmed down, she heard Zheng Mohong ask.

“Young Master Yongheng, Yanyan was at fault just now. However, can you tell me what you did that will anger me to my death?”



“Butler, go and take a look at the toilet. It seems to be broken.” Zheng Mohong ordered the butler as he saw that they weren’t talking. He was no longer in a rush to go to the washroom, instead, he looked at them suspiciously.

He had drunk some alcohol and was feeling a little dizzy.

When he came out, he had seen Zheng Yan pressing Mo Yongheng onto the table and was startled. He did not hear what Zheng Yan had said.

He only heard them saying that it would trigger his heart condition and anger him to his death.

What was so serious?

Zheng Yan didn’t know that. When she thought that Zheng Mohong had heard her, she almost jumped out of the chair.

A sense of crisis overwhelmed her!

Her dad had heard her.

Her dad heard that she slept with Mo Yongheng for a night…

What could she do now? How was she going to explain this?

“Daddy, your body is not well, you need to calm down a little. This is not as complicated as you think… it is just… just…” Zheng Yan was racking her brain for a reasonable explanation. Then, she saw Mo Yongheng who was all peaceful and calm.

She kicked him from under the table.

He had started all of this and now, he acted like it had nothing to do with him

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