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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1511 - Vent His Anger for His Woman

Chapter 1511: Vent His Anger for His Woman

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Moreover, because he was his son, Zheng Hao did not dare to sweet talk him like Zheng Yan did.

After all, Zheng Mohong had always said that men have to be firm and able to shoulder responsibility.

He naturally could not act coy like her.

“If you can take better care of yourself and be as capable as your sister in some of the company’s matters, I’ll be able to rest assured. I don’t need you to specially come to the airport to fetch me to know you’re filial!”

Zheng Mohong let out a burst of bright and candid laughter as he went forward with his arm around Zheng Hao’s shoulders to take him over to Mo Yongheng.

“Young Master Yongheng, this is my son, Zheng Hao. He’s been a huge admirer of yours since he was young and always used to say that he wanted to be as impressive as you when he grew up. In his heart, I don’t even have that much authority as his father as you do!”


Mo Yongheng slowly stood up from his seat.

He was not eager to turn to look at Zheng Hao but turned to cast a glance at Zheng Yan instead.

From the moment Zheng Hao appeared, her emotions seemed to have turned rather downcast.

But, in front of her father, she did not show it. However, Mo Yongheng was so close to her, how could he not sense it?

His gaze flickered slightly as he turned to look at Zheng Hao.

Because of what had happened previously, Zheng Hao was still feeling guilty and when her eyes met his gaze, he reached out to scratch his head and had no choice but to mutter in front of Zheng Mohong,

“Young Master Yongheng.”

“Haha, Haohao isn’t this wishy-washy usually. He must be nervous because it’s the first time he has seen Young Master Yongheng. Please give him your guidance if there’s a chance in the future!”

Zheng Mohong was biased towards his daughter, but doted on his son as well.

Upon seeing that Zheng Hao was back, he immediately instructed the butler to add a set of cutlery for him and got Zheng Hao to sit down and join them.

Mo Yongheng, who never once took the initiative to speak first, suddenly muttered, “I’ve already done so.”

“Huh?” Zheng Mohong replied in astonishment.

He turned to look at Mo Yongheng with his brows raised in surprise, as if he could not understand what he meant.

When he was finally able to react, he slapped his own thigh.

“The two of you have already met? Young Master Yongheng is always so busy, I didn’t think you would have the chance to meet a lad like Haohao. I didn’t expect that you’d given him your guidance before!”

Zheng Mohong did not notice that Zheng Hao’s face had instantly turned pale and raised his wine glass ecstatically to make a toast to Mo Yongheng.

Mo Yongheng raised his wine glass and did not respond to his toast but muttered lightly instead, “I’m afraid I can’t accept this toast, because the first time I saw your son, I’d beaten him up!”


The atmosphere in the dining area instantly became tense.

Zheng Yan never expected Mo Yongheng to mention this, and instantly raised her head.

Under the table, she grabbed onto the edge of his shirt to get him to stop talking about it.

If he were to go on, her father would know the nonsense Zheng Hao had been spouting outside and that the siblings were not on good terms.

Her father was the person who doted on her most in the whole world. She did not want to see him sad…

In the dining area, Zheng Yan wasn’t the only one that was tensed up. Zheng Hao was on tenterhooks as well.

Mo Yongheng was someone with an extraordinary status and he had helped the Zheng Family before.

Back then, when he had mocked Zheng Yan outside their front door, he hadn’t expected that the person sitting in the car would be Mo Yongheng.

If he had known, even if he had all the nerve in the world, he would never have dared to do anything overboard in front of Mo Yongheng.

If Mo Yongheng made a complaint in front of Zheng Mohong, his image as an obedient son would be destroyed…

Do you mean to say that you beat up our Haohao? Did he do something wrong?” Upon hearing Mo Yongheng’s words, Zheng Mohong’s raised hand froze for a moment and he asked in alarm, “Young Master Yongheng, I don’t quite understand what you mean.

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